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Album Review: Red Fang- Only Ghosts


After 3 years of non stop touring and writing, Red Fang have returned with their fourth studio album, Only Ghosts. Produced by Ross Robinson, this new album features some of the best performances Red Fang has ever recorded. There is a level of volume about Red Fang that is gripping and explosive, and on Only Ghosts, those elements are even more present. The hooks and riffs have a very strong impact throughout the 10 songs. One thing that I noticed on this new album is that the band have really become solid songwriters. There is a real sense of maturity to this album, and that really brings about something different for them. Tucked in the album are bursts of textures the band have never experimented with, along with ambiance and space to let the songs feel like a different beast. This is an “album” through and through. The mixing of the album is top notch, courtesy of Joe Barresi. Stand out songs include “Flies,” “Cut it Short,” “Shadows,” “The Smell of the Sound,” ” I Am a Ghost,” and “Living in Lye.”

Red Fang have always been a band that makes music they enjoy, and they really showcase that here. Working with Ross, seems to have really brought out something more from them all, with the results being superb. I love hearing a band grow like this and make an album that will stand up with their earlier material.

Overall Rating: B+

Red Fang- Only Ghosts:



Album Review: Night Verses- Into The Vanishing Light


When I first heard Night Verses, I thought that this is one of the bands that is much needed in today’s stale music climate. Their debut album Lift Your Existence was an album full of epic proportions that really left a mark on me. The album is still in constant rotation in my stereo. So when I heard that Night Verses were in the studio working on their follow up album with Ross Robinson, I became even more excited about this band. The end result of their collaboration together is an album that is full of passion, inspiration, diverse music that pushes genre boundaries and vocals that are raw and powerful.

Into The Vanishing Light is an album that will take you on a journey just as a full album should. The more you listen to it all, you pick up on different things and feelings. After my first listen the flow of the album seemed to be a little disjointed, but after a couple more listens, it all began to make sense. The first track “The Future As History: I Love You Dead,” is a mood setter alright, that is set against a bit of a schizophrenic vocal delivery, but done with so much passion. The next couple songs emit pulsating music all the while a moody etherial vibe. By the time “Dialogue In Cataplexy” hits you know you are in for a ride with the way it plays out as a song with complexity and seriousness. As the rest of the album moves along the path of the journey certain songs like “Panic and Pull Your Heart Out” and “Blue Shades Of The Sun” truly leave a lasting mark. The closing song “Phoenix III” is a great encapsulation of the album and what the band has evolved into.

Night Verses have created an album that emits true artistry and vision. Singer Douglas Robinson really goes all out to ensure the words and messages come across as real and true as possible. Musically drummer Aric Improta is an absolute inspiration behind the drums. His use of time signatures and percussion adds so much more to the music. Guitarist Nick DePirro’s riffs, structures and skill is brilliant. It’s all tied together by bassist Reilly Herrera’s thunderous yet gentle playing. Working with Ross Robinson really helped to push the band to realize their potential as a band. Into The Vanishing Light is an album that separates Night Verses from their peers in the genre. I’d even go as far as to say this album could be a blueprint for the genre just as the Refused’s The Shape of Punk To Come became. Night Verses are here and deserve your undivided attention.


Night Verses- Into The Vanishing Light:

Album Review: Wild Throne- Harvest Of Darkness


People’s attention spans have dwindled over the years, making it no easy feat these days to be able to create an album that holds your attention throughout the entire length of it. Though there are still people out that are such fans of music and understand that albums are a necessary part of life and need to be listened to as a whole. Wild Throne has just released their debut album and it is a tremendous slab of righteous heavy rock. Their unique blend of influences, of The Mars Volta, At the Drive- In, Mastodon and Judas Priest has made their album Harvest Of Darkness one of the best debut albums I’ve heard in a very long time. A few days ago I wrote about bands not having the sense of “Danger” in their music. Wild Throne understands the concept and made something with a great deal of substance that it pushes boundaries of what can be done these days. From the first thump of the drums on the song “Harvest Of Darkness” to the last note of “Trans,” Wild Throne captivates you and inspires throughout their album. There isn’t one song on this album that needs to be skipped. Joshua Holland, Noah Burns, and Jeff Johnson are one hell of a team and it shows in every song. The production and recording was done by Ross Robinson. Ross was able to get such great performances out of these guys. This album is for sure going to be on a lot of top 10 lists at the end of the year. I know it will be in mine. Do yourself a favor and go buy this album. You won’t be sorry.

Scale of 1-10: 9.5

Wild Throne- Harvest Of Darkness:

By: Brian Lacy

New Release: Wild Throne- War Is A Romance


Today the very talented Wild Throne released a new song entitled “War Is A Romance,” and have announced their debut album will be titled Harvest Of Darkness to be released August 18th from Roadrunner Records. This song is great. Loud heavy rock with a great sense of melody but not in the commercial way.

Take a listen and you’ll hear just why these guys are sooooooo good!

By: Brian Lacy

Album Review: Soko- My Dreams Dictate My Reality


When I get an album one of the first things I look at is who produced and engineered it. Recently an album came across my email that sounded intriguing to me. Ross Robinson’s name was listed as the producer on the album. I’ve been a fan of a lot of the albums that Ross has done in the past. Specifically his work with Korn, At The Drive In, The Cure and a newer band Wild Throne. So needless to say my curiosity was peaked. The album I’m talking about is Soko’s new album My Dreams Dictate My Reality. This album is quite a departure from most of the stuff that I listen to, but it also was a nice change of pace. Soko’s album is soaked in early 80’s new wave influence, somewhat reminiscent of The Cure started out as. The first song on the album “I Come In Peace” has an almost electro Mazzy Star vibe to it, making it the perfect lead off song for the album. There are also moments when there are bits of post punk a la a Joy Division vibe especially on the title track. This is definitely something different to my ears, and it totally fits the alternative music climate that has taken over the radio waves today. If you are looking for an album chock full of early new wave sounds, this is one of those albums for you. Also on a side note, it’s nice to hear Ross Robinson spread his wings and show his versatility as a producer.

Soko: My Dreams Dictate My Reality-


By: Brian Lacy

Band Of The Week: Wild Throne


There is something happening with music nowadays. I’ve come across some truly great bands since starting this site. Adding to that list is a great band out of Washington called Wild Throne. This awesome 3 piece was conceived by friends Joshua Holland (guitar/vocals), Noah Burns (drums) and Jeff Johnson (bass). The end result of their music is a blend of bands like Judas Priest and Mastodon, mixed with 70’s rock, thrash, a little bit of prog rock and a dash of melody. As the story goes, while on tour the band caught the ear of famed producer Ross Robinson, and he took them into the studio to record their latest EP Blood Maker. Since the bands inception they have shared the stage and toured with Red Fang, Helmet, Kylesa. The 3 songs on Blood Maker are a jolt of life into the stale autonomy of the mainstream. The guitar riffs are heavy and rugged with nice subtle tones of clarity. The bass is dirty enough to fit in the sludgy thrash spectrum while at the same time complimenting the subtle clarity of the guitar. The drums pound hard and thump with aggression. Vocally the raw emotion coming from the voice of Josh Holland is real. Basically what I’m saying is Wild Throne is fantastic!!!


By: Brian Lacy