I’m Brian Lacy, the founder and writer of Audioeclectica. The mission of Audioeclectica and the reason why I started it, is to bring great music to you all. Think of this site as a curated music site. You can expect to find out about new bands and albums as well as the ones that you love or might have forgotten about. So come along and enjoy what you hear and read.


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My top 25 bands of all time:

01. Nine Inch Nails
02. Alice In Chains
03. Metallica
04. Deftones
05. The Doors
06. Bon Jovi
07. Led Zeppelin
08. The Velvet Underground
09. Neurosis
10. Mastodon
11. Down
12. Failure
13. Pink Floyd
14. Stone Temple Pilots
15. The Dillinger Escape Plan
16. Tool
17. Creedence Clearwater Revival
18. Placebo
19. The Cure
20. Cave In
21. Jimi Hendrix
22. Guns N Roses
23. Joy Division
24. Sex Pistols
25. Neil Young


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