Month: April 2021

New Music Friday: April 30


This has been a tremendous week for new music. Lots of new singles and videos were released that need your attention as well as a few albums that are excellent! I’ve got you covered with new jams by Spiritbox, At The Gates, Killer Be Killed, Gojira, Tombstones In Their Eyes, Crobot, Living Wreckage (ex Shadows Fall), Red Fang, Zero Trust (Coheed and Cambria), and See You Space Cowboy.

Spiritbox- Circle With Me:

At The Gates- Spectre Of Extinction:

Killer Be Killed: Animus:

Crobot- Kiss It Goodbye (Featuring Howard Jones):

Living Wreckage- Breaking Point:

Red Fang- Funeral Coach:

Zero Trust- Get It:

See You Space Cowboy: Painting A Clear Picture From An Unreliable Narrator:


Tombstones In Their Eyes- Looking For A Light:

Gojira- Fortitude:

Royal Blood- Typhoons:

Cover Song: Every Time I Die (Cave In)- Youth Overrided

CAVE IN & EVERY TIME I DIE To Cover Each Other's Songs for Upcoming  Livestream

Recently, the very awesome show Two Minutes To Late Night started doing something quite fun and cool. They call it Splitsville and they have two bands cover each other. The first one was Every Time I Die and Cave In. Cave In chose the ETID song “Moor” from their album From Parts Unknown. Every Time I Die chose “Youth Overrided” from Cave In’s album Antenna. While Cave In did a great job on “Moor,” I have to say that Every Time I Die absolutely killed their cover. Ever since I heard it, I’ve been listening to it like crazy. It’s so damn good. I also have to put this out in the universe, we are in need of a Cave In & Every Time I Die tour in 2022!!!

Every Time I Die (Cave In)- Youth Overrided:

Cave In (Every Time I Die)- Moor:

New Release: Cold Cave- Prayer From Nowhere

The post-punk genre has really taken off in the past decade. There are a plethora of bands that have been putting out albums and singles that fit within the description of what post-punk is but, there are only a select few that have truly mastered it and taken it to another level. One such group is Cold Cave. It’s not just post-punk that Cold Cave emits, there is also bits of synthpop, darkwave and some very complementing noise. Now, Cold Cave is about to release their highly-anticipated new 7-song album Fate In Seven Lessons (out June 11). The newest single from the album is also the first track off it “Prayer From Nowhere.” It’s a dark and brooding track with sexy synths and layers of electronic goodness. Fate In Seven Lessons is shaping up to be one hell of an album for 2021. And with its summer release, it could very well be the perfect album for the season.

Cold Cave- Prayer From Nowhere:

Cold Cave- Night Light:

Alternate Versions: Korn- Beg For Me & Falling Away From Me

Korn Blind Woodstock'99 [HD] 720P - YouTube

Woodstock 1999 has a very interesting history. Despite the riots, fires, rapes, price gouging and the other atrocities that happened, there were quite a few outstanding performances. One of those that I remember being a stand out was Korn’s set. This was before they were finished with their fourth album (and my second favorite album of their’s) Issues. Their set that night included 2 songs from Issues, “Falling Away From Me” and “Beg For Me” both with different lyrics than what is on the final versions. Both of these versions are quite different and give a bit of a different vibe than you’ve heard. I’d personally love for this set to be released officially. If you haven’t heard these before you are in for a treat and if you have, well now you can enjoy them again!

Korn- Beg For Me (Live at Woodstock 99):

Korn- Falling Away From Me (Live at Woodstock 99):

New Release: Gojira- The Chant

Image result for gojira fortitude

Ahead of the release of their new album Fortitude this coming Friday (April 30), Gojira have dropped another new song! This new track “The Chant” has a little bit of a Magma era vibe and a few sprinkles of some more experimental ideas. This album sure feels like it’s going to be a very interesting and intriguing listening experience. Gojira are one of the few bands out there these days that are still making “albums” and not relying on singles. I’m very much looking forward to hearing these new tracks live. Having seen Gojira many times live now, I can definitely tell these new songs will take on a whole other life when played live!

Gojira- The Chant:

Gojira- Into The Storm:

Gojira- Amazonia:

Gojira- Born For One Thing:

New Music Friday!!!


It’s Friday, and there have been a ton of new jams that have come out this week that need your attention. New tracks by Aeges, Palm Reader, The L.I.F.E Project (Josh Rand of Stone Sour), Portal, Jim Ward (of Sparta/At The Drive-In), Dave Grohl and his daugher Violet with an excellent cover of an X song, Steve Von Till (of Neurosis), The Bronx, Big Brave, Deftones and Fear Factory. After you are done checking these out, let me know what you liked best!

Aeges- Colors:

Palm Reader- False Thirst:

The L.I.F.E. Project- The Nothingness:

Portal- Eye:

Jim Ward- Paper Fish:

Dave & Violet Grohl- Nausea by X:

Steve Von Till- The Spiraling Away:

The Bronx- Superbloom:

Big Brave- Of This Ilk:

Deftones- Ceremony (Video Directed by Leigh Whannel writer of SAW):

Fear Factory- Distruptor:

Best Guitar Solos: Mad Season- Wake Up

Mike McCready Drafting Singers for Unreleased Mad Season Album | Mad  season, Grunge music, Seattle music

Mad Season was an extraordinary group. On paper alone, having Layne Staley, Mike McCready and Barrett Martin in your band was substantial enough. Then when you put it all together, and the end result is the album, Above, you know it was all meant to be. This album is one of my all time favorites. “Wake Up” is one hell of a heart wrenching song. Lyrically it’s beyond dark and deep and the accompanying music really creates the right vibe. Then when Mike McCready’s guitar solo kicks in, it’s on a whole other level. Mad Season as much as it was a side project, really was able to showcase how truly underrated Mike is as a player but, more specifically as a writer. The music for “Wake Up” was actually written before Layne joined Mike, Barrett and the late John Baker Saunders. The solo though, is on a whole other level. And when you hear live versions of the song, it’s even more euphoric.

Mad Season- Wake Up (Live At The Moore, 1995):

Ultimate Set List: Mudvayne

Mudvayne Reunites After A 12-Year Hiatus; To Perform Exclusively At All  Four Danny Wimmer Presents 2021 Festivals - Icon Vs. Icon

Since Mudvayne announced their return after 12 long years, I’ve been on a bit of a Mudvayne kick. It’s been fun to go back and revisit all their albums, especially LD 50 and The End Of All Things To Come. While doing that I found myself thinking what should they play when they take the stage. Thankfully, I have a topic of discussion for just that. What you have here is my ultimate set list for Mudvayne. What would be on yours?

Guideline 1: What line up of the band would it be

Guideline 2: Where would you want to see the show

Guideline 3: maximum 25 songs (In order of how the set should go)

Lineup: Chad Gray, Ryan Martinie, Matthew McDonough, Greg Tribbett

Venue: The Roxy Theatre (Los Angeles, CA)


01) Silenced
02) (K)now F(Orever)
03) Not Falling
04) Death Blooms
05) Pushing Through
06) Mercy, Severity
07) Beautiful And Strange
08) A World So Cold
09) -1
10) Determined
11) Trapped In The Wake Of A Dream
12) The End Of All Things To Come
13) Internal Primates Forever
14) Forget To Remember
15) I Can’t Wait
16) Under My Skin
17) All That You Are
18) Dull Boy
19) Burn The Bridge
20) Heard It All Before


21) Severed
22) Nothing To Gein
23) Happy?
24) Dig

Those 90’s Songs: Everclear- Santa Monica

Everclear – Santa Monica (Watch The World Die) (1996, CD2, CD) - Discogs

Back in 1995, Everclear released their second album, Sparkle and Fade. This album would put Everclear on the map especially, because of the success of the song “Santa Monica.” I distinctly remember hearing this song on the radio and really liking it. I even remember that same day, seeing the video for the song on MTV. Throughout the years, “Santa Monica” has been a staple on rock radio. Interestingly, this song was not officially released as a single. As it turns out, rock radio stations across the states started playing the song due to requests and it wound up being number 1 on the mainstream rock charts for 3 weeks. Another fun tidbit is that due to the events of 9/11, “Santa Monica” was placed on the do not play list by Clear Channel. This is one of those 90’s songs that still holds up to this day and I’m pretty sure that if you hear it on the radio, it’ll all come back to you.

Everclear- Santa Monica:

Mudvayne Are Back!!!

Mudvayne's 'L.D. 50': 10 Things You Didn't Know About "Math-Metal" Classic  | Revolver

It’s been way too long but, now the day has arrived. Mudvayne are officially back! It was announced today that the band would be reuniting for a series of festival shows including, Aftershock, Louder Than Life, Welcome To Rockville and Inkcareration. After 12 years, it’s very refreshing to have them back. I have to say too, I’m glad they are doing this. I couldn’t stand Hellyeah. Mudvayne has always been a live favorite of mine. Hell I even spent my 21st birthday at a Mudvayne concert (with Life Of Agony, American Head Charge, and the awesome Bloodsimple). Their debut album, LD 50 is one hell of an album to this day, 20 years after it’s release. I was also quite fond of the follow up, The End Of All Things To Come. Their 3rd album, Lost and Found is a pretty rocking album with some choice cuts on it like “All That You Are.” The New Game was ok. Their final album, 2009’s self titled was actually a nice sort of return, though it was more a return to Lost and Found than LD 50. Either way with their catalog of songs and intense live shows, this reunion hopefully will be long lasting.

LD 50:

The End Of All Things To Come:

Lost And Found:

The New Game:

Self Titled: