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Band Of The Week: Fucked and Bound


When I first heard that members of He Whose Ox Is Gored were involved in a side project my curiosity was perked. Then when I heard that it was going to be a hardcore/punk band, I was ecstatic. Fucked and Bound is the name of the band and it delivers a righteous slab of unrelenting and ferocious hardcore. Their debut album Suffrage (released by Atomic Action Records) is 13 songs of pure heaviness, attitude, and anger. Fronted by Lisa Mungo, she screams her heart out and it’s furious and in your face. Her conviction of the lyrics as she spits them out in the mic are some of the most honest I’ve heard in a long time. The band themselves comprised of Brian McClelland (Guitar), Curtis Parker (Bass) and Matt Chandler (Drums) blast through riffs and beats that pummel and run you over with the right amount of brutality. Fucked and Bound is just what is needed in today’s political and social climate. Do yourselves a favor and throw this album on and unleash the inner beast inside you.


Fucked and Bound- Suffrage:


Fucked and Bound Tour Dates:

3/17 Seattle, WA @ Black Lodge
3/20 Portland, OR @ Fixin’ To Bar
3/21  Chico, CA @ Naked Lounge
3/22 Sacramento, CA @ Blue Lamp
3/23 Oakland, CA @ Golden Bull
3/24 Los Angeles, CA @ 3PM MATINEE at Redwood Bar
3/25 San Diego, CA @ Space Bar
3/27 Mesa, Az @ Nile Underground
3/28 Tuscon, AZ @ Flycatcher
3/29 Las Vegas, NV @ The Garth
3/30 Reno, NV @ Jub Jub’s Days of the Loud Fest
By: Brian Lacy



Band Of The Week: All Souls


Los Angeles is still a mecca for great bands. These days though you just have to search them out a little more. I’d like to introduce you to the band All Souls, a melodic, guitar-heavy rock band that is absolutely fantastic. All Souls finally formed in 2015 after many years of trying to get together. The band is made up of Erik Trammell (Black Elk, Brothers Collateral), Tony Tornay (Fatso Jetson), Antonio Aguilar and Meg Castellanos (Totimoshi, Alma Sangre). Their debut album was recently released via Sunyata Records (which is owned by Barrett Martin of Screaming Trees, Mad Season and Walking Papers) and it’s stellar. There are hooks galore and constant grooves that don’t get tired or boring throughout the entire album. There is a bit of a desert/stoner vibe to the sound of the band that allows a bit of “space” to sway through the listening experience. After listening to the entire album, you not only want more but you’ll feel compelled to listen to All Souls again.


All Souls- Never Know:



Band Of The Week: Black Mare


Last year Black Mare released one of my top 25 favorite albums of 2017. The sheer brilliance, beauty and devastation that emits from Sera Timms is astounding. The album Death Magick Mother is draped in gothic sounds, dark poetic lyrics and vocals that draw you into a trance. Black Mare is a side/solo project for Sera, and a bit of a departure from the other bands she is a part of like Ides of Gemini, Black Math Horseman, and Zun. Musically Black Mare will draw you in like a Type O Negative album would. There are subtle nuances to each song that strike a chord while listening which takes your further down the rabbit hole. Songs like “Death By Desire,” “Ingress To Form,” “Babylon’s Fold,” and “Inverted Tower” all posses these qualities and then some. Sera’s songs “traverse hidden realms, fragments of dreams, submerged memories, and mythical imagery” which leaves those who listen completely entrenched in her psyche. Do yourselves a favor and listen to Black Mare and get lost amongst the beauty.


Black Mare- Death Magick Mother:


Death By Desire Video:



Band Of The Week: Void Vator


What do you get when you cross 80’s metal a la Iron Maiden, Metallica and Megadeth and 90’s rock in the vain of Nirvana and Soundgarden? Well I’ll tell you, Void Vator is the end result. This four piece Los Angeles based band, is a melodic heavy rock group that is really starting to leave their mark on the scene. Their debut EP Dehumanized, was produced by Ulrich Wild (Deftones, Pantera, Static X, OneSideZero). The five songs on the EP, especially “Time Has Come” and “No Return,” are chock full of rock, riffs, and melody, which is exactly what this band is all about. Check out Void Vator for all your melodic heavy rock needs.


Void Vator- Dehumanized EP:


Time Has Come Video:


No Return Video:

Band Of The Week: Glaare


I love being a fan of different genres of music. It really is such a great feeling to hear bands from different realms and soak it all in. When you hear “that” band that just hits at the right time and place, you know it’s something special. I’d like to introduce you all to GLAARE. Soaked in post-punk, dark-wave and 90’s alternative, GLAARE deliver melancholy and melody with a sense of brightness through all the darkness. The bands latest album “To Deaf and Day” is the work of Rachael Pierce, Cameron Carlin (Black Mare) and Brandon Pierce (ex-Ancestors). This is the bands first full length album and it encapsulates everything you’d want from the genre and then some. Throughout the 8 songs on the album, you get to experience the beautiful darkness that lay inside GLAARE. They are definitely one band that deserves your undivided attention.


GLAARE- To Deaf and Day:

Band Of The Week (Updated): A Light Within


It’s been a minute since A Light Within has released new music. I personally have been anticipating new tunes from them and now they have released the first song, Page #9 (Shells) off their new EP Epilogue, which is the final chapter of their 3 part trilogy. A Light Within has definitely tapped into another realm of what they started as. I would say they’ve gotten more etherial and darker. The band has said “Epilogue” is the final conceptual installment in a three part series containing transcribed diary entries written from the perspective of a reflective mind. Throughout the pages be prepared to hit an emotional remembrance of life experiences, love scenarios, and a metaphorical loss of it all.” While listening to this song and the entire EP and their other ones, you can definitely feel it all. Epilogue is due to be released in February so be on the look out for that (I’ll also remind you all).


A Light Within- Page #9 (Shells):


Body Matter EP:


Preface EP:

Band Of The Week: Vexes


I love it when a band melds their influences into something that stands out from what they were inspired by. Sure there might be moments when one of the influences comes through a bit more but, that just shows how much of an impact that band has on others. For the first band of the week of 2018 I’d like to introduce you to the band Vexes. Made up of former members of A Life Once Lost, Vessl, and Fury of Five, Vexes has come out with a fury of thunder. Vexes takes their love of Deftones, Cave In, Thrice, Helmet and Circa Survive to new heights. Their debut album Ancient Geometry is gearing up to me quite the debut. From the three songs released so far, “Lift,” “Plasticine,” and “Helion,” you can tell that Vexes is here to make and leave a lasting impact.