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New Release: Drab Majesty- Vanity

I’ve been waiting quite a while for new music from Drab Majesty and now it’s here!! Today it was announced that Drab Majesty’s new album, An Object In Motion will arrive on August 25th via Dais Records. The first song released “Vanity” is a hauntingly beautiful track that also features guest vocals by Slowdive’s Rachel Goswell. The song has a definite Cure vibe to it while the poetic nature of the lyrics guide the music in a dreamy way. The upcoming 4 song mini-album is not just the next album for this band, it’s more of an evolutionary process that is just about to bloom.

Drab Majesty featuring Rachel Goswell- Vanity:


Band Of The Week: Will Haven

On July 7, 2023 the mighty Will Haven will unleash their long awaited new album, VII (pre-orders available HERE). I personally am quite stoked on there being a new Will Haven album. Their last opus, Muerte was top notch and showed that there is still much more in the tank. They have now released two singles “Wings Of Mariposa” and the latest offering “5 Of Fire” and oh boy is it a scorcher for damn sure. Guitarist Jeff Irwin said of the track ” ‘5 Of Fire‘ is to me the blueprint for this record; it’s heavy, chaotic, with different moods and tempo changes. We wanted to challenge ourselves by writing live in real time, and this song was the one to set that off. I love how it came out and I find myself going back and listening to it over and over again. I still find something new every time I listen.” Based on that little description, I’m even more excited to hear what lies ahead on the 10 songs that will be on the new record. I’ve always felt like Will Haven never got the due they deserved. Their 2001 album, Carpe Diem is still one of the gems of the time as well as their entire catalog. You can catch Will Haven live at this years Furnace Fest in September as well as at The Knitting Factory in North Hollywood on August 30 with Arc Angles, Stronger Than Machines, Cycotic Youth and more. And don’t forget to blast the ever living hell out of “5 Of Fire!!!!”

Will Haven- 5 Of Fire:

Will Haven- Wings Of Mariposa:

By: Brian Lacy

Photo Credit: Eric Rivera

New Release: Mutoid Man- Call Of The Void

It’s finally here!!! New Mutoid Man!!! Today the band released the first single “Call Of The Void” from their upcoming new album, Mutants which will be out July 28, 2023 via Sargent House! This first single is a total ripper! This album also marks the first album with new bassist Jeff Matz from High On Fire joining Stephen Brodsky and Ben Koller. I’ve been a fan of this band for some time and each album is sublimely divine! The video for “Call Of The Void” was created by the fine folks over at Two Minutes To Late Night and it’s the perfect companion piece not just for this but in general as they have captured the humor that runs rampant throughout the members of the band. July 28 can’t come soon enough!

Mutoid Man- Call Of The Void:

New Release: Iress- Blush

Every year there are always a handful of albums I eager anticipate. One of the albums I am most eager to be released this year is the Solace EP from the wonderful, Iress. From the first moment I heard this band, I knew I was in for something special. When you listen to Iress, there is this vibe that overtakes you it becomes something more. Their first single off this EP “Ricochet” has been in constant rotation for me and now their newest release “Blush” is right up there as well. Both songs are astonishing and hypnotic. The way these songs hit at the right moments draws you in and never lets go. I love when I hear a band that has all the right pieces and the end result is something that is not only powerful but, it connects on a whole other level. Iress is a band that is not only great for now but, for the future, as I can tell that their evolution as a band is only going to get bigger and better from here.

Iress- Blush:

Iress- Ricochet:

Iress- Ricochet (Official Video):


I’ll never forget the first time I heard Rancid. I was about 10 years old and I heard a song on the radio that was called “Salvation” off their second album (which is quite underrated in their catalog) and I was hooked. Then a year later it all made even more sense when they released their now classic …And Out Come The Wolves. From that point I was completely enthralled. For many years, I’ve always had an affinity for this band. They are one of the most consistent and pack the same raw energy since their founding back in 1991. Now, in 2023 Rancid are about to release their 10th studio album, Tomorrow Never Comes (out June 2nd). The first single “Tomorrow Never Comes” is Rancid at it’s classic best. It’s punk as it always is and then some. Their sound and style is still true to them as it has ever been and I for one am pretty stoked that Rancid is still here kicking ass and taking names! June 2nd can’t come soon enough! Looking forward to the upcoming tour as well!

Rancid- Tomorrow Never Comes:

New Release: The Lungs- Sacred Stains

Punk music has had many ups and downs over the years. At some point it got highjacked by all these pop loving wannabe bands that made it watered down and took away all the elements that made the genre great. Thankfully there are still bands and labels out there that champion the genre the right way and make it dangerous and fun again. One of my favorite independent labels, Dune Altar, has been a huge champion of countless genres that I love and with this new release by The Lungs, both the band and label should be pretty damn stoked about how killer this new single “Sacred Stains” is. Speaking on the song bassist/vocalist Billy Goldstein said “Sacred Stains’ is a quick blast on the dichotomy of the belief of God’s plan v. Satan’s hand. Is a brain tumor part of God’s scheme? Does Satan wave his claw and impart metastases? Or is it all just inconsequential — insignificant in any way. And then you die.” Now that’s pretty thought provoking for a song that is a blast of only a little over a minute. The Lungs are also not just your everyday punk band. They have an added element of post-hardcore that takes the songs to new heights by having the right balance of melody and aggression. I like to think of The Lungs as a garage punk rock band that has a love for all sorts of different genres and styles and they have subtly sprinkled bits of those into their sound to develop a style that is true to the genre while also evolves themselves as players and artists. Their new EP, Vein will be out May 19, 2023 via Dune Altar. So make sure you pick up a copy!

The Lungs- Sacred Stains:

The Lungs- Psychic Tombs (Debut Album):

New Release: Depeche Mode- Ghosts Again

Depeche Mode are back!!! Their new album, Memento Mori arrives on March 24. The first single “Ghosts Again” is out NOW! It’s one of those moody Depeche songs that after a few listens will stick in your head. The accompanying video was directed by longtime collaborator Anton Corbijn. Memento Mori is also the last Depeche Mode album to feature the late Andy Fletcher. As a long time Depeche Mode fan, I’m excited and intrigued by what their new album brings. One of the things that I really like about “Ghosts Again” is the vocals of both Dave Gahan and Martin Gore. The two of them together singing has this eerie and haunting charm to the song.

Depeche Mode- Ghosts Again:

New Release: Spotlights- Algorithmic

Spotlights are back with a new single and album! Ever since I heard this band a few years ago, I eagerly anticipate their next release to see where they go next. On April 28th, Spotlights new album, Alchemy For The Dead will arrive via Ipecac Recordings. The first single “Algorithmic” has a hypnotic and very distorted sense to it in the vein of Failure while also evoking some sonic territories that you would find on say a record by Dinosaur Jr. Never a band to remain complacent, Spotlights sound has evolved on each album and this one continues that path. The exploration of new sounds and textures has given the band more room to grow and further define themselves in the world of light and dark. I’m looking forward to hearing this song in context of the whole album of 9 songs. Spotlights are one of those bands as well that you should see live. There is an intensity and force to their music that really shines in concert. Definitely put this band on your radar to check out!

Spotlights- Algorithmic:

Anticipated Albums: Narrow Head- Moments Of Clarity

Back in 2021 when I went to see Quicksand, there was a band called Narrow Head that opened up for them that caught my attention. They had this really cool vibe the mixed 90’s alternative rock and shoegaze together in a way that felt fresh while at the same time paid homage to those that came before them (Swervedriver and Siamese Dream era Pumpkins to name a couple). Since then, I’ve been following them to see where they would go next. Their latest single “Caroline” from their upcoming new album, Moments Of Clarity (out February 10, 2023), is one of those songs that sways with a melodic sensibility while driven with a sheen of distortion that gives a tension to the song that is emotional on one end and revelatory on the other. Speaking on the song “I’ve always thought Caroline was such a singable name,” frontman Jacob Duarte admits. “I’ve written dozens of songs using that name but never really brought them to life. I guess Caroline is a pseudo name I use for lyrics. Just rolls off the tongue. So when people listen to this and think to themselves ‘who’s Caroline?’ I don’t think I know who they are either.”

I for one am anticipating this album as one of the albums to look out for in 2023. Narrow Head have a strong grasp on their influences and are inspired by them, thus creating a sound that while nostalgic, it feels right and fresh for the time. Be on the lookout for Narrow Head when they come through town on their upcoming tour!

Narrow Head- Caroline:

Narrow Head- Gearhead:

Narrow Head- Moments Of Clarity:

Narrow Head Tour Dates:

Feb 04: Baton Rouge, LA – Chelsea’s Live
Feb 05: Birmingham, AL – The Firehouse
Feb 06: Nashville, TN – The Blue Room at Third Man Records
Feb 07: Lexington, KY – The Burl ~
Feb 09: Indianapolis, IN – The Hi-Fi ~
Feb 10: Columbus, OH – Newport Music Hall ~
Feb 11: St. Louis, MO – Delmar Hall ~
Feb 13: Houston, TX – Warehouse Live Studio ~
Feb 14: Austin, TX – Scoot Inn ~
Feb 15: Dallas, TX – Granada Theater ~
Feb 17: Albuquerque, NM – Launchpad ~
Feb 18: Phoenix, AZ – Crescent Ballroom ~
Feb 19: San Diego, CA – Music Box ~
Feb 21: Los Angeles, CA – The Fonda Theatre ~
Feb 22: San Francisco, CA – August Hall ~
Feb 24: Portland, OR – Hawthorne Theatre ~
Feb 25: Seattle, WA – The Crocodile ~
Feb 26: Vancouver, BC – Rickshaw Theatre ~
May 13: Las Vegas, NV – Sick New World Fest        
May 15: Denver, CO –    Hi-Dive
May 16: Omaha, NE – Reverb Lounge
May 17: Minneapolis, MN – 7th Street Entry
May 18: Milwaukee, WI – Cactus Club
May 19: Chicago, IL – Lincoln Hall
May 20: Cleveland, OH – Mahall’s        
May 22: New York, NY – Mercury Lounge
May 23: Brooklyn, NY – TV Eye
May 24: Boston, MA – The Sinclair
May 25: Philadelphia, PA – Johnny Brenda’s
May 26: Baltimore, MD – Ottobar
May 27: Durham, NC – The Pinhook
May 28: Atlanta, GA – Masquerade Purgatory    
May 30: Miami, FL – Gramps
May 31: Orlando, FL – The Abbey
Jun 01: Tampa, FL – The Crowbar
Jun 02: Pensacola, FL – The Handlebar
Jun 03: New Orleans, LA – Santos

~ w/ White Reaper, Taipei Houston