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Album Review: Common Wounds- Common Wounds

A few weeks back I was introduced to the band Common Wounds and from that point I’ve been hooked. At first I had only heard their song “Phantom Limb” but, that was enough for me to know that this was a band right up my alley. Their style of post-hardcore, part noise-rock and full on crushing rock is just what the rock world needs. The five songs that make up this fantastic EP, are hard charging, heavy and fully inspired songs. This is the type of record that when it ends, you immediately want to start it over. Common Wounds are the type of post-hardcore band that really gets it. They have the ability to mix the right amount of heavy with a side of emotional hardcore. Take the right parts of Fugazi and Rites Of Spring and add a bit of Helmet (Strap It On/Meantime era) and what you have is a recipe that Common Wounds have come storming out of the gate with. Each song on this EP, has a life of its own. There is a natural aggressive tone to it but, there’s also a bit of a melodic sensibility that gives the songs the space they need to explode. The production on this release is exceptional. Being able to hear the instruments with the right tones and having a mix that encapsulates the entire sound is the perfect harmony. It’s also very refreshing to hear a band like Common Wounds. There are so many bands out there that straight up copy their influences verbatim but, when you hear Common Wounds, it sounds inspired and fresh. I look forward to what Common Wounds have coming up and seeing this live. Do yourself a favor and take this EP for a spin!

Overall Rating: A

Common Wounds- Common Wounds:


Hit Or Miss:

Phantom Limb:

Songs/Albums Of The Week: March 2, 2023

In between my Depeche Mode and Pixies catalog deep dives, I’ve also heard some other songs and albums that have really peaked my interest. Some of these bands you might have heard before as they were featured on Audioeclectica and others will probably be new to you. Either way, these songs and albums have been on a constant rotation and deserve your attention. So check these out!

01) A Light Within– Meteroic Fires: This band is rad. I’ve been a fan for some time. Each new release shows this band evolving their sound and reaching new heights. This new song is a bit of a departure from their more prog driven rock. on “Meteoric Fires,” A Light Within finds balance between their love of prog rock by incorporating tighter arrangements and delving a bit more into a “space rock” territory a la Shiner or Hum. Really look forward to what else is to come from this band!

02) Common Wounds– Hit Or Miss: I’m totally enthralled with this band. I love it. You know that feeling that you get when you are looking for something to listen to and then you hear something that immediately grabs your attention? Well that’s what Common Wounds did to me. This new track “Hit or Miss” is most definitely a HIT! It’s got all the things you’d want in a post-hardcore band and song. Common Wounds is a band that I really look forward to hearing more from. Their EP comes out soon and I highly recommend you taking the time to listen to it and let it take over!

03) Lived In– Gone By: I love a good rock band. Just a no frills rock band armed with guitars, bass, drums and vocals. Recently I was introduced to this band Lived In and I’ve been really digging on them. They have the 90’s alt rock sound down and it doesn’t sound dated instead it feels and sounds fresh and lively. This band is another that I have on my radar and look forward to what else they do.

04) Deathgrave– Your Rulers Are Here: Heavy music is my and Deathgrave are definitely one that I’ve had my ear to the ground with for a bit. This track is heavy as it is absolutely crushing and delivers one hell of a punch. The video that accompanies it is quite fun too. Deathgrave are one of those bands that are a bit against the grain but worth every second of you listening!

05) Object Of Affection– Run Back: I recently heard this band and I found myself really digging on them. There is so much to this band that I haven’t had the chance to peel it all back yet. When you listen you pick up on bits of new wave, post punk, synthwave and then some. This song “Run Back” is a really solid example of all these genres mixed together to create something that is a bit more than meets the ear or eye. It’s music that seeps in and grabs you. Their upcoming album Field of Appearances was meticulously crafted with Grammy-nominated producer Alex Newport (who you might know from Nailbomb as well as producing and recording The Mars Volta’s Tremulant EP). Definitely give this a listen!

06) Form Rank– Sirens: Punk Rock has had a lot of variations over the years but, those that understand what it really is have held the flag for those that truly get it. One band that understands that ever so well is Form Rank. This band has a bit of an 80’s metallica hardcore edge to it with hooks and grit to stand apart from a lot of the others in the genre. Form Rank are one of those bands that will have your foot tapping, head bobbing and quite possibly singing along rather quick! Keep your eye out for Form Rank when they come through your town.

07) Stronger Than Machines– Undivided EP: Stronger Than Machines are fast becoming one of my new favorite bands. I’ve had the pleasure of booking them twice now for Cobalt Presents shows and each time they have played they have absolutely come in and owned the stage and decimated all that came before them and after. Their EP, Undivided is a heavy yet melodic trip. The 6 songs that are a part of this EP are a walloping punch to the gut. The unrelenting ferociousness of this band is infectious and each time you see them, you find yourself drawn in more and more. Stronger Than Machines are another band that I really look forward to seeing more and hearing what else they do. What a band!

08) Know//Suffer– Winter Two Piece EP: Another band that I was recently introduced to and I dig it. I love when you hear a band and at first you don’t know what to think quite yet, then you put it on again and it all clicks. Know//Suffer is one of those bands that might take a minute but once it hits, you know that you don’t want it to end. It’s heavy and brutal in ways that explore hardcore, sludge, post metal and even bits of black metal. If you are into heavy music, Know//Suffer is for you!

09) Mast Year– Knife & In Tandem from their upcoming album, Knife: I came across this band today and I’m glad I did. Mast Year is a post-hardcore/noise rock band that add a bit more to their sound. The additions of intriguing rhythms and ambient turns as well as a sludgey aspect make Mast Year stand out amongst their peers. It doesn’t have to be all dark and dreary and Mast Year gives that bit of light to shine through it!

10) Bleed The Sky featuring Mark Hunter- The Parasite: Bleed The Sky are back!!! I used to really dig this band way back. Now in 2023 they are kicking up quite a stir with their new singer and this new track. Plus having Chimaira’s Mark Hunter on the track gives it even more bite. Glad to hear Mark still has those vocals! Looking forward to what else Bleed The Sky has coming up! They were always a solid band with a great live show!

Band Of The Week: Down Again

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Since the turn of the century the post hardcore genre has been at the forefront of rock music. Bands like Brand New, Thrice, Circa Survive, Underoath and Manchester Orchestra come to mind immediately. One band that has come on my radar that I’ve really been enjoying is, Down Again. Hailing from the California Bay Area, this these guys are making waves. These longtime friends have crafted songs that touch on the struggles of questioning faith, loss, infidelity, and mental health. Their latest song “Predisposed” is a post-hardcore banger! Down Again is the type of post-hardcore band that gives a sense of hope and in today’s world that is much needed!

Down Again- Predisposed:

Down Again- The Devil Is A Gentleman:

Band Of The Week: Old Lung


One of my favorite sub-genres over the last decade has got to be the post-hardcore genre. There is something about the ferociousness and tenacity within the music and vocals that just hits right. And when you find the right band in that realm, it all sounds like it should. There is a new band I recently came across that has really peaked my interest. Hailing from California and New York, Old Lung, is bringing a viciousness to the genre with a direct impact. Their debut song “Wounds” is straight up in your face and grabbing. Their debut EP will be out later this year via Stay Sick Recordings. Old Lung is definitely a band you should be on the look out for.


Old Lung- Wounds:


Band Of The Week: Labor Hex


Ever since rock music hit the airwaves, there’s been something about the Boston area that just really rocks. Be it rock, metal, or hardcore, there’s something in the water that really makes the music that good. There is a band from the Boston area that I’d like to introduce you to, Labor Hex. This four piece post-hardcore, punk rock band is quite the band. It’s also worth mentioning that Labor Hex features members of Doomriders and The Red Chord.  Their EP Lost In Calling, is a robust and exciting 4 song taste of what this band is. There’s an energy in these songs that harks back to a time when punk energy was free flowing and changing things. The song “I Wanna Be Ignored” is a perfect example of this. The song “Valentine Coast” is one hell of a good song. It’s a prime example of just what this band is capable of as songwriters. Labor Hex is a band at the right time and place and I’m stoked to hear more!
Labor Hex- Lost In Calling:

Band Of The Week: Primitive Weapons


The post-hardcore genre has grown by leaps and bounds. This genre has fast become one of the most prominent ones in heavy music. There is a band from New York that is leaving their mark and giving post-hardcore a more melodic/space rock tinge, and that band is Primitive Weapons. The bands newest material is expansive and full of heaviness without giving up on their roots. Two songs “Keep The Lights On” and “Normalcy Bias” have been released from their upcoming album, Surrender Yourself. These songs show the growth and evolution of a band that is more than just your run of the mill post-hardcore band. The mix of hardcore, metal, and melody is what is making Primitive Weapons a force to be reckoned with.


Primitive Weapons- Keep The Lights On:



Primitive Weapons- Normalcy Bias:



Primitive Weapons- The Future Of Death:

Album Review: Birds In Row- We Already Lost The World


There are bands in every genre of music that take a left turn thus creating something that stands out and is extremely impactful. Within the hardcore or post hardcore genre, there are countless bands but the ones that I’ve always been drawn to are the ones that take a chance and create something that is full of vigor and vision. Birds In Row are one of those bands for me. One their new album, We Already Lost The World, Birds In Row take a darker, slower and moodier turn without losing the fierce and ferociousness that they have become known for over the years. Musically they have really evolved into a band that understands the importance of what is best for the song. Vocally and lyrically, they are sending a message through the words and performances.
I’ve had the time to sit with this album and it has really become one of my favorite albums of the year. There is something truly moving about the way this album flows and sounds. It has a vibe that is similar to that of the Refused’s The Shape Of Punk To Come, in that it’s impactful and leaves you wanting to start the album over as soon as it’s done. Starting the album off with “We Count So We Don’t Have To Listen” is one hell of a statement. As the songs continue with tracks like “Love Is Political,” the very emotional “We Vs Us,” and “Remember Us Better Than We Are,” the deep and dark “I Don’t Dance,” as well as the very mature “15-38,” and the moody yet explosive “Fossils,” it just goes to show that Birds In Row have something that needs to be said and the way they went about it is devastatingly beautiful.
We Already Lost The World is one of those albums that will leave a mark on you. The sheer intensity that comes out of each song and performance is astounding. Birds In Row are a band that not only have captured a real essence of “post-hardcore,” they have created a new blueprint for the genre.
Overall Rating: A

Birds In Row- We Already Lost The World:


Birds In Row- I Don’t Dance (Video):

Band Of The Week: Visitors


When you are part of a genre such as post hardcore, it can be at times hard to stand out from the pack. Luckily, Visitors have carved out their own little path. This Salt Lake City based band have an album called Crest, that is deep and full of substance. Crest is also a album that acts as a continuation of a concept and storyline they introduced in the previous release, 2017’s EP Vortices, A Foreword. Visitors have the post hardcore sound on lock but they also incorporate bits of prog and ambience, thus creating a grandiose sound that is full of energy. The 9 songs that appear on Crest, flow the way an album should. Songs like “Pollyanna,” “Sea Of Limbs (A Diminsher),” “Apoplexia,” “Monachopsis,” and “In Whole (Encased)” are among the stand out tracks. The best way to describe Visitors is, imagine if Circa Survive/Saosin and Glassjaw were put in a blender and then topped off with bits of Deftones and At The Drive In (In Casino Out era).


Visitors- Crest:


Visitors- Pollyanna:


Visitors- Apoplexia:

Band Of The Week: In Urgency


Over the years I’ve come to really enjoy different genres more and more. In particularly, the post hardcore genre, has fast become one of my favorites. There is still the “heavy” elements to the music but, there is an added sense of melody that rings through it. Recently, I came across a band called In Urgency that has really impressed me. They have a bit of a Brand New vibe to them (which doesn’t hurt, especially since I really love Brand New), and a bit of Thrice too. Those two bands alone make for a great basis of inspiration and influence. Armed with a dual guitar and vocal attack, singers and guitarists Chris Anderson and Sam Mountain, create melodic riffs to go along with their soaring vocals. Drummer Javier Caudillo, provides the backbeat to give the music it’s pulse. While bassist Michael Capuano, provides the rhythmic accents needed to fill out the sound. In Urgency has recently released their debut full length album, Painting Parallels, which is a stunning debut full of big hooks, choruses and melody. In Urgency is definitely a band to be on the look out for.


In Urgency- Painting Parallels:


In Urgency- The Holy Ghost:



Album Review: Less Art- Strangled Light


There is something to be said for taking the time away from a main project and really letting yourself get fully immersed in something new. The members of Less Art have done just that and have made an album that stands out among all the other work they’ve done and then some. Their debut album Strangled Light is a fully inspired and influenced album. Riley and Ed Breckinridge of Thrice, Jon Howell and Ian Miller of Kowloon Walled City and on vocals Mike Minnick of Curl Up and Die have paid their respects to their influences but, taken that and turned it into something all their own.

Throughout the 9 song album, Less Art lay the foundation for heaviness and maturity. Each song feels like they spent the time to really hone in on a vibe and feeling. With each listen, you tend to pick up on a different emotion that puts you in a different headspace, in a good way. The moment the first song “Optimism As Survival” begins, the shivers begin up your spine. There is also a brutality to the album that is carried over from their main bands. When you listen to songs like “Diana The Huntress,” “Mood 7 Mind Destroyer: Guilt,” Pessimism As Denial,” and “Crushed Out” you can really hear their hardcore roots show through. Then there are songs like “Wandering Ghost,” “Shapeshifter,” What Is In It Man?,” and the closer “Strangled Light” that really show who Less Art really are. Their sheer knack to remain heavy but, at the same time vulnerable is what makes them special.

Something really intriguing about Less Art is, Ed Breckinridge is playing guitar rather than bass (as he does in Thrice) on the album. This move has really allowed him to shine as a player and writer. And with him and guitarist Jon Howell, they play off each other in a way that fits the feel of the song. The rhythm section of Riley Breckinridge and Ian Miller builds on the mold of great post-hardcore duo’s. Vocally, the emotion, pain, thoughts and ideas of Mike Minnick are beyond stellar.

Less Art’s Strangled Light, is an album that is very much needed. There is a sense of hope to these songs that when you grab a hold of, you won’t let go.


Overall Rating: A


Less Art- Strangled Light: