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Band Of The Week: Filter

Filter releases politically charged new song from upcoming album ...

Normally, I use this topic to highlight unsigned or up and coming bands but, since they are now an “independent” band, I thought, why not expand upon this topic a bit. Filteris back with their first new song in four years. This new track “Thoughts and Prayers” is taken from the now defunct ReBus sessions that Richard Patrick and Brian Liesegang began working on before the whole Pledge Music debacle. The upcoming Filter album, entitled Murica is due out later this year. “Thoughts and Prayers” definitely has a Short Bus feel to it in parts as well as a bit of an Amalgamut vibe, especially because of the heavy guitar riff and it’s a pretty angry track as well. I’m looking forward to hearing more from this album. Richard has mentioned that he hopes to include a few other songs that he and Brian worked on for this upcoming album.

Filter- Thoughts and Prayers:


Band Of The Week: Quiet Violence

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The artistic expression that music can convey is often times astounding. The thoughts, feelings, emotions, etc that run rampant have a direct impact on the lasting impact of what you just heard. The bands that stray from the formula and strive for a true artistic approach are the ones that tend to leave more of an impact, especially in the times we live in where there is so much out there to discover. Which brings me to the band of the week, Quiet Violence. Comprised of Michael Calvaresi and Sean Mcguire, Quiet Violence has a very interesting and distinct approach to their music. While there are some similarities towards bands that have influenced and inspired them, there is definitely something more to them. Lyrically, it’s deep and thought provoking. Musically it sets quite a mood. Take a song like “Coincidence or Miracle” or “Unsung” both have many different styles and approaches but, the end result is something that will stay with you.  The ability to create something meaningful, even if it’s just for yourself, is something that truly gets overlooked but, that’s what makes Quiet Violence interesting. Their new album Video Game Killed The Rockstar is full of so many different things and sounds that will have you coming back to listen again to pick up on things you missed. This album will definitely take you and your mind places. I really commend these two guys for putting out something different and challenging. It’s a nice breath of air.


Quiet Violence- Video Game Killed The Rockstar:

Band Of The Week: Molitoth

I’ve long been intrigued when certain members of bands I dig, step out and do something else. Having another outlet to be creative is quite a good thing, especially these days when there are so many different genres and sub-genres out there to explore. There’s a band I’ve written about on here a bunch of times called A Light Within. They are a really cool prog-rock band with great songs, riffs, rhythms and vocals. Now, their singer has stepped out on his own with a new project called Molitoth. This new venture sees vocalist Kyle Brandt exploring different textures and sounds while keeping true to his roots. The debut album, The Tribunal (which is out June 26, 2020) is a whirlwind of rock, metal, prog, bits of post punk and a ton of poetic energy. There is a definite narrative and story that coincides with this album and with each listen, you get pulled deeper and deeper within. The way the songs ebb and flow along with the production keep you engrossed in each note and lyric. Just as he has been able to do with A Light Within, this project lets you in even more. The introspection of ones self can often times really connect with those that are listening and that is no different on this album. The Tribunal has also given Kyle a chance to really try out some things vocally, that might not necessarily fit in with his other band. And the end result is something that I hope he carries on with him on the next A Light Within album. For those of you out there looking for a sense of hope at this juncture in time, Molitoth, is one of the perfect choices for you to put on and let it take you away.


Molitoth- The Tribunal:


Band Of The Week (Updated): Darkroads


A while back I wrote about a Los Angeles based band that summoned some pretty cool Bowie-esque moments to accompany their blend of post-punk and alternative rock. That band was Darkroads and they are back with new music that is damn good. Combining what the have done in the past but, now with a bit more of a synthwave element, Darkroads have really honed in on their sound. Their first new song “Close Your Eyes” is a perfect example of this. It’s still got that cool dark and eerie sense but now has something else to it that helps stand out from their peers. As I described before, the way they hit on the darkness yet create these bright spots with the music is quite beautiful. The clean guitar tones provide the light while the drums, bass and vocals usher in the dark. Darkroads are definitely one to travel on.

Darkroads- Close Your Eyes:

Band Of The Week: Silent Planet

Silent Planet – Tickets – Black Sheep – Colorado Springs, CO ...

Over the last few months, a friend of mine has raved about a band and with all this “downtime” I’ve finally taken the time to really check them out and, I really dig them. Silent Planet, is the band I’m talking about. Combining metalcore, prog rock, and bits of post metal along with introspective lyrics, they’ve carved out a nice little niche for themselves amongst their peers. One of the things that I was drawn to about this band was vocalist Garrett Russell and his very honest approach to his lyrics. It’s always refreshing to hear someone be so vulnerable and let it all out there. It’s very cathartic but, it’s also welcoming to those that listen to be able to connect in that way. The music that accompanies those words take on a life of its own, while the lyrics breath a different element into the arrangements and how the songs plays out. The heavy parts and more delicate moments, play off certain words in a masterful way. For example, on their song “Trilogy” you can definitely hear so many different ways the band uses their influences and inspirations to deliver a song that has depth. To date they have recorded two EPs and three full-length albums. And with each release, Silent Planet has definitely become a band to look out for.

