PLAYLIST: The Audioeclectica Playlist- March 2023

I’ve been working on bringing back Audioeclectica Radio but, in the mean time I thought, why not make a playlist of some of the songs that I’ve really been digging on. What you have below are 20 songs from bands/artists that stretch across many different genres and styles. The one thing I did do while making this playlist is I made it one that if you start it from track one and go all the way to the end, you’ll definitely feel like you are immersed in it as it takes you on quite a ride!


The Audioeclectica Playlist- March 2023:


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Tracks (Albums In Parenthesis):

01) Bush- Heavy Is The Ocean (The Art Of Survival)
02) Greg Puciato- Never Wanted That (Mirrorcell)
03) Iress- Ricochet (Ricochet- Single)
04) Arc Angles- Absurdity / Atrocity (Daisy)
05) Common Wounds- Phantom Limb (Common Wounds EP)
06) Botch- One Twenty Two (One Twenty Two- Single)
07) Black Magnet- Wolverine Dreams (Body Prophecy)
08) Alphamega- Annhilator (Between Light And Shadows)
09) Stronger Than Machines- Gravedigger (Undivided)
10) Know//Suffer- Iron Sharpens Irons (Winter Two Piece)
11) Turbid North- The Road (The Decline)
12) Converge & Chelsea Wolfe- Flower Moon (Bloodmoon: I)
13) Holy Fawn- Sightless (Dimensional Bleed)
14) SOM- Clocks (The Shape Of Everything)
15) Baroness- Tourniquet (Gold & Grey)
16) The Smashing Pumpkins- Empires (ATUM Act II)
17) Billy Howerdel- Ani (What Normal Was)
18) The Baby Goats- Two Shakes (Two Shakes- Single)
19) Centershift- Fade Away (A Different Shade Of Color)
20) MAL- Ritual (Ritual- Single)

Running Time: 93mins

Playlist: The Audioecelectica Playlist #1


I’ve been contemplating on what to do with certain things as of late in regards to Audioeclectica. I have a giant list of things I want to do and bunch of new topics on the way. The radio show will be making a return soon. I finally found the right person to do the show with. It’s going to be awesome and the playlist for the show is superb. In the meantime before all that happens, I thought it would be quite fun to start putting out playlists for you all to enjoy! So, what you have below is a link to the first Audioeclectica Playlist. On it you’ll find new music by artists/bands you know of and some you might not. If you’ve been keeping up with the articles on Audioeclectica, you will probably recognize a good amount of the bands. So, without anymore delay, here it is!!!

Playlist: All The Bands Of The Week

Here is something fun for all of you. All the bands that have been Band Of The Week on Audioeclectica that have music on Spotify are featured here in this playlist. With Our Arms To The Sun ÆGES …AND WE ARE THEM.Before The Mourning Socionic Sensory Station Sidewave Hidden Amongst Us Ghost Idols Dekades Night Verses ROYAL THUNDER A Light Within All Hail The Yeti Anakin (Damn) This Desert Air Ancillary Theorem DEDVOLTHaster City of Ships Dead Empires Wild Throne He Whose Ox is GoredSweet Cobra set and setting Digicide Interstelar lightsystem ObliterationsMeg Myers Silver Snakes Wooden Nomad Back Pocket Memory New Cathedral Spirit In The Room The Bloodline MAL machines learningGoldsboro Malaki The Everyday Losers Vanishing Life Ghost Parade Black Map TIDALWAVE

Audioeclectica’s Band Of The Week Playlist:

Playlist 09.29.14

This weeks top 10 songs I’ve been listening to:


Mastodon- The Motherload (from Once More Round The Sun)


Seemless- Things Fall Apart (from What We Have Become)


With Our Arms To The Sun- Great Black Divide (from A Far Away Wonder)


Wild Throne- Shadow Deserts (from Blood Maker)


Sidewave-Sundrop (from Big Time)


Incubus- Sick Sad Little World (from A Crow Left Of The Murder)


Call Me No One- Thunderbird (from Last Parade)


Deftones- Risk (from Diamond Eyes)


The Esoteric- Shipyards Of Foreign Cities (from Subverter)


Walking Papers- Already Dead (from Walking Papers)

Playlist 09.15.14

This weeks top 10 songs to enjoy


1. Abloom- After That Quiet (from Abloom Demos)


2. Chevelle- An Island (from La Gargola)


3. Failure- Daylight (from Fantastic Planet)


4. Mastodon- Ember City (from Once More Round The Sun)


5. Black Map- I’m Just The Driver (from Driver EP)


6. Placebo- Meds (from Meds)


7. Wovenwar- All Rise (from Wovenwar)


8. Godsmack- Something Different (from 1000 hp)


9. Incubus- The Warmth (from Make Yourself)


10. Down- Nothing In Return (from Down III: Over The Under)


By: Brian Lacy


Playlist for 9.3.14

Here are 10 songs that I’ve been listening to on repeat.


Slipknot: The Devil In I (from .5 The Gray Chapter)


Foo Fighters: Come Back (from One By One)


Royal Blood: Blood Hands (from Royal Blood)


Nine Inch Nails: Various Methods Of Escape (from Hesitation Marks)


Faith No More: Ashes To Ashes (from Album Of The Year)


Ours: Sometimes (from Distorted Lullabies)


Sunny Day Real Estate: In Circles (from Diary)


And We Are Them: Present Tense (from Align)


Ghost Idols: Monsoons (from Monsoons 7”)


Dekades: Red Trolley (from Red Trolley single)

Playlist for Today

I thought I’d try something different today. I’ve selected a few songs that I’ve been really into as of late. Some are new and some are old. Enjoy!

Seether- Crash from Isolate and Medicate:

Mastodon (ft Scott Kelly of Neurosis)- Diamonds In The Witch House from Once More Round The Sun:

Down- Conjure from Down IV Part II

Chevelle- Ouija Board from La Gargola

Black Map- I’m Just The Driver from the Driver EP

Abloom- After That Quiet from their 2004 sampler

Dekades- Malnurished from the 1.1 EP

Failure- Daylight from Fantastic Planet

Killswitch Engage- You Don’t Bleed For Me from Disarm The Descent

Royal Blood- Come On Over from the Out Of The Black EP

Black Light Burns- Stop A Bullet from Cruel Melody

Nine Inch Nails- Right Where It Belongs from With Teeth