Month: July 2016

Band Of The Week: Fero Lux


Throughout the many genres of heavy music there is one that has always been intriguing to me. It’s one of the silliest names but it makes for very interesting music. The genre is “Mathcore,” see it’s a really silly name, but there have been quite a few bands that have come through that genre like The Dillinger Escape Plan and Botch. Which now brings me to Broward County locals Fero Lux. Taking their love of bands like Botch and Dillinger along with Poison The Well, Thursday and a bit of Deftones, Fero Lux has created a blend of their influences to make music that they believe in. Their newest release No Rest is a blistering delivery of socially conscious lyrics, staccato riffs, and rhythms that challenge you not to tap your foot. Fero Lux is the band for you if you are into the mathcore/post hardcore genres.


Fero Lux- No Rest:

Guest Vocalist: Greg Puciato


I’ve been in the mood lately to go back and listen to The Dillinger Escape Plan. Their singer Greg Puciato has really grown on me over the years. He’s really found his own path amongst the bands catalog, side projects like Killer Be Killed and The Black Queen and by the songs he has guested on over the years. Dillinger are going to be releasing new music very soon, so I thought why not share some of the songs Greg has guested on over the years.


Lamb Of God- Torches:

Soulfly- Rise Of The Fallen:


Every Time I Die- The Marvelous Slut:


Suicide Silence- Monster Within:


Devin Townsend Project- The Mighty Masterbator:

Side Projects:

The Black Queen:


Killer Be Killed:





Cover: The Last Internationale (Led Zeppelin)- Babe I’m Gonna Leave You


“Babe I’m Gonna Leave You” is on my top 5 list of favorite Led Zeppelin songs. This song is so delicate and beautiful and hits hard when the build comes in. That part is one of my all time favorite parts of any song ever. Recently one of my favorite newer bands of the past couple years The Last Internationale covered this song. The vocal performance from singer Delila Paz is tremendous. It’s subtle yet full of emotion, soul and grit. This is one of those covers that should be on many people’s lists of great covers.


The Last Internationale- Babe I’m Gonna Leave You:


Led Zeppelin- Babe I’m Gonna Leave You:

Unsung Masterpieces: Korn- Issues


Lets travel back to 1999. The peak of the nu-metal genre was riding high and Korn was on top of the mountain. Fresh off their success of their mainstream breakthrough of Follow The Leader, Korn followed that up with a more melodic simplified album, Issues. Issues saw Korn maintaining their signature heaviness while incorporating a slew of guitar hooks, vocal melodies that enhanced the lyrics, a dash of electronics, and production that really made their sound bombastic. Korn was also able to go back to its bare essentials, dropping their hip hop flair and rapping. Working with Brendan O’Brien allowed them to stay on track, and make an album that sonically sounds great and cohesive. Granted all of Korn’s albums have the same themes throughout, Issues was the absolute pinnacle of what became their signature. “Falling Away From Me,” “Trash,” “Beg For Me,” “Make Me Bad,” “Somebody Someone,” “No Way,” and “Dirty,” are absolute standouts on the album. The short interludes in between songs like “Dead,” “4U,”and “It’s Gonna Go Away,” add to the already dark lyric tones, but actually provide a nice bridge to carry on the flow of the album. I can remember buying this album and being absolutely enthralled by it. There was something about this record that really hit home with me. During this time in music, it wasn’t hard to write angry lyrics and such, but to do it with conviction and actually mean it was something Korn did perfectly. Yes, they have repeated the same thing for years, but they really know how to do it.

I’m bringing all this up because Korn are releasing a new album later this year that they promise will be more in the vain of their older efforts like Issues and Untouchables. They released a new song called “Rotting In Vain,” that really does have an old school Korn feel to it. Needless to say I’m actually intrigued to hear it. When I heard the new song, I felt compelled to go back and listen to a few of their albums. Issues was always the one besides their debut that stood out to me as a solid album. It’s quite strange to think that 22 years later, Korn is still releasing music and selling out venues, but they keep doing it and people keep listening. So take a trip down memory lane and listen to Issues.


Korn- Issues:


Korn- Rotting In Vain:

Band Of The Week: Lybria


There are two types of bands these days. Those that blatantly rip off the bands they are influenced by, and there are bands out there that use other bands as inspiration to come up with something that really represents them. Libra is a band that falls into the latter. Taking their cues and inspiration from bands like Failure, Thrice and the very underrated Oceanside, the gents in Lybria have made music that is spacey, proggy, and atmospheric. The resurgence of bands like Failure and Hum have really helped bands like Lybria to delve deeper in their repertoires to deliver music that is fulfilling. These guys are on the right track and can only get better. Their debut full length should be out soon, so watch out for that!

Lybria- Cycles :

By: Brian Lacy

Anticipated Album: Every Time I Die- Low Teens


Every Time I Die has been one of the most consistent heavy bands in the last 10 plus years. Their new album Low Teens comes out in September. Here are a couple tracks from their upcoming album.

C++ (Love Will Get You Killed):




The Coin Has A Say:

Anticipated Albums: Giraffe Tongue Orchestra


Giraffe Tongue Orchestra is a collective of some really great musicians from some really awesome bands. Brent Hinds from Mastodon, Ben Weinman from The Dillinger Escape Plan, William DuVall from Alice In Chains and Thomas Pridgen formerly of the Mars Volta. What you get when all these talented people play together is something that is a bit funky, a bit rock, and genuinely artistic.


Blood Moon:




Album Review: Night Verses- Into The Vanishing Light


When I first heard Night Verses, I thought that this is one of the bands that is much needed in today’s stale music climate. Their debut album Lift Your Existence was an album full of epic proportions that really left a mark on me. The album is still in constant rotation in my stereo. So when I heard that Night Verses were in the studio working on their follow up album with Ross Robinson, I became even more excited about this band. The end result of their collaboration together is an album that is full of passion, inspiration, diverse music that pushes genre boundaries and vocals that are raw and powerful.

Into The Vanishing Light is an album that will take you on a journey just as a full album should. The more you listen to it all, you pick up on different things and feelings. After my first listen the flow of the album seemed to be a little disjointed, but after a couple more listens, it all began to make sense. The first track “The Future As History: I Love You Dead,” is a mood setter alright, that is set against a bit of a schizophrenic vocal delivery, but done with so much passion. The next couple songs emit pulsating music all the while a moody etherial vibe. By the time “Dialogue In Cataplexy” hits you know you are in for a ride with the way it plays out as a song with complexity and seriousness. As the rest of the album moves along the path of the journey certain songs like “Panic and Pull Your Heart Out” and “Blue Shades Of The Sun” truly leave a lasting mark. The closing song “Phoenix III” is a great encapsulation of the album and what the band has evolved into.

Night Verses have created an album that emits true artistry and vision. Singer Douglas Robinson really goes all out to ensure the words and messages come across as real and true as possible. Musically drummer Aric Improta is an absolute inspiration behind the drums. His use of time signatures and percussion adds so much more to the music. Guitarist Nick DePirro’s riffs, structures and skill is brilliant. It’s all tied together by bassist Reilly Herrera’s thunderous yet gentle playing. Working with Ross Robinson really helped to push the band to realize their potential as a band. Into The Vanishing Light is an album that separates Night Verses from their peers in the genre. I’d even go as far as to say this album could be a blueprint for the genre just as the Refused’s The Shape of Punk To Come became. Night Verses are here and deserve your undivided attention.


Night Verses- Into The Vanishing Light:

Live Review: Poison The Well @ The Roxy


Two years ago I wrote a piece about how Poison The Well should get back together. They were one of those bands that really expanded their sound and evolved in a good way. Fast forward till now and they are back and playing shows again. After playing some festivals and east coast shows last year, Poison The Well finally made their way over to the west coast. I for one couldn’t have been happier that they are back.

Their show at the Roxy featured special guests, hardcore legends Strife. The pure unrelenting attitude that permeated from each individual on stage shows why Strife has always been a force to reckon with live. Their career spanning set was full of songs about unity, peace, and anti violence. Strife was one of the first hardcore bands that I ever listened to way back when. I saw them many years ago, and they still pack one hell of a punch live.

Poison The Well come out on stage in dramatic fashion. Dark stage then lit by blue lights and right into “Ghostchant.” The crowd couldn’t have been more ecstatic and the smile on my face was very bright. Their set which was career spanning as well focused a lot on the albums You Come Before You, The Opposite Of December and Tear From The Red. You could tell that the band was really happy with the crowd and the reaction they were getting. Singer Jeff Moreira would smile a lot during the set. Guitarist Ryan Primack was feeling the good vibes and having fun dressed in his best “Dad shirt.” Drummer Chris Hornbrook hit this drums with such fury and passion. Other highlight songs of the night were “Zombies Are Good For Your Health,” “Purple Sabbath” then straight into “Slice Paper Wrists,” “Karsey Street,” “Apathy Is A Cold Body,” “Crystal Lake,” “Botchla,” and closing out the evening “For A Bandaged Iris,” and “Nerdy.”

Poison The Well delivered just what I was wanting. It was a great night to revisit those songs and see so many people enjoy that Poison The Well came back. It’s amazing how certain albums and songs can hold up so well over time, and have a different meaning now than they did way back when. I for one am very intrigued to see if Poison The Well will continue on and release some new music. Based on the excitement from the crowd at the show, I’m sure most of them would welcome it with open arms.

Poison The Well Set List:

1. Ghostchant

2. Parks And What You Meant To Me

3. Letter Thing

4. Zombies Are Good For Your Health

5. Karsey Street

6. Cinema

7. Purple Sabbath

8. Slice Paper Wrists

9. Apathy Is A Cold Body

10. Pamplemousse

11. Artist’s Rendering Of Me

12. Crystal Lake

13. You Will Not Be Welcomed

14. Botchla

15. To Mandate Heaven

16. For A Bandaged Iris

17. Nerdy