Alternate Versions

Alternate Versions: Emma Ruth Rundle- Razor’s Edge (Live)

Emma Ruth Rundle has long been a favorite of mine. I’ll never forget the first time I heard that voice and the chills I got from what she was singing. From her time in Red Sparrows and Marriages, the collaboration with Thou and then to her solo work, there is no stopping this talent. I do remember when it all came to make sense to me and that was around the time of her album, On Dark Horses which features one of my all time favorite Emma songs (as well as my daughter’s) “Darkhorse.” Hearing that album and song was what did it for me. Fast forward to now and Emma is readying a new live release from the Roadburn Festival where she performed songs from her latest and breathtaking new album, Engine Of Hell. The first song being shared from the release (which is out on July 7th) is the ever cutting (pun totally intended), “Razor’s Edge.” This version of the song will give you chills in the best way possible along with all the feels in the right places. Speaking of the album, Rundle says; “Roadburn has been such an important place for me and my evolution as an artist. The opportunity to perform ‘Engine of Hell’ in full there in 2022 was the end of something… and the beginning of this whole new chapter in my life and art. I really do feel free in so many ways. I wanted to commemorate and honor the experience by making my ‘Live at Roadburn’ album my first self release in 13 years.  I will always treasure the Roadburn community” This release is definitely one of those that makes the songs come to life even more and it hits a bit differently as the raw factor is very prevalent throughout.

Emma Ruth Rundle- Razor’s Edge (Live At Roadburn 2022):

Track One: Soundgarden- Rusty Cage

It was announced yesterday that the members of Soundgarden and Chris Cornell’s widow have finally settled on an agreement to allow the release of the songs that Soundgarden were working on prior to Chris’s death. There are about 7 finished songs that will see the light of day in the near future. Which is very exciting as I remember a few interviews with Chris and Kim saying the new material was a bit more in line with some of their earlier work. That being said, naturally, I do what I usually do when I hear good news about a band I like a lot and I’ve been on a Soundgarden kick now. The first album I went for was Bad Motor Finger and when “Rusty Cage” began I knew I made the right choice. What a killer song to start off an album with. It’s a song with such groove and vibe that you wouldn’t be remiss if you played it again after it ended. That’s the making a great song! Interestingly, “Rusty Cage” was the third and final single released on the record. Chris you are very missed!

Soundgarden- Rusty Cage:

Alternate Version:

Soundgarden- Rusty Cage (Live Lollapalooza 1992):

Track One: Fiona Apple- Sleep To Dream

Back in 1996 there was a debut album that was released and it was one of those albums that would go on to influence and inspire countless other artists and bands. The album I’m referring to is Fiona Apple’s, Tidal. This album is not only a game changer. It’s one of those classic albums that sets a standard. When you listen to this album it’s fully immersive as everything about it hits you the moment it starts. Which brings me to track one, “Sleep To Dream.” The way this song sets the tone and vibe for the next nine songs is astounding. The intro has this bit of tension with the drums and subtle bass line that is gently caressed into a sweet melody that introduces us to the glorious voice of Fiona. Interestingly, supposedly “Sleep To Dream” was reportedly Apple’s first lyric, penned when she was 14. Which at 14 writing a song like this is pretty damn exceptional. One of the things I love most about this song is that it it’s a perfect one to kick off the album. “Sleep To Dream” is a song that at times is often overlooked due to the success of the song “Criminal,” but, I do think this song is an absolute standout and even a better song than “Criminal.” If it’s been a minute since you put on Tidal, I highly recommend that changes for you. This is one of those albums that should be celebrated and regarded as not just a great debut but a quintessential album of the 1990’s.

Fiona Apple- Sleep To Dream (Official Video):

Fiona Apple- Sleep To Dream (Live On The Howard Stern Show 1997):

Fiona Apple- Tidal:

New Release: Noel Gallagher- Pretty Boy (Robert Smith Remix)

As much as I am dying for an Oasis reunion (Noel and Liam please bury whatever crap is going on between you two and get the damn band back together), I will gladly take a new solo album from Noel (and Liam). Noel is one hell of a songwriter as you very well know. His new album, Council Skies arrives June 2nd. It will be the first album Gallagher has recorded in his own recording studio: Lone Star Studios as well as having legendary guitarist Johnny Marr of The Smiths guesting on three songs including the first single “Pretty Boy.” Speaking of “Pretty Boy” today, a new remix version of the song was released. Robert Smith of The Cure was asked to remix the song by Noel. The end result is pretty damn good. The remix that Robert did gives it more atmosphere and a bit of a different edge to it. Speaking about how this came about Robert said “I was surprised and delighted when Noel asked me to remix this gorgeous song, and I had a lot of fun slowing it down and spacing it out – Cure drummer Jason Cooper gave me a great vibey drum track to play along with – and the rest just phased into place under the starry sky of my distant moon.” And just like that the stars aligned to make this song into something quite cool. Noel will be on tour this summer in the US with Garbage!

Noel Gallagher- Pretty Boy (Robert Smith Remix):

Noel Gallagher- Pretty Boy (Album Version):

Johnny Marr working on “Pretty Boy”:

Alternate Versions: New Order- Senses (Cargo Demo)

Over the past couple days, I went on a bit of a Joy Division/New Order binge. It’s truly amazing how many bands have been influenced/inspired by these two bands. New Order’s debut album Movement, is one of those albums that is truly special. It’s part continuation of where Joy Division left off but, there’s new ground being explored in a subtle manner that will eventually lead to where New Order wound up. One of the songs off of this album that stands out in a really great way is “Senses.” One of my best friends loves this song so, I thought I’d dig up an alternate version of it and see if you can tell the difference between the two.

New Order- Sense (Cargo Demo):

New Order- Senses (Album Version):

Deep Cuts: Bush- Alien

Ever since Bush released their new album, The Art Of Survival back in October, I’ve been delving back into their catalog. If you haven’t heard their new album, I recommend it a lot! It’s quite good. It picks up where their previous album, The Kingdom left off. While going back through the albums, I remembered one song that I fell in love with many years ago when I was listening to Sixteen Stone. That song would be “Alien.” This deep cut is tremendous. It’s the song that should’ve ended Sixteen Stone, in my opinion. When you get to this song in order of the album, there is something about it that sort of encapsulates the themes of the record. Lyrically it can be taken in different ways but, it always felt like a song that was rooted in a sense of pain and loneliness. Gavin’s voice on the track carry the emotions in an interesting sway with the music. It feels epic while at the same time a mission statement of a song. “Alien” is one of the songs in Bush’s catalog that needs to be a part of their set list. Take a few moments to delve into this one!

Bush- Alien (Album Version):

Bush- Alien (Live):

Deep Cuts: The Mars Volta- Televators

The other night at The Cobalt Presents show I was part of putting on (which you should definitely be coming out to), the excellent DJ we have at our events (Thank You, Johnny Scott Gramercy) played a song in between bands that I haven’t heard in quite some time. While listening to it, I went into a bit of a trance as the song shifted my attention. That evening I put The Mars Volta’s epic masterpiece, De-loused In The Comatorium on as my go to bed album. Of course I didn’t fall asleep to it like I planned, instead I became comepletey consumed by the album like I did the very first time I listened to it. Then when it got to “Televators” (the song played at the show), I found myself completely in awe of the song again. It’s one of those songs that in the context of the album is so perfectly placed, and as a stand alone track, it’s quite the trip. The Mars Volta’s debut album is a perfect album start to finish. “Televators” is one of the hidden gems of their catalog! Enjoy!

The Mars Volta- Televators (Album Version):

The Mars Volta- Televators (Live At Electric Ballroom, London- 2003):

Alternate Versions: Peter Hook & The Light- Love Will Tear Us Apart

Joy Division is one of my all time favorite bands. I remember getting into them because of Nine Inch Nails and their cover of “Dead Souls” which appeared on The Crow soundtrack (quite possibly the best soundtrack of all time, Top 5 for sure). Obviously, seeing Joy Division live is out of the question but, thankfully we do have Peter Hook and his band The Light, to carry the torch for the legacy of Joy Division. A couple years back I went to see Peter and The Light do a set of Joy Division songs and New Order songs and it was superb. Now, in 2022, Peter Hook and The Light are bringing out both Joy Division albums (Unknown Pleasures and Closer) to play in their entirety along with a few other choice JD cuts. The tour is a massive cross cross-continental journey, taking them across the United States and Canada in August and September 2022. At some twenty-six dates overall, the tour takes place across five weeks as the band return to some venues and debut at others to perform Joy Division’s seminal two albums Unknown Pleasures and Closer in full with additional Joy Division rarities and an opening set of New Order material.  The tour follows the debut UK dates for “Joy Division: A Celebration” which commemorate the 40th anniversary of Joy Division and Ian Curtis’ continuing influence.

This live version of “Love Will Tear Us Apart” is pretty stellar. That signature sound of Peter Hook’s bass drives the song and his vocals are in line with how Ian Curtis sang them originally. What’s also pretty cool too is that Peter’s song Jack (who also plays bass for The Smashing Pumpkins) joins him on stage and the baton is sort of passed over to Jack.

Peter Hook & The Light- Love Will Tear Us Apart (Live at O2 Apollo, Manchester – 7/29/22):

Peter Hook & The Light Play Joy Division Tour Dates:

August 11The Danforth Music HallToronto, ONT
August 12The Danforth Music HallToronto, ONT
August 13Club SodaMontreal, QC
August 15Royal Oak Music TheatreRoyal Oak, MI
August 16Variety PlayhouseAtlanta, GA
August 18First AvenueMinneapolis, MN
August 19MetroChicago *SOLD OUT
August 20MetroChicago *SOLD OUT
August 22The Pabst TheatreMilwaukee, WI
August 23Paradise Rock ClubBoston, MA
August 25The Fillmore Silver SpringSilver Spring, MD
August 26Union TransferPhiladelphia, PA
August 27Terminal 5New York, NY
August 29The Van BurenPhoenix, AZ
August 30MohawkAustin, TX
August 31MohawkAustin, TX
September 2House Of Blues HoustonHouston, TX
September 3House Of Blues DallasDallas, TX
September 5Ogden TheatreDenver, CO
September 6Humphreys Concerts by the BaySan Diego, CA
September 8The Theatre At Ace HotelLos Angeles, CA
September 9The Theatre At Ace HotelLos Angeles, CA
September 10The WarfieldSan Francisco, CA
September 12Crystal BallroomPortland, OR
September 13The ShowboxSeattle, WA
September 14Commodore BallroomVancouver, BC

Alternate Versions: Baroness- Tourniquet (Socially Distant)

A friend of mine recently got into Baroness and ever since he told me that, I went back down the rabbit hole of Baroness and found a slew of alternate versions, acoustic renditions and live versions of some of my favorite songs in the bands catalog. Baroness’s last album Gold and Grey features some of my now all time favorite Baroness songs as well as my favorite lineup of the band. One song in particular that always gets me when I have Gold and Grey on is “Tourniquet.” There is something so gripping about this song. It’s delicate, powerful and one hell of a well written song. Plus the addition of Gina Gleason to the band really has taken Baroness to a whole level of writing and performance. Check out this killer version the band did during the quarantine of “Tourniquet.” It’s quite fantastic!

Baroness- Tourniquet (Socially Distanced Version):

Baroness- Tourniquet (Official Video):

Baroness- Gold & Grey (Whole Album):

Alternate Versions: Fact Pattern- Appendage REMIX

A lot of bands claim to be industrial but at the end of the day, they just aren’t it. Thankfully there is a band that I’ve been fond of for quite some time that knows how to truly embrace and do industrial music justice and that is Fact Pattern. Ever since I heard this band, I was hooked. They have the influences and inspiration running through them that I’ve been into for years like Nine Inch Nails, Ministry, Skinny Puppy, Godflesh and even bits of The Cure and other 80’s New Romantic/Goth. When you hear Fact Pattern and see them live, everything comes together to create a sonic assault that will leave you not only wanting more but your blood gets pumping. One of their songs that I’ve always really enjoyed, “Appendage” has found new life with this killer remix. This song is on a whole other level now!

On Friday May 6, Fact Pattern will be playing at The Federal in North Hollywood as part of Audioeclectica’s Birthday Bash. So make sure you come out and see what all the fuss is about! Tickets HERE!!!!!!!

Fact Pattern- Appendage (Dread Risks Remix):