Month: May 2020

Those 90s Songs: Harvey Danger- Flagpole Sitta

Flagpole Sitta" by Harvey Danger |

There are so many 90s songs that pop up at random times. Most of them these days I keep finding in movies and I chuckle at the scenes these songs are used in. Plus it is pretty fun to go back and look into the band and song history of these songs. The other evening while searching for something mindless to watch before bed, I noticed the first American Pie was on so, I watched it. The movie still has some funny moments and it’s good for a nostalgic laugh. And then, this song came on and I immediately knew I had to include it in this topic. Who else remembers the song “Flagpole Sitta” by Harvey Danger? I’m sure you don’t necessarily remember the name of the song or the band but, when you hear the song, it all comes back to you. It’s quite interesting too that this song is still highly requested on radio stations today but, many people still don’t remember who the band is that sang it nor the actual name of the song.


Harvey Danger- Flagpole Sitta:


Best Guitar Solos: Pink Floyd- Comfortably Numb

Comfortably Numb | 1st Solo - Global Guitar Network

There is a really distinct sound about the way David Gilmour plays guitar. The way he picks the right tones and chords is truly astounding. He is beyond a master at his craft and this song is a perfect example of that. The solo for “Comfortably Numb” is one that you could seriously put on repeat and go for a long drive and just let it take over. It’s soothing yet impactful and full of beautiful melody. David Gilmour truly outdid himself on this one.


Pink Floyd- Comfortably Numb:



David Gilmour-Comfortably Numb (Live At Pompeii 2016):


Album Rank: Trivium

Trivium Logo | Logos, Band logos, Album art

For the last 20 years, Trivium has steadily been not only getting better as a band and songwriters but, they have released some pretty damn good albums. They’ve been one of the bands that has been able to evolve without losing sight of their roots. It’s pretty interesting to go back and listen and see how these guys have progressed over the years. So with that in mind here’s what I think is a pretty solid ranking of their albums from not their best to the best.

Silence In The Snow:

Vengeance Falls:

Ember To Inferno:


The Crusade:

What The Dead Men Say:




The Sin and The Sentence:


In Waves:

New Release: Vowws- Impluse Control

Vowws is one of my favorite new bands that have come along in a while. I really dig their approach to electronic music. As I mentioned in a previous post about them, Vowws adds the right amount of other elements such as 80’s and 90’s alternative along with bits of pop with post-punk, shoegaze, new wave, goth and synthwave. All together, it sounds refreshing and something you can really sink your teeth into. Now, Vowws is back again with a new track called “Impulse Control” that is absolutely badass. I genuinely look forward to a new Vowws release in the near future.


Vowws- Impulse Control:

Collaborations: Nine Inch Nails with Peter Murphy of Bauhaus

Reptile" live 6.23.06. Trent Reznor, Peter Murphy, Atticus Ross ...

I woke up this morning in a very Nine Inch Nails kind of mood. While going through my routine when that happens (One day I’ll explain what it all entails), I remembered there was a really cool collaboration that occurred in 2006 between Nine Inch Nails and Bauhaus frontman Peter Murphy. At the time, Bauhaus was opening for NIN on the second leg of the With Teeth tour. During this time, there were special radio broadcasts they did together. Here are a handful of these wonderful collaborations.





A Strange Kind Of Love:






Warm Leatherette:




Head Like A Hole:



Dead Souls:





Deep Cuts: Soundgarden

Soundgarden logo image: Soundgarden is an American rock band ...

Today marks 3 years since the passing of Chris Cornell, I thought why not celebrate him with some really awesome deep cuts from Soundgarden’s catalog. I’m sure we are all at the point where we’ve heard “Black Hole Sun” and a few others enough times now. So, this will be fun to explore.


From Louder Than Love:



From Badmotorfinger:

Mind Riot:


Holy Water:



From Superunknown:

Limo Wreck:




From Down On The Upside:

Tighter & Tighter:



No Attention:



Band Of The Week: Molitoth

I’ve long been intrigued when certain members of bands I dig, step out and do something else. Having another outlet to be creative is quite a good thing, especially these days when there are so many different genres and sub-genres out there to explore. There’s a band I’ve written about on here a bunch of times called A Light Within. They are a really cool prog-rock band with great songs, riffs, rhythms and vocals. Now, their singer has stepped out on his own with a new project called Molitoth. This new venture sees vocalist Kyle Brandt exploring different textures and sounds while keeping true to his roots. The debut album, The Tribunal (which is out June 26, 2020) is a whirlwind of rock, metal, prog, bits of post punk and a ton of poetic energy. There is a definite narrative and story that coincides with this album and with each listen, you get pulled deeper and deeper within. The way the songs ebb and flow along with the production keep you engrossed in each note and lyric. Just as he has been able to do with A Light Within, this project lets you in even more. The introspection of ones self can often times really connect with those that are listening and that is no different on this album. The Tribunal has also given Kyle a chance to really try out some things vocally, that might not necessarily fit in with his other band. And the end result is something that I hope he carries on with him on the next A Light Within album. For those of you out there looking for a sense of hope at this juncture in time, Molitoth, is one of the perfect choices for you to put on and let it take you away.


Molitoth- The Tribunal:


Memorable TV Performances: Zwan on David Letterman


Billy Corgan "discussing" possible Zwan tour | News | 96.3 JACK-fm

Way back in 2003, Billy Corgan and Jimmy Chamberlin’s new band Zwan made their national TV debut on the Late Show with David Letterman while promoting the debut album, (and very underrated) Mary Star of the Sea. On this evening, they performed the song “Honestly.” It’s really too bad Zwan only lasted one album. The debut is quite stunning and what could have been with this band, we will never truly know.


Zwan- Honestly (live on David Letterman):


Great Music Videos: Sevendust- Angel’s Son

STRAIT UP - Promotional Postcard (Miscellaneous, Postcards) | Rare ...

Back in 2000, there was a really fun and cool tribute album released to celebrate the life of late Snot singer James Lynn Strait. The album entitled Strait Up, featured a plethora of guest singers and friends of the band like Jonathan Davis of Korn, Corey Taylor of Slipknot, Brandon Boyd of Incubus, Serj Tankian of System Of A Down, among others. There was one song in particular on the album that got a lot of attention and acclaim and that song was “Angel’s Son.”  This song was a wonderful tribute to their fallen friend. There was a newer version of the song recorded for Sevendust’s album Animosity but, the version that appears on Strait Up is the best one! The music video that accompanied the song was quite beautiful too. It’s an emotional video and gives you chills but, it’s also one of those that along with the song, makes for one hell of a great video.


Sevendust- Angel’s Son:


Those 90’s Songs: Blur- Song 2

Blur: Song 2 (Video 1997) - IMDb

It’s strange how sometimes, certain songs just pop in your head out of thin air. This morning, while just getting ready for to start the day, the Blur song, “Song 2” just randomly started playing in my head. It’s such a simple song but, it sure does get you going the moment you hear it. Interestingly, the song was written as sort of a joke towards the bands label. Not surprising though. And, it’s also worth noting that this song appears on the fifth (yes, 5th) album of Blur’s career. Still, since 1997, this song has been quite the rock anthem. So, now that I have you attention, enjoy this 2 minutes and 2 seconds of Woohoo!


Blur- Song 2: