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Band Of The Week: Northlane


Australia has produced some very awesome bands over the years. From AC/DC, Rose Tattoo, INXS, and Silverchair. Well now they have another one to add. I’d like to introduce you to Northlane. The band formed in 2009 and has released 5 studio albums including their latest, Alien, which is one hell of a great album and is on my top list for 2019. The band got their name from a song called “North Lane” by the band Architects which appeared on the latter’s album Ruin. Over the years, the band worked to define their sound and through a few lineup changes, it appears they have finally found all the right pieces. Their new album Alien, finds the band evolving a bit more than previous albums and on this one, they have embraced the more experimental and alternative side of what they are capable of. Throughout the album you can find traces of industrial, prog, and even a little EDM. It’s the album that will lead them into the next part of their career. From the live footage I’ve seen of Northlane, they sure seem to have a very energetic and pulsating show. It’s been fun to listen to Northlane starting with this new album and then going backwards and seeing how much they really have progresed. They are definitely one of the newer bands worth checking out.

Northlane- Alien:


Band Of The Week: Seizures


Late last year I went to see Cult Leader and God Mother at The Satellite and the opening band, Seizures, completely blew me away. I was totally intrigued by this band and their performance and I had to know more. I had previously described them as having this really cool early Thrice vibe ( a la Illusion Of Safety) mixed with a bit of Botch and The Dillinger Escape Plan. I still stand by that only now, I’ve heard “In A Valley Of Twilit Meres”┬ánew song from their upcoming album Reverie of the Revolving Diamond, and there is so much more to this band than just that. Seizures is a band that offers the heavy music world a whole lot of awesomeness. By mixing post hardcore, mathcore and bits of jazz, they have a sound and style that is ferocious and brutal yet delicate and oddly soothing. Seizures is the type of band that today really needs. They have all the right pieces from being absolute beasts live and their quality of music and songs really shine. Give Seizures a moment of your time and you’ll see why I think they are a band you should be in the know of!


Reverie Of The Revolving Diamond:

The Sanity Universal:


Band Of The Week: Fake Figures


A few years back, I went to a house party show out in the boonies of Los Angeles. While I was there to see a specific band, there was another band that peaked my interest that evening. Looking at them as they played, I realized certain members were from other bands that I used to really dig. Their set that evening was quite excellent and they had me hooked at that point. The band I’m talking about is Fake Figures. Hailing from Southern California and featuring members of bands such as Atreyu, Hotwire and Scars of Tomorrow, Fake Figures has been making their presence known with their music that mixes bits and pieces of metal, alternative and punk with a bit of a 90’s tinge. Since the bands inception, they have released two EP’s with their third one on the way. Fake Figures have also been an MTV Buzzworthy band as well as being featured in magazines like Revolver and Alternative Press. Most recently, they have released a couple songs from their forthcoming EP. The songs “Hole In The Sky” and “Bury The Hatchet” are quite the rockers and the type of songs that when played live, will be very impactful. Fake Figures are a band that deserve your attention. Especially if you are searching for a heavy rock band that will rattle your ears!

Hole In The Sky:


Bury The Hatchet:


They Must Be Destroyed EP:


Hail The Sycophants EP:







Band Of The Week: Badtooth


A while back I wrote many articles about a band called Dekades. You might remember (if you’ve been reading this site for a long while) I was really stoked about that band. Well, sadly they aren’t together but, thankfully, the singer has continued on with a new project and it’s just as good if not better. Allow me to introduce you to BADTOOTH. Musically it’s dark and pulsating with eerie soundscapes and textures to compliment the goth inspired elements. The latest single “Latent Sea” is one of the best songs I’ve heard all year. The vocals and accompanying music are both soothing and hypnotic mixed with an ethereal vibe. BADTOOTH is the perfect next step into what electronic music today should be. All the right pieces are intact for this to make a huge impact.


Latent Sea:


Medium Rare:


Dull Knife:




Band Of The Week: HarborLights


I love it when you are searching for something new to listen to and you come across a band you’ve never heard and it all just clicks. That happened to me this week when I heard the band HarborLights. When I heard the song “From Virtue (Sacrament)” I knew in an instant that this is what I was looking for. HarborLights have this really great sound that balances delicate melody along with strong dynamics that take their songs to ethereal places. The band formed about 8 years ago and since then have released 2 split EP’s and one full length. Their new album, Isolation Ritual (out September 13), is sure to be quite the album for 2019. The two songs released so far “From Virtue” and “Hold The Dark” are taking me by storm and enticing me so much that the anticipation of this album is growing by the day. HarborLights are the perfect band to put on and let the music take you away.

HarborLights- From Virtue (Sacrament):


HarborLights- Hold The Dark:


New Release: Spirit In The Room- Now That You’re Dead


I’ve said this many many times before (and it’s true), Dennis R. Sanders continues to amaze me. The evolution and growth in his songwriting since starting Spirit In The Room is astounding. Being able to take an influence and flip it to inspiration isn’t an easy task but, Dennis has a true knack for just that. Spirit In The Room’s new track “Now That You’re Dead,” from their upcoming Volume 2 EP, is one hell of a song. It’s raw and full of soul all the while being introspective. It’s also worth noting that the sense of melody that Dennis plays with really shines on this song. The vocals have this really cool Nick Cave meets David You vibe mixed with the right amount of Jim Morrison. Volume 1 was just the tip of what was coming from Spirit In The Room. Volume 2 is sure to take it to the next level.

Spirit In The Room- Now That You’re Dead:



Band Of The Week: Pinkish Black


Within the rock world and it’s many subgenres, there is a real sense of creativity blossoming. It’s been there for a long time but, a lot of those bands are starting to really get their due. One such band is Pinkish Black. This duo of Daron Beck (keyboards and vocals) and Jon Teague (drums and synths) has been around since 2010. Since then, they have released four studio albums including their newest, 2019’s Concept Unification. Pinkish Black have taken heavy music and flipped it, creating something that is as progressive and experimental as it is psychedelic and cinematic. The synth driven approach has given this band the layers and textures it needs to stand out. I was thining of a way to describe them and I think I found a good description. Imagine Type O Negative mixed with a John Carpenter score. Their new album is quite the auspicious release. It’s an album that really gets under your skin (in a total good way) and it seeps into your veins, as each song takes you further down the rabbit hole and expands your mind. Pinkish Black is a band not only for now but the future of what synth driven music can and should be.


Pinkish Black- Concept Unification: