Anticipated Albums of 2022


I have hope that 2022 will be a good year. Not that 2021 was all that bad, at least it wasn’t 2020 all over again. We did after all get some amazing new albums in 2021. Now that we are in 2022, there are a ton of new albums that I’m sure will make the end of the year lists vert difficult to put in order. Here’s a list of the bands with the most anticipated albums of 2022 (I’m sure I missed some. So If I did, let me know)!!!

Centershift- A Different Shade Of…
Black Map- Melodoria
Cave In
The Cure
Coheed and Cambria
Dead Cross
Greg Puciatio- Mirrorcell
H09909 (Horror)
Korn- Requiem
Megadeth- The Sick. The Dying. The Dead
Author & Punisher
Once Human
Machine Head
Jimmy Eat World
The Smashing Pumpkins
Chelsea Wolfe
In Parallel
Nine Inch Nails
If It Kills You
Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals
Be Well
Cult Leader
The Cult
Darkest Hour
Jane’s Addiction?
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Rollin Coffin
Deaf Club
Kiss The Scientist

List: One Album Bands


I was thinking the other day while looking for something to listen to about how many bands are out there that have only one album. Whether it’s by choice a la The Sex Pistols or because the band was dropped/broke up or even a one time project, I thought it would be quite interesting to compile a list of all those bands and albums.

Your input is always welcome!



End Of The Year List: Album Of The Year

The first annual Audioeclectica Awards continues: The eighth category is album of the year. Here are the requirements to be in this category. The album/EP must have been released this year. And It doesn’t matter if the band is signed or not! With that in mind here are the nominees! Vote in the comments!!


1. Mastodon- Once More Round The Sun
2. With Our Arms To The Sun- A Far Away Wonder
3. Royal Blood- Royal Blood
4. Crosses- Crosses
5. Black Map- And We Explode
6. Bush- Man On The Run
7. Slipknot- .5 The Gray Chapter
8. Chevelle- La Gargola
9. Aeges- Above and Down Below
10. Down- Down IV Part II

Honorable Mention:

11. The Last Internationale- We Will Reign
12. Sevendust- Time Travelers and Bonfires
13. Obliterations- Poison Everything
14. Every Time I Die- From Parts Unknown
15. And We Are Them- City Of Ghosts

Best Albums of 2014…So Far

In no particular order (wait till the end of the year for that). These are the best albums I’ve heard all year!

1. Mastodon- Once More Round The Sun
2. Every Time I Die- From Parts Unknown
3. Chevelle- La Gargola
4. Seether- Isolate and Medicate
5. Sevendust- Time Travelers and Bonfires
6. Crosses- Crosses
7. Royal Blood- Out Of The Black EP
8. Against Me- Transgender Dysphoria Blues
9. And We Are Them- Align
10. Wild Throne- Blood Maker
11. New Cathedral- Ghost
12. Machines Learning- Machines Learning
13. He Whose Ox Is Gored- Nightshade EP
14. With Our Arms To The Sun- A Far Away Wonder
15. Black Map- Driver EP
16. Royal Blood- Royal Blood
17. The Last Internationale- We Will Reign
18. Wovenwar- Wovenwar
19. And We Are Them- City Of Ghosts
20. Obliterations- Poison Everything
21. Black Map- And We Explode
22. Bush- Man On The Run
23. Slipknot- .5 The Gray Chapter
24. Aeges- Above and Down Below

Great Guest Vocalists: Chino Moreno- Deftones



Chino Moreno has one of the most distinct voices in the rock music community. His soft whispers, powerful screams, and intriguing melodies can be found on quite a few albums from others. Below is a handful of those.


Bender by Sevendust:


First Commandment by Soulfly:


Surrender Your Sons by Norma Jean:


Razors Out from The Raid Redemption Soundtrack:


Embers by Lamb Of God:


By: Brian Lacy

Band Of The Week: Spirit In The Room


The use of electronics has become very prominent in music as of late. Some bands have really been able to utilize it in in a great way. One of those bands is Spirit In The Room. Dennis Sanders who has also been involved with Wes Borland’s Black Light Burns leads this collective. The use of electronics doesn’t hinder from the actual music, if anything it adds an extra element of darkness to the music. There are elements of rock, post-punk, synth pop, and a goth vibe similar to the music of The Cure. Dennis has a voice that shows the vulnerable side of himself all the while being uninhibited. Spirit In The Room opened up for Crosses on their Southern California dates. They also just released their debut EP The Holy Phobia part 1. From the looks of the live videos their live show looks very entertaining.


By: Brian Lacy

Crosses Full Length Review


A lot can be said for when side projects become as good as a main project. With that being said Crosses is just that. Made up of Chino Moreno (Deftones, Team Sleep, Palms), Shaun Lopez (Far, The Revolution Smile) and Chuck Doom, this trio has created something rather special. I’ve written about them before, but I can’t get enough. They recently released their full length album. It combines the first 2 EP’s with 5 new songs. It was also put together in such an order to make a cohesive album. The new songs are just as good as their previous release, especially Bitches Brew, The Epilogue, and Blk Stallion. The mix of influences from each member and the amount of talent that each possess create such an intriguing blend. This album is great for driving around, gearing up for a night out, sitting at home and relaxing and for baby making. Crosses live is a whole different animal. Having Dino Campanella on drums and Jono Evans on guitar/keys, rounds out the entire sound. When I first saw them they had 2 drummers. Dino plays in such a way that it is almost like there are still 2 drummers there. Chino has such a distinctive voice that can be soothing as well as ferocious. Shaun has a signature guitar tone that many people try to emulate from his days in Far. Mixing those elements with an electronic sound is unbeatable.

Chino has said that this is not something that will keep him from Deftones. In fact he’s recently said that he can’t wait to get back with his Deftones bandmates to work on the follow up to their great album Koi No Yokan, not to mention working on new music with Team Sleep and Palms. It’s only mid february and I can already tell that this album will be in constant rotation for me and will probably be in my top 10 of the year




Previous Write Up:

By: Brian Lacy

Anticipated Albums of 2014

Crosses (featuring Chino Moreno and Shaun Lopez) are gearing up to release their full length debut on February 11, 2014 through Sumerian Records. The first single and accompanying video (featured above) “Bitches Brew” is an intoxicating sexual beast. It features a very sultry groove and beat, that invokes some R&B love making soul then switches gears to an awesome rock track. Be on the look out for when they hit your city on tour. Their live show is very intimate and makes you want to dance.


By: Brian Lacy

Crosses (not just a “Supergroup” or “Side Project”)

When the term “side project” is thrown out in the public most people’s reactions are quite speculative. Throughout the past few years there has been a number of “Supergroups” that have formed and have failed miserably, though there are now two that stand out and surpass the “supergroup” and “side project name. The first being Them Crooked Vultures (featuring Josh Homme, Dave Grohl, and John Paul Jones) and followed in a close second is Crosses (featuring Chino Moreno of Deftones, Shaun Lopez of Far/The Revolution Smile, and Chuck Doom)

In late 2011, Crosses released their first EP. This collection was met with great anticipation and was quite intriguing to fans of all the members involved. From the moment the first song “This Is A Trick” kicks in there is no denying that this was going to move you. Every ounce of the individuals working on this project is included in the songs especially my personal favorite (from the first E.P. “The Holy Ghost”. It’s a wonderful blend of electronic music mixed with the warm subtleties of alternative, all the while showcasing the talents of Chino Moreno as a vocalist and lyricist and Shaun Lopez’s guitar and production work.

Come to January of 2012 and E.P. number two was released, continuing where the first one left off. The collection of songs on the second E.P. have a more live feel to them allowing the listener to really grasp the raw feel but at the same time have the same effect that they felt from the first E.P. The stand out track “Telepathy” has a fun good time dance vibe to it that makes you want to get up and and start moving.

Crosses recently went out on tour and I had the wonderful opportunity of getting to witness their first show at the Glass House in Pomona. They played every song they had including the B-side “The Years” and a new track that had the audience silent just listening. While it was the first show, and of course there were the fair share of routine sound issues, they certainly didn’t disappoint. Their live band consisted of Chris Robyn (from FAR on drums), Dino Campanella (from Dredg on drums/keyboards), Jono Evans (From Endless Hallway on guitar/keyboards), Chuck Doom (bass), Shaun Lopez (guitar/keyboards) and Chino Moreno (vocals).

The set while short, sure hit every note and struck a chord with all in attendance. There is no denying that once these guys have a few more shows under their belts, Crosses will be one amazing entity live.

Do yourself a favor and head over to their site and download both E.P.’s you will be completely satisfied that you did, and it will leave you wanting more from them soon!