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Band Of The Week: Low Dose


It always sucks when a band you dig breaks up. In this case the band I’m referring to is Fight Amp. They were one hell of a rad band, and I had hoped that when they announced their end they would be back soon with something new. Well my hoping has been answered in the form of Low Dose. Hailing from Philadelphia, the members of Fight Amp have teamed up with Itarya Rosenberg to bring about some crushing heavy rock tunes. So far only one song has been released, “For Sure,” but it sure is badass. It’s got that “grungy” 90’s vibe to it and some really great punk attitude. While the band has an album done and ready to go, they are looking for the right home to release it. So that might be a minute till we hear more from Low Dose. In the meantime though, I’ll be jamming “For Sure” a lot!


Low Dose-S/T (well just For Sure):



Band Of The Week: Visitors


When you are part of a genre such as post hardcore, it can be at times hard to stand out from the pack. Luckily, Visitors have carved out their own little path. This Salt Lake City based band have an album called Crest, that is deep and full of substance. Crest is also a album that acts as a continuation of a concept and storyline they introduced in the previous release, 2017’s EP Vortices, A Foreword. Visitors have the post hardcore sound on lock but they also incorporate bits of prog and ambience, thus creating a grandiose sound that is full of energy. The 9 songs that appear on Crest, flow the way an album should. Songs like “Pollyanna,” “Sea Of Limbs (A Diminsher),” “Apoplexia,” “Monachopsis,” and “In Whole (Encased)” are among the stand out tracks. The best way to describe Visitors is, imagine if Circa Survive/Saosin and Glassjaw were put in a blender and then topped off with bits of Deftones and At The Drive In (In Casino Out era).


Visitors- Crest:


Visitors- Pollyanna:


Visitors- Apoplexia:

Band Of The Week: Gyre


Honesty is something I look for in bands. What I mean by that is, when I’m listening to a band, I want to be able to hear the true conviction in their music and words. A lot of bands I’ve heard over the years really just half ass it and don’t put their all into it. You can tell when you listen to those bands. Recently I came across a band that stays true to their convictions and their attitude shows through their music. I’d like to introduce you to Gyre. This three piece band from the NY/NJ area is quite a bright spot. Their music is heavy rock with splashes of prog, groove and a touch of thrash, all of which makes for a grand listening experience. Gyre have released three previous EP’s and have now put out their first full length album entitled Shared Visions and it’s ripe with all the rock you’d want and need. I like to think of it as a great album for a long drive and just escaping the world. As a three piece singer/bassist Ian McCarthy, guitarist Juan Soaz, and drummer Pablo Carpio have carved out a little niche for their blend of heavy rock. Shared Visions is definitely one of the best albums of 2018 and it deserves your attention.


Gyre- Shared Visions:

Band Of The Week: Del Judas


It seems that the post-punk genre has really taken over as of late. There are so many bands that have come about in the past couple years that have incorporated the post-punk sound a la Joy Division, Bauhaus and so many other influential bands from the beginning. I’ve come across a few that really stand out and have made “that” sound into something cool and different. One band that I’ve heard recently is Del Judas. Instead of just relying on post-punk influences, Charlie Schmid aka Del Judas has taken a different approach. You might also recognize Charlie from his time playing drums in the band Tombs along with a few others.  Growing up in a household that listened to country music and artists like Hank Williams, Johnny Cash and Patsy Cline to name a few, had a profound effect on Charlie. So by taking those childhood influences and melding them together with the likes of Joy Division, Bauhaus and a touch of Chris Isaak, Del Judas stands out on it’s own merit and sounds different and fresh. There are some moments throughout the album that almost seem like they are inspired by Leonard Cohen too.  The debut album “DEITY” will be out July 13 via Primal Architecture.

Del Judas is definitely one of the bright spots of an already exciting year for music. Personally, I can’t wait to see what’s to come for this project and for people to hear how damn good it is.


Del Judas- Of Love And Death:



Del Judas- Through The Glass:

Band Of The Week: Repentance


Heavy music comes in all shapes and styles. There are the bands that have bits of melody to go along with the rifftastic jams. Then there are the bands that just go for the complete brutality approach to heaviness. And then in between you have so many different styles and subgenres that it starts to become a bit overwhelming yet at the same time quite fun to check out.

I’d like to introduce you to Repentance. This Chicago based metal band hits all the right notes with their unrelenting onslaught of heavy riffs, crushing rhythms and subtlety brutal vocals. The first song released so far called “Collide” is quite a statement for the gents in the group but also as a brand new band. Led by Shaun Glass (formerly of Broken Hope, Soil, Dirge Within) his riff based mentality is the perfect push this band needs coming out of the gate. The addition of vocalist Robby Fonts (of Stuck Mojo), lead guitarist Markus Johansson, drummer Anthony Lien and bassist Mike Sylvester has made this a well balanced metal band.

Repentance is due to make their live debut opening for Trivium in Chicago. That’s a great way to introduce the band to the masses.


Repentance- Collide:

Band Of The Week: Dress The Dead


One of the coolest things about being a musician is being able to explore different genres and expand your musical palate. For many years now I’ve been a fan of guitarist Craig Locicero. You might recall the bands he’s been a part of from Forbidden, Manmade God and Spiralarms. Not only can Craig rip on guitar, he is also one hell of a songwriter. Which brings me to his latest band, Dress The Dead. This new band has it all, from super heavy riffs and thunderous rhythms but also a great rock voice that reaches the metal heights and soulful elements of blues. Dress The Dead is comprised of Kayla Dixon (voice), Craig Locicero (guitar), Dan Delay (guitar), James Walker (bass) and Mark Hernandez (drums). It’s worth mentioning that the original singer of the band was Peter Dolving from The Haunted. While Peter laid the groundwork for the vocals, Kayla has really stepped up to the plate and knocked it out of the park (yes I used a baseball reference. It is baseball seasons after all). The best way to describe Dress The Dead is Thrashy Rock N Roll. While it’s “metal” it’s definitely rock through and through. From the songs they have released so far like “Promises & Kisses,” “There Goes The Sun,” and “1969” it’s very apparent that Dress The Dead is going to be one hell of a band.


Dress The Dead- Promises & Kisses:


Dress The Dead- There Goes The Sun:


Dress The Dead- Knives Out (Live):


Dress The Dead- 1969 (with Peter Dolving):


Band Of The Week: Old Blood


When art and music come together the results can sometimes vary but, when that right blend is poured out on to a canvas or in this case music, everything just comes together. I’d like to introduce you to Old Blood. Taking influence and inspiration from Classic Rock, Metal, Trip Hop, Desert Rock, Stoner Metal, Doom, Sludge and bits of Jazz, Old Blood have created a style which they call “Acid Doom.” Their debut self titled album is chock full of head bobbing rhythms, charging riffs and vocals that cut like a diamond. They stand out from their peers not just musically but with their artistic stage show, leaving those in attendance with a sense of being a part of something more than just a show. Do yourself a favor and check out what fresh takes Old Blood has to offer.


Old Blood: