List: Best UK Bands


The other day I was hanging out with a friend and I presented him with a question, who are the best UK bands of all time. So, we sat there for a few minutes and created a list that pretty much sums up the best bands from the region. There are so many bands from that area but, the impact the ones on this list had made them the standouts. This list is in no particular order as well. And your input is always greatly appreciated to make this list complete.

01) The Beatles
02) The Rolling Stones
03) David Bowie
04) The Who
05) Pink Floyd
06) The Kinks
07) Led Zeppelin
08) Cream
09) Joy Division
10) Sex Pistols
11) The Clash
12) Radiohead
13) Depeche Mode
14) The Cure
15) New Order
16) Black Sabbath
17) Iron Maiden
18) Motorhead
19) Judas Priest
20) Oasis
21) Placebo
22) Blur
23) The Smiths
24) The Cult
25) Oceansize

Band Of The Week: Lybria


There are two types of bands these days. Those that blatantly rip off the bands they are influenced by, and there are bands out there that use other bands as inspiration to come up with something that really represents them. Libra is a band that falls into the latter. Taking their cues and inspiration from bands like Failure, Thrice and the very underrated Oceanside, the gents in Lybria have made music that is spacey, proggy, and atmospheric. The resurgence of bands like Failure and Hum have really helped bands like Lybria to delve deeper in their repertoires to deliver music that is fulfilling. These guys are on the right track and can only get better. Their debut full length should be out soon, so watch out for that!

Lybria- Cycles :


By: Brian Lacy

Unsung Masterpiece: Oceansize- Everyone Into Position


It’s a real shame when a band releases an album that is so good and then it goes unnoticed by so many people. Ten years ago the highly underrated band Oceansize released their masterpiece Everyone Into Position. This album was something special and different. The elements of prog rock, space rock, and ambience all find their right place in this album. The band themselves have mixed feeling about this album for some reason. This is one of those albums that with every listen it all starts to sink in more and more. There were bright spots for some of the songs on this album. “Music For A Nurse” was used in an ad campaign for Orange and “Meredith” was used in an episode of The OC. Many regarded this album as a regression for the times. I instead like to look at it as an album and a band that was influenced by a lot of different bands and situations. Sure this type of music for the time seemed dated to some, but to those of us who grew up in the 90’s and loved the feelings we got out of the music, Everyone Into Position was an album that we had been waiting for. Now ten years after its release, the people that disregarded this album are starting to come around to it. It’s amazing what time can do, and how peoples listening habits change. Take this album for a listen and you’ll hear a gem that has gone unappreciated. There isn’t a song on this album that warrants being skipped. Enjoy!

Oceansize- Everyone Into Position:

By: Brian Lacy