Silent Planet- Trilogy:



Silent Planet- Audiotree Session:


Silent Planet- When The End Began:


Band Of The Week: Elephant Rifle


Back in February, before the whole world became quarantined, I saw a couple bands that rocked one hell of a small stage. Spirit In The Room was one of the bands I saw that evening (and you should MOST DEFINITELY be checking them out if you haven’t already) but, the band that played before them left a lasting impression on me. That band was Elephant Rifle. As I mentioned in my live review of the show, these guys have a really cool, psychedelic approach to their shoegazy Black Sabbath riffs along a good helping of noisy punk to make something that is enticing and provocative. I stand by that description but, I’d also like to add that they have this really cool and soulful/artsy side to them that shines through in a fun interesting way. I’m very intrigued to see what’s next for this band and where they go musically. Elephant Rifle should definitely be on your radar and when we can go back to going to shows, you should go see them.

Elephant Rifle:


Band Of The Week: Old Lung


One of my favorite sub-genres over the last decade has got to be the post-hardcore genre. There is something about the ferociousness and tenacity within the music and vocals that just hits right. And when you find the right band in that realm, it all sounds like it should. There is a new band I recently came across that has really peaked my interest. Hailing from California and New York, Old Lung, is bringing a viciousness to the genre with a direct impact. Their debut song “Wounds” is straight up in your face and grabbing. Their debut EP will be out later this year via Stay Sick Recordings. Old Lung is definitely a band you should be on the look out for.


Old Lung- Wounds:


Band Of The Week (Updated): Fact Pattern


For a while now, I’ve really been digging on the Los Angeles based band, Fact Pattern. They’re one of the few bands that I’ve heard that actually understands what industrial music is all about. Their blend of industrial and doom music is something that stands out. The fact that they’ve been able to take inspiration and influence from bands of the past and make it their own is pretty great. By adding lush landscapes of sounds to really set the mood and a melodic nature, the songs are accessible but not in a way that it’s watered down. Their most recent album, Fallen Language, is all that wrapped into one. And on the song “Under The Knife,” it’s all very present. Plus the video for said track is quite cool. Do yourself a favor and check out what Fact Pattern has to offer. I have a feeling you’ll dig. Plus with everything happening in the world today, they are quite good band to play as a soundtrack to it all.

Fact Pattern- Under The Knife:



Fact Pattern- Fallen Language:

Band Of The Week: Horseneck


For years now, there has been something in the water up in Sacramento, CA. The town has given us some of the best bands of the last 25 years in Deftones, Far, and Will Haven to name a few. But it doesn’t just stop there. There is another band that’s come about in the last couple years that are undoubtedly leaving their own mark on the towns musical history. I’m talking about Horseneck and these guys have ridden onto the stage with one hell of a bang. Their new album, Fever Dream, is one hell of a record and this band is seriously delivering the goods. Horseneck features former ‪Will Haven guitarists Anthony Paganelli and Lance Jackman, bassist Lennon Hudson, and current Chelsea Wolfe drummer Jess Gowrie. According to the band, the follow-up to 2017’s Heavy Trip (which is one hell of a fun album too), was a more collaborative process with all four individuals contributing more to the lyrics and music. Having spent over a year writing and refining the work, the result is a righteous slab of rockin heaviness that should be played loud. Fever Dream is a heavy rock record through and through with bits of a post-hardcore/stoner rock vibe, which gives it the variety it needs to truly be a stand out album. Horseneck is the type of band that people need to be listening to and telling everyone about! Giddy up for the ride!!!
Horseneck- Fever Dream:


Horseneck- Heavy Trip:

Band Of The Week: Contranistas


The music world these days is full of interesting combinations. There are endless possibilities as to where you can take things as well as the countless different bands and styles you can take inspiration and influence from. In the rock world, electronic music has really become a prevalent force in where things are headed. So many bands have jumped on the bandwagon of using electronic elements but, so many of them really don’t know how to properly incorporate it into their sound the right way. Which brings me to the band of the week. Contranistas, a two piece band from Bakersfield, CA, have been developing a pretty fun and unique way to incorporate the electronic element along with some other cool styles like Post-Punk, Indie, and just straight up rock. By using a plethora of pedals and effects along with their collective influences, Contranistas have taken their inspired sound to new heights of loud, gloomy, psychedelic and a bit dancey. Dax Dominguez (bass/guitar/synth/loops) and Robert Morgan (drums/percussion) are packing quite a punch together and have made something that stands out among the generic and tired old electronic sounds you’d find in rock music today.


Contranistas- Xylonox:

Contranistas- Mantra: