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Soundtrack Only Songs: The Smashing Pumpkins from Batman & Robin


20 years ago, there was a travesty of a movie released that put the final nail in the Batman franchise until Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale resurrected it to perfection. The travesty was Batman and Robin. You know, the one with George Clooney as Batman and Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr. Freeze. I still remember going to see it with one of my oldest and best friends and then after it was over being very disappointed. The thing that I always think about most when this movie comes up is, the inclusion of 2 wonderful songs by The Smashing Pumpkins, “The End is the Beginning is the End,” and “The Beginning is the End is the Beginning.” Those songs still get me every time, especially “The Beginning is the End is the Beginning.” Something else that is interesting about these songs, back in 2009 when Watchmen was released, “The Beginning is the End is the Beginning” found new life as it was the theme for the trailer for the film.


The End is the Beginning is the End:


The Beginning is the End is the Beginning:


Soundtrack Only Songs: Pantera- Avoid The Light


Back in 2000, Dracula 2000 was released. While the movie was pretty bad, the soundtrack more than made up for it. With songs from bands like System of a Down, Slayer, Disturbed, Static X, and Pantera, this sure made for a killer soundtrack. The Pantera song that was released on the soundtrack wasn’t on any of their albums or a B side to a single. “Avoid The Light” is a very eclectic song for the band. It harks back to their Cowboys From Hell days and shows where they were moving towards on Reinventing The Steel. Anyways, here is Pantera’s “Avoid The Light.”


Pantera- Avoid The Light:

Soundtrack Only Songs: L.A. Guns and Ratt from Point Break


One of my all time favorite action movies, Point Break , has a really awesome soundtrack. There are two songs on it that have always stuck out to me. They were also written exclusively for the soundtrack. The two songs are “Over The Edge” by L.A. Guns and “Nobody Rides For Free” by Ratt. If you don’t remember where the two songs are in the movie, I’ll tell you. “Over The Edge” was placed when Johnny is at Bohdi’s house for the party and he’s in the room with all the surfboards and pictures. Also the scene where Bohdi asks Utah, “are you up for a little stealth mission.” “Nobody Rides For Free” appears at the end of the film as Utah tosses his badge into the ocean. So now that you are replaying the movie in your head, take a listen to these two songs.

L.A. Guns- Over The Edge:

Ratt- Nobody Rides For Free:

Soundtrack Only Songs: Zach De La Rocha- We Want It All



Back in 2003 after the break up of Rage Against The Machine, singer Zach De La Rocha traveled to New Orleans and collaborated on about 20 songs with Trent Reznor at his Nothing Studios. Of all those songs they worked on together, this is the only one ever released.  Then in 2004, as Michael Moore was preparing to release his Oscar winning documentary Fahrenheit 9/11, he approached Zach to be a part of the soundtrack. This track is one hell of a song. The production, the music , the lyrics and sense of urgency it brings are tremendous.


Zach De La Rocha- We Want It All:

Soundtrack Only Songs: The Smashing Pumpkins- Eye

Back in 1997 when David Lynch and Trent Reznor were putting together the soundtrack to Lost Highway, Lynch suggested Billy Corgan as a contributor to the compilation. At first Billy submitted the song “Tear” (which is on the Unsung Masterpiece, Adore) but Lynch turned that down. Not long after, Billy completed “Eye,” and David Lynch gladly accepted it for the film, which was placed during the nightclub scene. “Eye” has been one of my favorite Smashing Pumpkins songs since I heard it. There is something about the song that is really gripping and dark.  I’m kind of glad that it only appeared the Lost Highway soundtrack.

Smashing Pumpkins- Eye:


Smashing Pumpkins- Eye (Live with Marilyn Manson):


Soundtrack Only Songs: Filter- Jurassitol


There is no need for a lengthy post. The music does all the talking needed. It’s still a shame that they had to make a sequel to The Crow, and that they are trying to remake it. The only good thing about the second crow movie was the soundtrack, which we’ve already talked about. On that soundtrack though, Filter released a “soundtrack only song” in “Jurassitol.” Enjoy some classic Filter!

Filter- Jurassitol:


Soundtrack Only Songs: Nine Inch Nails- The Perfect Drug


I can’t believe that it’s been almost twenty years since I first heard Nine Inch Nails song “The Perfect Drug.” Not only that but it’s also been almost twenty years since the release of David Lynch’s film Lost Highway, in which “The Perfect Drug” appeared on. There is an intriguing story that explains how Trent Reznor and David Lynch made this happen. Trent had been after David Lynch to direct a video for Nine Inch Nails, but it never seemed to work out. Not long after the success with his work on the Natural Born Killers soundtrack, Trent got word that Lynch was interested in having him do the soundtrack for Lost Highway. And the rest is history. On a fun side note, Trent finally got David Lynch to direct a video for Nine Inch Nails a couple years back. The song “Came Back Haunted” off the album Hesitation Marks had its video directed by David Lynch.


Nine Inch Nails- The Perfect Drug:


Lost Highway Soundtrack: