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Band Of The Week: New Language


There seems to be a river of inspiration flowing in Los Angeles. Over the past few years, the bands that have been making an impact in Los Angeles are something to really pay attention to. One such band is New Language. Formed in Los Angeles by Tyler Demorest and Matt Cohen, this band is rounded out by Sebastien Betley and Martin Dovali. New Language has a sound that combines the 90’s quiet to loud with a post hardcore vibe. Think if Failure and Sparta had a child. Their full length album Come Alive was produced by At The Drive In and Sparta drummer Tony Hajjar. The 10 songs on their album are rockin and full of life. Songs like “Wake Up,” “Right Now,” “Frantic Behavior,” and the title track “Come Alive” are perfect examples of why New Language needs to be on your radar.


New Language- Come Alive:


Wake Up:


Frantic Believer:



By: Brian Lacy




Band Of The Week: Youth Code


Over the last few years electronic music has made a strong impact among many people. There has been a sort of “craze” about it and the scene has become flush with many different groups and genres. I’ve always dug on certain aspects of electronic music like, industrial and trip hop. Recently I saw a band live that has really reinvigorated my love for industrial music. That band is Youth Code. Formed in 2012 by Ryan William George and Sara Taylor, Youth Code has taken the scene by storm. By combining elements of industrial, electronica, and a bit of a dance vibe, Youth Code delivers a relentless and punishing sound that will make you bang your head and dance.

When I saw them a few months back, they absolutely stole the show and left me wanting more. Their live performances are intense and energetic. One thing that they have that their other peers lack are lyrics that really grab you just as the music does. It’s beyond refreshing to hear this style of music done so well. So do yourself a favor and check out Youth Code.


Youth Code- Commitment To Complications:


Youth Code- A Place To Stand:


Carried Mask:


The Dust Of Fallen Rome:


Live At Amoeba:



By: Brian Lacy







Band Of The Week (updated)- He Whose Ox Is Gored


There are a handful of bands that I’ve written about here that really get me excited. One of those bands is He Whose Ox Is Gored. Ever since I first heard them, I’ve become enthralled by what they do. This four piece from Seattle is starting to really take the underground music scene by storm. Their mix of doom, shoegaze, and ambience are perfectly blended into their heavy and emotional sound. Their full length album The Camel, The Lion, The Child is still in constant rotation on my stereo and turntable. One thing that I really love about He Whose Ox Is Gored is the way the sparse vocals resonate through their songs. The lyrics and vocals add another dimension to their hypnotic sound. It’s almost as though the vocals invoke a whole different beast.

He Whose Ox Is Gored is the type of band that can transcend just being another heavy band. They have all the parts to make them not only stand out among their peers but, also the talent to really leave their own mark and inspire other bands. Do yourself a favor and buy their album and play it loud and proudly. You’ll thank me later for it.


He Whose Ox Is Gored- The Camel, The Lion, The Child:


Fainting Room Collective 7”:


Live at Saint Vitus Bar New York:


Band In Seattle:


Tour Dates:




Band Of The Week (Updated): Hidden Cabins


Over the course of the few years that I’ve been doing the Band Of The Week feature, I’ve been able to really watch and hear those bands I’ve written about grow by leaps and bounds. A great example of that is New Jersey’s Hidden Cabins. The duo consists of Craig Cirinelli (vocals/percussion) and Brian Hofgesang (guitars/effects/vocals). They deliver songs that branch out of the normal acoustic sound to allow space and ambience to play a big part. Hidden Cabins is the type of band that is the perfect accompaniment to any genre you might listen to. There is something special about this band. Their willingness to be vulnerable lets the music and words hit you in a way that connects.


Hidden Cabins- Bet It All on You:

Band Of The Week _Updated: Spirit In The Room


One of my favorite things about doing Audioeclectica and writing about up and coming bands is being able to watch them grow. Some of the bands of the week I’ve written about have really stepped up their games from their first releases. One such band is Spirit In The Room. Led by main songwriter and multi instrumentalist Dennis Sanders, Spirit In The Room has carved out their own niche. The use of electronics and programming fits perfectly with the experimental sort of doom punk rock vibe. There seems to be a river of inspiration flowing through Dennis, as the band is constantly releasing new material that just keeps getting better. One other thing that I really dig about Spirit In The Room is the fact that Dennis isn’t afraid to take chances with his music. There are tons of different influences that poke their heads out in the songs, and that’s what makes Spirit In The Room different and intriguing. Check them out as they are about to embark on a small tour.


Cut To The Crash:


Meat Themes:


Destroyed By The Future EP:





Band Of The Week: Khemmis


If there is one thing I love in heavy music, it’s huge riffs. Sometimes the “riff” can transport you to another realm.The vibe alone from that is something special. Then when you combine that riff with melody, oh my, my head will about explode. Recently I came across a band that has mind melting riffs combined with a sense of melody that soars. That band is Khemmis. Their most recent album Hunted, was voted as the album of the year by Decibel magazine. After checking out the album I can see why their album was voted as so. Hunted is chock full of rifftastic gems and melody that adds and an exclamation point to their doomy 70’s influenced rock. There is something else about Khemmis that really stands out too. And that is their dedication to making “albums.” While Hunted is only 5 songs, all the songs are epic and have that ebb and flow, which makes for a great album. So take some time and get familiar with Khemmis, you’ll dig it!


Khemmis- Hunted:

Band Of The Week: Crowhurst


If there is one thing I really enjoy  about music, it’s when I come across bands/artists that are taking chances. Not just taking chances though, but, putting out music that is deeply rooted in inspiration and emotion. This weeks band of the week Crowhurst, is just that. The music is dark and full of rage, all the while being experimental and pulverizing. There are shades of industrial, black metal, and ambiance throughout the songs. Led by vocalist/keyboardist/sampler Jay Gambit, Crowhurst have brought back the dark industrial vibe that has been missing from the genre for some time. One can tell from listening to them, that they really believe in what they are creating. Nothing seems forced or misplaced. If you are looking for something dark, heavy and bombastic, then Crowhurst is what you need.


Crowhurst- Crowhurst II:


Crowhurst- Take This Pain Away: