Audioeclectica was created as a way to share all the things new and old I’ve been listening to. There is so much music out there, this is my chance to showcase bands/artists that I’m really digging. Music has been always been my true passion and Audioeclectica is a labor of love. Having different topics and interactive posts, makes Audioeclectica a fun and different alternative to the run of the mill music sites.

Since the inception of Audioeclectica in 2014, founder and sole writer Brian Lacy has been a consistent source of for new music and an honest and truthful reporting of albums and live shows. The name Audioeclectica is known in the underground rock/metal communities via an organic approach and it keeps growing.

In addition to the numerous fun topics that make up Audioeclectica, for example, focusing on songs found only in soundtracks, highlighting b-sides and deep cuts, recognizing albums that are unsung masterpieces, Brian does make time to head out to live shows and check out the local scene and report back with the good, the bad and the interesting. Currently, Brian is working with The Cobalt Presents in the Los Angeles area bringing back the music scene the way it should be. Also in the works is the rebooting of Audioeclectica Radio, which will be a bi-monthly show featuring music from known and unsigned bands, interviews, guests and other collaborators.

Music is a great thing and there are no boundaries. There’s no such thing as a guilty pleasure here. Like what you like. Listen Eclectic!


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My top 25 bands of all time:

01. Nine Inch Nails
02. Alice In Chains
03. Metallica
04. The Smashing Pumpkins
05. The Doors
06. Led Zeppelin
07. The Velvet Underground/ Lou Reed
08. Down
09. Greg Puciato/The Black Queen/The Dillinger Escape Plan
10. Failure
11. Pink Floyd
12. Mastodon
13. Stone Temple Pilots
14. Joy Division
15. Jimi Hendrix
16. Neil Young
17. The Cure
18. Black Sabbath
19. Radiohead
20. Cave In
21. Bon Jovi
22. Guns N Roses
23. Sex Pistols
24. Onesidezero/Abloom/Centershift
25. Deftones

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