Month: June 2017

Band Of The Week: Edge Of Paradise

16178980_1393561493989299_4502280354080353479_o.jpg What do you get when you mix bits and pieces of the best parts of the 80’s a la Iron Maiden, Dio, Metallica, a dash of early 2000’s rock and a touch of glam? Well the answer is Edge of Paradise. This Los Angeles based band has been steadily making a name for themselves with their electric live shows and throwback sounding tunes. Edge Of Paradise’s melodic heavy rock is the right sound at the right time. Fronted by singer Margarita Monet and her sultry vocals, she guides the rock to where it needs to be. The band consisting of Dave Bates, John Chominsky, Nick Ericson and David Ruiz, pack a blistering punch with their rock assault. The addition of guitarist David Ruiz, who I’ve seen and heard in other bands, really adds another layer of heavy to the band. Their new album ALIVE, is full of dark and epic songs that will leave you swaying and grooving along.


Edge Of Paradise- Alive:

Upcoming Tour Dates:
06/28 Lucky Strike Live Hollywood, CA
07/28 Funhouse Seattle WA
07/29 Rock Hard PDX Portland, OR
08/08 Dipiazzas Long Beach, CA
08/09 Brick By Brick San Diego, CA
08/25 Jub Jub’s Thirst Parlor Reno, NV

Cover Song: Disturbed (Tears For Fears)- Shout


Sometimes I wonder whose idea is it in the band to suggest a cover song. At times I wonder why the band picked “that” song to cover. So, now I’m curious to know what you all think about this cover. In 2000, on Disturbed’s debut album The Sickness, they covered Tears For Fears “Shout.” David Draiman, for all his animal noises and annoyances, has one hell of a voice. This cover is pretty solid, though nothing special, like their cover of “The Sounds Of Silence.”

Check it out and let me know what you think.


Disturbed- Shout:


Tears For Fears- Shout:




List: Best Instrumental Bands


I was combing through my CD/Record collection the other day and I noticed that I have quite a few albums by strictly instrumental bands. There is something truly remarkable about being able to create a piece of music that hits all the right emotions and feelings with just music and no lyrics. So, naturally this got me thinking I should compile a list of the best instrumental bands.

This list is in no particular order and needs your input!


01) Explosions In The Sky
02) This Will Destry You
03) Moving Structures
04) Russian Circles
05) And So I Watch You From Afar
06) Apocalyptica
07) Godspeed You Black Emperor
08) If These Trees Could Talk
09) Pelican
10) Mogwai
11) Red Sparrows
12) Orbital
13) Set and Setting
14) 65 Days of Static
15) The Cancer Conspiracy
16) Battles
17) Stars Of The Lid
18) Mono
19) Tangerine Dream

Anticipated Albums: Less Art- Strangled Light


I’m seriously beyond stoked on Less Art. I’ve been eagerly awaiting the arrival of their debut since it was announced who was in the band. After the first single “Pessimism As Art” was released, I got extremely giddy and listened to the song on repeat for the next few days. Now, today, Less Art released another song from their up coming debut entitled “Wandering Ghost.” This track is continues the great foundation that “Pessimism” laid down. Strangled Light is shaping up to be quite the debut.

Less Art are the type of band that deserves your attention. There is real depth and passion in each of these songs. The sheer joy of creating this music comes through in each of the members performances.

Check out “Wandering Ghost!”

Less Art- Wandering Ghost:

Less Art- Pessimism As Denial:

Less Art Tour Dates:

08/04 San Francisco, CA – Hemlock Tavern
08/05 Oakland, CA – 1234 Go! Records
08/06 Santa Ana, CA – Constellation Room
09/14 New York, NY – Mercury Lounge
09/15 Boston, MA – Middle East
09/16 Washington, DC – Songbyrd
09/17 Philadelphia, PA – Underground Arts

By: Brian Lacy

Songs In Film/TV: Nine Inch Nails on Twin Peaks

I will admit I haven’t started watching the return of Twin Peaks yet. It’s on my list of things to do though. Last night on Twin Peaks, Nine Inch Nails performed their song “She’s Gone Away.” This track is one of the more interesting songs on the new EP Not The Actual Events. It should be mentioned that the entire EP is quite wonderful. It’s chock full of “post-industrial” soundscapes and signature Trent Reznor mannerisms.

Anyways, check out Nine Inch Nails performing on Twin Peaks!


Nine Inch Nails- She’s Gone Away:



On The Rise: Pallbearer


If you haven’t noticed I have an obsession with music. One of my absolute favorite things to do is just sit with headphones on and listen to music. There is something remarkable about letting the music waft over you and take you on a journey. There is a band I’ve been listening to for a couple years now, that really has honed in on making classic albums. That band is Pallbearer. Their music is bits of doom metal, and 70’s rock. It’s the perfect combination of Black Sabbath and Presence era Led Zeppelin.

Pallbearer have released 3 full length albums and 2 E.P.’s since their inception in 2008. Their debut album Sorrow and Extinction was highly regarded by critics, with some even saying it was the best “metal” album of the year. That album is truly a great album for sure. Their follow up Foundations of Burden is another great example of their ability to craft great songs, and expand upon their sound. Their new album though, Heartless, is a genuine masterpiece. Rather than be complacent in their ways, Pallbearer really went for it on this album. There is a great sense of depth and emotion throughout this album. Not to say that their previous albums lacked that but, Heartless just really hits you in all the right places.

With a repertoire like Pallbearer’s it’s no wonder why they are beloved by so many. I personally am loving the way Pallbearer has evolved their sound with each album. They’ve really found their niche amongst their peers, and made it their own. I highly recommend you taking some time and escaping to one of their albums. You’ll really enjoy what you are about to hear. This is the way albums should feel!

Pallbearer- Heartless:

Pallbearer- Foundations of Burden:

Pallbearer- Sorrow and Extinction:

Upcoming Tour Dates:


Guest Vocalist: Randy Blythe


Over the last decade or so, screaming vocals have really become a staple in heavy music. There are so many different types of “screaming.” Some of the frontmen and frontwomen, really have a unique presence and sound to their scream. One person in particular, Randy Blythe of Lamb Of God, is a perfect example of this. The following songs are ones Randy has lent his unique voice to over the years.



A Life Once Lost- Vulture (from HUNTER):


A Life Once Lost- Pigeonholed (from IRON GAG):


Overkill- Skulls and Bones (from IMMORTALIS):


Gojira- Adoration For None (from THE WAY OF ALL FLESH):


Shadows Fall- King Of Nothing (from RETRIBUTION):


Oni- The Only Cure (from IRONSHORE):

Album Review: Eighteen Visions- XVIII


Comeback albums aren’t easy to make. There are so many different ways it can go wrong yet, if it’s done right, then the payoff in the end is tremendous. 10 years ago following the misstep of their major label debut, Eighteen Visions called it quits. Everyone associated with the band went on to other bands and projects. For years fans had been wondering if they would ever see the Orange County hardcore band again. Every chance the press got to interview a former member, it seemed that it wasn’t in the cards. Now, I’m not sure what pushed them to get the ball rolling again, perhaps it was the passing of bass player Mick Morris a couple years back, or maybe it was even their desire to get back to what they did best. Either way, Eighteen Visions are back and with a vengeance.

Their first album in ten years, XVII, is 10 songs of pure unrelenting old school Eighteen Visions. This is the album they were meant to make. It harks back to their early days a la Until The Ink Runs Out and adds a dash of Vanity/Obsession. Singer James Hart sounds better than ever. Guitarist Keith Barney is still pumping out tasty riffs and dramatic breakdowns. And drummer Trevor Friedrich is pounding away on the drums with such fury.

From the moment the opening song “Crucified” hits, you know you’re in for quite the ride. As “The Disease, The Decline and Wasted Time” comes in, the album is already in full swing and it won’t let go. The song “Live Again” is a solemn tribute to the late Mick Morris, and it shows the real growth of each member in the band. Other stand out tracks from the album include “Oath,” “Laid To Waste In The Shit Of Man,” “Picture Perfect,” and the closing track “For This I Sacrifice.”

As a fan of the band for many years, this is the album I’ve been wanting them to make for years. It has the explosiveness of their very early days and it also has bits of melody sprinkled through some of the songs, to separate them from the rest of their peers. This isn’t just a comeback though, this is a reinvigorated band firing on all cylinders with something to prove to themselves. It shows in their dedication to make this album and go for it. On a side note, I have to say I’m really stoked on the fact that they made this album without crowdfunding. XVIII will go down as one of the band’s best albums. I can’t wait for them to tour this album.


Eighteen Visions- XVIII:

Band Of The Week: 9 Electric


Over the last 10 years or so electronic music has really injected itself into music.  Years ago it was just new wave and industrial bands. Now with the EDM explosion more and more bands are embracing that genre and injecting bits and pieces of it into their music. Some bands can do it really well and others, well, not so much. There is one band I’d like to share with you all though that seems to really understand how to incorporate the electronic element into their rock, and that band is 9 Electric.

9 Electric is an electronic hard rock band from Los Angeles. Their intricate blend of electronics to rock is similar to that of Stabbing Westward, The Prodigy and a dash of Nine Inch Nails. The thing about 9 Electric is that they have really created something intriguing not just with their music but, they have made their shows into something special. Rather than just get up and play, they’ve turned their shows into an “event” of sorts. By making sure their shows are “special,” 9 Electric has put themselves in a position to leave a lasting mark.

9 Electric‘s debut album The Damaged Ones, is chock full of heavy rock and electronics, along with soaring melodies and pristine vocals. With songs like “The Damaged Ones,” “New God,” “Beautiful,” “Take It Away,” and “I Die,” you can tell there is pure belief in what they are writing and performing.

Check out one of Los Angeles’ best bands. And prepare to get up and move!


9 Electric- The Damaged Ones:

Best Albums of 2017…So Far


2017 has seen some really good albums released. We’ve had great comeback albums, great follow ups, and debuts, that are pretty solid. Obviously we still have half a year left of albums coming out but, these are the best of 2017, so far!

This list is in NO PARTICULAR ORDER.



Mastodon- Emperor Of Sand:


Darkest Hour- Godless Prophets and The Migrant Flora:


With Our Arms To The Sun- Orenda:


Black Map- In Droves:


Eighteen Visions- XVIII:


Mutoid Man- War Moans:



Depeche Mode- Spirit:


Pallbearer- Heartless:


Royal Thunder- Wick:


Wear Your Wounds- Wear Your Wounds: