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Deep Cuts: Bush- Alien

Ever since Bush released their new album, The Art Of Survival back in October, I’ve been delving back into their catalog. If you haven’t heard their new album, I recommend it a lot! It’s quite good. It picks up where their previous album, The Kingdom left off. While going back through the albums, I remembered one song that I fell in love with many years ago when I was listening to Sixteen Stone. That song would be “Alien.” This deep cut is tremendous. It’s the song that should’ve ended Sixteen Stone, in my opinion. When you get to this song in order of the album, there is something about it that sort of encapsulates the themes of the record. Lyrically it can be taken in different ways but, it always felt like a song that was rooted in a sense of pain and loneliness. Gavin’s voice on the track carry the emotions in an interesting sway with the music. It feels epic while at the same time a mission statement of a song. “Alien” is one of the songs in Bush’s catalog that needs to be a part of their set list. Take a few moments to delve into this one!

Bush- Alien (Album Version):

Bush- Alien (Live):

New Release: Metallica- Lux Æterna

On April 14th, 2023, the 12th studio album by the one and only Metallica, “72 Seasons” arrives. This new 12-song outing was once again produced by Greg Fidelman along with James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich. The first single “Lux Æterna” is out now! Speaking on the album, James Hetfield said “72 seasons. The first 18 years of our lives that form our true or false selves. The concept that we were told ‘who we are’ by our parents. A possible pigeonholing around what kind of personality we are. I think the most interesting part of this is the continued study of those core beliefs and how it affects our perception of the world today. Much of our adult experience is reenactment or reaction to these childhood experiences. Prisoners of childhood or breaking free of those bondages we carry.” The band also announced a full world tour with Pantera as part of the trek in the States!

Metallica- 72 Seasons Track Listing:

01 – “72 Seasons”
02 – “Shadows Follow”
03 – “Screaming Suicide”
04 – “Sleepwalk My Life Away”
05 – “You Must Burn!”
06 – “Lux Æterna”
07 – “Crown Of Barbed Wire”
08 – “Chasing Light”
09 – “If Darkness Had A Son”
10 – “Too Far Gone?”
11 – “Room Of Mirrors”
12 – “Inamorata”

Metallica- Lux Æterna:

Metallica Tour Dates:

04/27 Amsterdam, NET – Johan Cruuf Arena (feat. Architects & Mammoth WVH)
04/29 Amsterdam, NET – Johan Cruuf Arena (feat. Five Finger Death Punch & Ice Nine Kills)
05/17 Paris, FRA – Stade de France (feat. Five Finger Death Punch & Ice Nine Kills)
05/19 Paris, FRA – Stade de France (feat. Architects & Mammoth WVH)
05/26 Hamburg, GER – Volksparkstadion (feat. Architects & Mammoth WVH)
05/28 Hamburg, GER – Volksparkstadion (feat. Five Finger Death Punch & Ice Nine Kills)
06/16 Gothenburg, SWE – Ullevi Stadium (feat. Volbeat & Mammoth WVH)
06/18 Gothenburg, SWE – Ullevi Stadium (feat. Five Finger Death Punch & Ice Nine Kills)
08/04 East Rutherford, NJ – Metlife Stadium (feat. Pantera & Mammoth WVH)
08/06 East Rutherford, NJ – Metlife Stadium (feat. Five Finger Death Punch & Ice Nine Kills)
08/11 Montreal, QC – Stade Olympique (feat. Pantera & Mammoth WVH)
08/13 Montreal, QC – Stade Olympique (feat. Five Finger Death Punch & Ice Nine Kills)
08/18 Arlington, TX – AT&T Stadium (feat. Pantera & Mammoth WVH)
08/20 Arlington, TX – AT&T Stadium (feat. Five Finger Death Punch & Ice Nine Kills)
08/25 Los Angeles, CA – Sofi Stadium (feat. Pantera & Mammoth WVH)
08/27 Los Angeles, CA – Sofi Stadium (feat. Five Finger Death Punch & Ice Nine Kills)
09/01 Phoenix, AZ – State Farm Stadium (feat. Pantera & Mammoth WVH)
09/03 Phoenix, AZ – State Farm Stadium (feat. Five Finger Death Punch & Ice Nine Kills)
11/03 St. Louis, MO – The Dome at America’s Center (feat. Pantera & Mammoth WVH)
11/05 St. Louis, MO – The Dome at America’s Center (feat. Five Finger Death Punch & Ice Nine Kills)
11/10 Detroit, MI – Ford Field (feat. Pantera & Mammoth WVH)
11/12 Detroit, MI – Ford Field (feat. Five Finger Death Punch & Ice Nine Kills)
05/24 Munich, GER – Olympiastadion (feat. Architects & Mammoth WVH)
05/26 Munich, GER – Olympiastadion (feat. Five Finger Death Punch & Ice Nine Kills)
06/07 Helsinki, FIN – Helsinki Olympic Stadium (feat. Architects & Mammoth WVH)
06/09 Helsinki, FIN – Helsinki Olympic Stadium (feat. Five Finger Death Punch & Ice Nine Kills)
06/14 Copenhagen, DEN – Parken Stadium (feat. Architects & Mammoth WVH)
06/16 Copenhagen, DEN – Parken Stadium (feat. Five Finger Death Punch & Ice Nine Kills)
07/05 Warsaw, POL – PGE Narodowy (feat. Architects & Mammoth WVH)
07/07 Warsaw, POL – PGE Narodowy (feat. Five Finger Death Punch & Ice Nine Kills)
07/12 Madrid, SPA – Estadion Civitas Metrpolitano (feat. Architects & Mammoth WVH)
07/14 Madrid, SPA – Estadion Civitas Metrpolitano (feat. Five Finger Death Punch & Ice Nine Kills)
08/02 Foxborough, MA – Gillette Stadium (feat. Pantera & Mammoth WVH)
08/04 Foxborough, MA – Gillette Stadium (feat. Five Finger Death Punch & Ice Nine Kills)
08/09 Chicago, IL – Soldier Field (feat. Pantera & Mammoth WVH)
08/11 Chicago, IL – Soldier Field (feat. Five Finger Death Punch & Ice Nine Kills)
08/16 Minneapolis, MN – U.S. Bank Stadium (feat. Pantera & Mammoth WVH)
08/18 Minneapolis, MN – U.S. Bank Stadium (feat. Five Finger Death Punch & Ice Nine Kills)
08/23 Edmonton, AB – Commonwealth Stadium (feat. Pantera & Mammoth WVH)
08/25 Edmonton, AB – Commonwealth Stadium (feat. Five Finger Death Punch & Ice Nine Kills)
08/30 Seattle, WA – Lumen Field (feat. Pantera & Mammoth WVH)
09/01 Seattle, WA – Lumen Field (feat. Five Finger Death Punch & Ice Nine Kills)
09/20 Mexico City, MEX – Foro Sol (feat. Greta Van Fleet & Mammoth WVH)
09/22 Mexico City, MEX – Foro Sol (feat. Five Finger Death Punch & Ice Nine Kills)
09/27 Mexico City, MEX – Foro Sol (feat. Greta Van Fleet & Mammoth WVH)
09/29 Mexico City, MEX – Foro Sol (feat. Five Finger Death Punch & Ice Nine Kills)

Anticipated Albums: High Command- Eclipse Of The Dual Moons

One of the things I love most about bands that craft actual albums is the detail they put into it. Not just the music but also the subject matter and how it relates to certain topics and imagery. A few weeks back a band was brought to my attention and I’ve really been digging what they are cooking up. Allow me to introduce you to High Command. This band is more than just your regular metal band, they take it to another level. Taking their metal cues from the likes of Dio, Mercyful Fate, with a bit of Obituarty, a tinge of Bathory and a dash of Discharge, High Command have crafted a sound that feels fresh with a throwback sense. It’s something I like to call, “Epic Metal.” I know, just what we need, another sub-genre but, it fits. The bands latest and upcoming second album, Eclipse Of The Dual Moons, the band have upped their storytelling game and expanded upon where their first album left off. The band place themselves as omniscient narrators of the world they have created making for a very intriguing and visceral listening experience. It’s refreshing to hear a band like High Command take such time and pride to craft something on a deeper level than the atypical topics. I look forward to hearing where the band continues to go with this and evolve. Cheers to High Command on a well chosen path!

PRE-ORDER: High Command- Eclipse Of The Dual Moons:

Siege Warfare:

Imposing Hammers Of Cold Sorcery:

Fortified By Bloodshed:

By: Brian Lacy

New Release: Royal Thunder- The Knife

This is exciting! Royal Thunder is back with one hell of a roar! After time away, Atlanta’s Royal Thunder have returned with their first new track since the release of 2017’s Wick. The trio of Mlny Parsonz (vocals, bass), Josh Weaver (guitar), and Evan Diprima (drums) have dropped a new single/video for their song “The Knife.” This song is stunning and a much welcome return. I can’t believe it’s been 5 years since we’ve had new music from Royal Thunder and I couldn’t be more stoked! “The Knife” is one hell of a song and I have to mention this, I’ve missed hearing Mlny Parsonz voice. It’s so real, rich, pure and honest. Wish more singers had this approach! Anyways, Royal Thunder’s new song “The Knife,” check it out!!!

Royal Thunder- The Knife:

And Just Because This Is SO DAMN GOOD… Here’s Mlny joined by the Two Minutes To Late Night Crew covering Miley Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball.”:

Album/Live Review: Centershift- A Different Shade Of Color

The art of the album has been lost in recent years. Everyone seems so focused on the “single” that the lost art of making an actual album has sort of gone by the wayside. That’s not the case for the band and album I’m about to talk about. You’ve heard me talk a lot about Centershift in the past year and rightfully so. This band is making strides to not only become one of your favorites but, also took the time to really make an album that from start to finish you feel it all. Every ounce of emotion poured into one fantastical ride through the trials and tribulations of life and this is only their first full length album. Centershift’s debut album, A Different Shade Of Color marks a triumphant return of making great albums.

The release of A Different Shade Of Color was put out in parts/EP’s in order to get parts of the story a little at a time and make you wonder where the next part will take you. The first seven songs present a very raw and emotional context to where the story takes you. Starting with “9” the story begins with a revelation of one’s self and the search for a new discovery but, before that can fully happen, the whole story must be told. As “My Own World” starts to take shape, you the listener start to get immersed into what is happening. As the album continues and flows, more of the story comes out as songs like “Dry Well, “Tell Me,” “Couldn’t Tell,” and “Kingdoms” all fit a balance that have a fury to them that while still melodic, brings out a heaviness both lyrically and musically that grabs you and sinks it’s claws in. With those claws sharply dug in, the journey continues with a bit of an epiphany with the song “And So.” This track leads you down another interesting road as the story unwinds a bit and goes through all the phases one might go through when dealing with a volitile situation or grief. The stages you go through during those times come out quite present on songs like “From Where We Are,” “Falling Into,” “Arise,” and the very deep and dark “Everything And Nothing,” The latter being quite the mini epic that will give you chills in a way that you can only feel by listening. Rounding out this chapter is “What If” a song that leaves you with a question while at the same time sets up the final chapter. “After All” kicks off the third act and signals the change and the light starts to shine a bit brighter. While “1014” delivers a bit of a kick to the head of positivity that reminds you to let the past go and enjoy the life and light that has begun. “Here Like Always” is one of those songs that gives you hope but also has a sensitivity to it that shines like the sun finally coming out after a cloudy day. The ending song of the album “Fade Away” brings it all together, recapping the whole journey but instead of falling backwards and back into the dark, the fading away into the light brings that new joy and life that “9” brought about to start the whole album off.

A Different Shade Of Color is an album not just for 2022 it’s one of those albums that is much needed in today’s musical world. The way this album flows and hits you is spine tingling and eye opening. The album provides hope and choices without the sense of giving up. Singer/Guitarist Jasan Radford’s voice is still top notch and the way he delivers the lyrics are astounding. The clarity and enunciation of the words make them stand out when it matters most. Guitarist Ryan Shane Stuber adds so much texture and balance to the songs with his style of playing. And the rhythm section of bassist Ted Wenri and drummer(s) Stefan Storace (and Michael Tarabotto who plays on certain songs) is thunderous and shattering without being too overtaking of the delicate melodies that ring throughout the songs. Also, having Jim Wirt (Incubus, Onesidezero, Fiona Apple) behind the boards and producing this album definitely helped to keep it as real and raw as possible.

I highly recommend this album to anyone and everyone. There are so many different moments and songs on the album that you will love instantly and others that will sneak up on you and hit you like a ton of bricks. One thing is for certain, Centershift made one of the most honest and pure albums of 2022. Over the past weekend as well, Centershift celebrated the release of the album with a Live Stream event. The concert was full of energy and excitement. The way the 4 of them connect on stage and throughout the songs shows that the chemistry between them is in full effect. I personally love the way that you can listen to the songs on the album and feel one way about them, then when you hear these songs live, they take on a new life. If you haven’t seen Centershift yet, that’s something else I strongly suggest you do! Cheers to Centershift on one hell of an album. One that not only they can stand tall and be proud of but, for those of us that long for an actual album that start to finish connects!

Overall Rating: A

Review By: Brian Lacy

Centershift- A Different Shade Of Color:

On Apple Music:

On Spotify:

Live Show Review: Greg Puciato at Don Quixote

There are certain bands/artists that over the years I’ve become rather enthralled by. One of which is Greg Puciato. I still remember the first time I heard Greg in The Dillinger Escape Plan and thinking that this voice and presence is something to really pay attention to. And that I did. Through the years, Greg has become one of my favorite lyricists, vocalists and performers. When it was announced that Greg was going to be putting out a solo release, needless to say I was excited. What we got in the course of two years are three releases has taken the best of what Greg does and melded it into one project. Child Soldier: Creator Of God, Fuck Content and Mirrorcell have been some of the best releases in the past years and I can only imagine what the next release will be. The live show debut that I attended was something else. It was everything I wanted and then some.

Taking the stage a few minutes after 11pm, the crowd roar was getting louder and then the oddest intro song started it all, Bonnie Raitt’s “I Can’t Make You Love Me,” and then things got started as “In this Hell You Find Yourself” went right into “Reality Spiral” with a go straight for the throat approach. From there it only kept cutting deep with “No More Lives To Go.” The first song Greg released as a solo artist “Fire For Water” was next and the crowd response from that song was overtaking you basically didn’t even get caught in the mini technical mishap. The recovery from that was impeccable and made the song go ever harder than it was. After that it was just an onslaught of songs that not only are stand outs on the albums but truly some of my favorite songs that are a part of these releases. Songs like “Deep Set,” “Do You Need Me To Remind You,” “Absence As A Presence,” and “Down When I’m Not” were just banger after banger, and Greg and the band were on fire at this point. Then the moment that brought it all together was when the next two songs were played. “Lowered” the first single off of Mirrorcell was performed with the additional vocals of Reba Meyers. What a performace. The way Greg’s and Reba’s voices match and play off each other is sublime. It was one of those moments that had everyone in the audience completely drawn into. My favorite song of the set was next and it hit me more than I thought it would. That song would be “Never Wanted That.” This song just hits me in a way that I can’t (and won’t get into at the moment) put into words at the moment. After that going into “All Waves To Nothing” really hit me in another way that gave me chills in a such a great way. Followed by a short “encore break,” the fun continued as “Creator Of God” was the perfect way to come back out. From there a surprise cover of the Carpenter Brut song “Imaginary Fire” was performed (Greg provides the vocals on this track). Then it went into another couple favorites of mine “A Pair Of Questions” and the ever awesome and explosive “Evacuation.” Ending the set and the night was the great “September City.” It was quite the perfect way to end this debut show.

Opening the night was Trace Amount. His mix of industrial and noise gave the night a bit of a nervous yet frenzied energy as to what was to come later on. It was interesting to see this live and see how physical the performance was. After Trace Amount was a band that I’ve been curious about live too, Gost. Gost brought in a more Industrial sound mixed with a bit of EDM that really got the crowd pumped up. Looking around the room and seeing people dance was quite fun to see. Both bands gave energetic performances and prepared the crowd with just enough of an excitement that when Greg and his band hit the stage, it all exploded into something spectacular.

For a debut show, despite the few technical issues, it was absolutely superb. Even the odd choice of venue added to the charm of the night. It’s really quite awesome to see someone that has inspired and influenced you putting it all out there under their own name and delivering material that is this damn good and then being able to put on a show that not only will stand out but left a lasting impression on those of us that have been so drawn into the work of the artist. The band that Greg put together for this show was outstanding. I will say that having Chris Hornbrook on drums is kind of a cheat code as he is just so damn good. And the way he plays fits Greg’s style so well, that it’s a perfect combination. Guitarists Nick Rowe and James Hammontree were great together and then holding down that low end was Jeff Geisser. I can’t wait for the next show! I left this show on such a high it took forever to come down from it. Even the long ass drive home I was still pumped from this night. Thank you Greg and company for a night that I won’t forget and for the songs that I have yet to stop listening to since they came out! I’m sure there is more that I could ramble on about but, I’d much rather leave it at this and say, when the time comes and Greg’s solo show rolls through your city, don’t hesitate to go see it. What a show!

Review and Photos By: Brian Lacy


01) In This Hell You Find Yourself
02) Reality Spiral
03) No More Lives To Go
04) Fire For Water
05) Deep Set
06) Do You Need Me To Remind You
07) Absence As A Presence
08) Down When I’m Not
09) Lowered (with Reba Meyers)
10) Never Wanted That
11) All Waves To Nothing


12) Creator Of God
13) Imaginary Fire (Carpenter Brut Cover)
14) A Pair Of Questions
15) Evacuation
16) September City (with “One Of Us Is The Killer tease”)

New Release: Fact Pattern- Retail Therapy

Another one of my favorite bands that I’ve written about many times here on Audioeclectica have a new video/single out and it’s quite good and thought provoking. Fact Pattern’s new single and video for “Retail Therapy” from their latest release, From Where You’re Hiding, is an onslaught of heaviness and industrial with a tinge of melody. One of the things that has drawn me to this band is that they truly “get it” when it comes to what “industrial music” is. Fact Pattern is a band that has been able to take inspiration and influence from bands of the past and make it their own in a pretty great way. By adding lush landscapes of sounds to really set the mood and a melodic nature, the songs are accessible but not in a way that it’s watered down. There is enough heaviness within the songs to give you that “crunch and bite” needed. While listening to this song, I pick up bits of Skinny Puppy inspiration and also a bit of a fun Bill Hick’s comedic sense with how the visuals in the video play out. Fact Pattern is a band that should be on your radar. They are one hell of a band and their live show is only getting better each time!

Fact Pattern- Retail Therapy:

Fact Pattern- From Where You’re Hiding:

Fact Pattern on Streaming:

New Release: Arc Angles- Hammerhead

One of my all time favorite bands I’ve ever written about on Audioeclectica, Arc Angles is releasing a new EP in early 2023 and I’m super stoked on it. Arc Angles if you don’t know are a killer post-hardcore, space/noise rock band that have been a favorite of mine basically since I started this. Through the years they’ve evolved their sound a bit with each release and the inspiration that follows them makes for some really kick ass tunes. As a three-piece band, the amount of volume they emit could activate richter scales. Singer/Bassist Chris Matalone along with Guitarist Nick Bradford and Drummer Brian Hollenbeck pack quite a punch with their style and songwriting. The three of them together have created something that feels urgent and focused with substance and depth, making this a stand out amongst their peers and in within the rock world.

Their latest release, entitled Daisy, features the lead track “Hammerhead,” which has quite a message. Singer/bassist Chris Matalone had this to say about the song “The idea behind the song came while watching news coverage during the early days of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. While describing the indiscriminate violence in the war, a journalist used the adage, ‘If all you have is a hammer, everything starts to look like a nail,’ and that phrase really made an impression on me. “It captured the brutality, recklessness, absurdity, and inhumanity of the war, and it was a natural jumping off point for the rest of the imagery in the song.  But I do think it’s about more than just that one conflict. Broadly, it’s about the unhinged use of power by leaders of all types, on all sides of belief spectrums and group affiliations, and how there is a difficult but righteous obligation for us all to resist tyranny in all its forms.”

Daisy will see its release on New Years Day of 2023. The EP was produced and engineered by Christopher Dwyer and mixed by J. Robbins of Jawbox. When you hear “Hammerhead” it’s a sonic assault of rock that is only the tip of what else Arc Angles have in store throughout the rest of the EP. Take a moment and check out this killer song and great band!

Arc Angles- Hammerhead:

Check Out Their Previous EP, Apocalisp:

Live Review: Holy Fawn, SOM & Grivo at The Echo

Last week (Thursday 11/3/22), I finally got to see a band I’ve been wanting to see for some time. Ever since I heard their album, Death Spells, I knew I had to go see Holy Fawn live. This year, Holy Fawn released their spectacular and absolute gem of an album with Dimensional Bleed. After hearing that album, I told myself, when they come through Los Angeles, I’m going and they did not disappoint at all. There was something about the night and how perfect it all came together.

One thing I’ve been trying to do more of is not check out the bands that are opening the show. This way, I can go into a show with a completely open mind and not have any preconceived notions. I’m glad I did too because every band this evening was perfectly chosen and provided the right vibe to make this one hell of an explosive night. The first band of the night was Grivo. This three piece band delivered a set that mixed bits of doom, shoegaze and 90’s alternative. While listening you could pick up bits of My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive and even a little bit of The Smashing Pumpkins (Gish/Siamese era). They were heavy without being “heavy” and set a tone for the night that only got louder and more exciting. Grivo are the type of band that fit very well at The Echo. Looking around at the crowd, you could tell that this was the start of a very exciting night.

Next up was SOM and I was seriously blown away by them. Their self proclaimed “doom-pop” style is summed up perfectly. They have this perfect harmony of heaviness, atmosphere, melody and melancholy that makes for a sound that creates an ebb and flow of emotions that when the music, lyrics and vocals all hit, you are completely swept up by it all. By the second song I was completely immersed into their music. It was one of those moments that going to a show is all about. Being consumed by the music and letting it take over. Their new album, The Shape Of Everything is a stunning and deeply immersive album that you can listen to over and over again and get lost in it (in a totally great way). The band live was super tight and each member seemed to be drawn into the songs just as the audience making for a performance that left me high tailing it to the merch table after their set for a quick chat and to procure a few things for myself! Definitely go see SOM when they come through your town!

The main event of the night, Holy Fawn, was everything I was hoping for and more. They were hypnotic and mesmerizing as they delivered great song after great song. Their post-metal style has allowed them to explore other sub-genres and create music that not only is sonically bombastic but also thought provoking in a way that you find yourself even more drawn into the atmosphere that is created and the next thing you know the intensity awakens you and it’s like you’ve stepped outside yourself. Being able to shift between genres in songs is not an easy thing to do and still keep the audience engaged is astounding. Every song they played this evening was its own experience. One of the things about Holy Fawn that I love is their ability to shift between light and dark. They have this ability to draw you in with these delicate moments that shine the light then when you think it will explode with even more light, they flip the switch to the “heavy” and the dark shroud takes a hold and the emotional purge you feel from the music and vocals takes you to that other dimension.

What a great show this was. Each band brought the goods and delivered sets that were stellar. SOM and Holy Fawn as a 1, 2 punch was outstanding. This was a show that I not only knew I needed to go to but now will have to go see these bands each and every time they come through Los Angeles. SOM is definitely a band you need to check out and I will be featuring here on Audioeclectica very soon. Holy Fawn is one hell of a band that you really should take time to listen to and their new album, Dimensional Bleed is in my top 5 of the year. Shows like this don’t happen all the time but, when they do, you remember them for a long time. Thank you Grivo, SOM and Holy Fawn for one hell of a night to remember!

Memorable TV Performances: 311 on Late Night with Conan O’Brien

This is a fun one for you all. Back in 1996 on Late Night with Conan O’Brien, Omaha’s own 311, made their national television debut with a performance of their hit song “Down.” This was the year that 311 broke and everyone knew the song “Down.” It was and still is infectious. To this day, anytime I hear this song it takes me back and I can’t help but turn it up loud! 311’s self titled album or the “blue album” as some refer to it as, still holds up quite well to this day! If it were ever announced that the band would do a full play through of this album, I’d definitely go! In the meantime, enjoy this classic performance of 311’s “Down.”

311- Down (Live on Late Night with Conan O’Brien/ 1996):