Cover Song: The Dillinger Escape Plan w/ Nine Inch Nails- Wish (Live)


As you all probably could tell, I’m on a huge Dillinger Escape plan kick right now. So now, I’m presenting you all two versions of The Dillinger Escape Plan joining Nine Inch Nails on stage to perform “WISH.” The first is from a 2008 performance in Australia and the second is from 2009 when Nine Inch Nails played the Wiltern during their Wave Goodbye tour (which I was at, and seeing this live was brutal). Each version is chaotic, energetic and awesome. I can honestly say that of all the bands I’ve ever heard cover Wish, Dillinger is the only one to ever nail it. So enjoy what you are about to see and hear!


2008 Soundwave Festival in Australia:


2009 Wave Goodbye Tour @ The Wiltern in Los Angeles:





Unsung Masterpieces: Will Haven- Carpe Diem


If there is one thing that has always been mind blowing to me is that the bands that are huge influences on so many “Bigger” bands are often overlooked by the masses. The strange reality of all this justifies my thoughts that those in charge really don’t have a clue what is good and isn’t. There is a band from the Sacramento area that really left a huge mark on the bands like Deftones and Far. That band is Will Haven. In 2001, Will Haven unleashed what I consider to be an unsung masterpiece entitled Carpe Diem. Clocking in at just over 45 minutes, the ten songs on the album are honest, emotional and chaotic with dashes of atmosphere. There are so many things about this album that have rubbed off on other bands from the guitar tones, song structures, vocal delivery and style, and even lyrical content. Songs like “Bats,” “Carpe Diem,” “Dolph Lundgren,” “Dressed In Night Clothes,” “Finest Our,” and “Moving To Montana,” have been my absolute favorites on this album and still hold up over 15 years later.

If you are a fan of heavy music and you’ve never heard this band or album, I urge you to stop what you are doing for the next hour and listen to this. And if it’s been a while since you’ve listened to Carpe Diem, stop what you are doing and take a trip back to 2001 and rediscover a great album.


Will Haven- Carpe Diem:

Bands That Should Return: Botch



Through many heavy music circles there are certain bands that when they are brought up, people get really excited. Amongst a few friends of mine, when we are talking about heavy bands, Botch always seems to be brought up. Botch was one of those bands that were pioneers of what is commonly referred to as “mathcore,” due to their off time rhythms, and complex intricacies. Throughout their short but very influential career, Botch managed to release two very acclaimed albums, American Nervoso, and We Are The Romans, along with a few EP’s and splits. Their live shows are still notorious for being a bit of a free for all of aggression and intensity, just like fellow mathcore pioneers The Dillinger Escape Plan, whom they have shared the stage with many times. Botch officially decided to break up the band in February 2002 and performed their final show on June 15, 2002 in their home of Seattle. Tensions were growing within the band amongst its members and the direction of how the band should go, thus leading to the break up. Over the years when asked vocalist Dave Verellen has said, “I’d be first in line to keep this goddamn band together.” Other members like guitarist Dave Knudsen, who would go on to form Minus The Bear, has said “I could totally see doing anything with any of those people that’s not Botch but something else that’s creative and fun… and maybe more aggressive.” Though in 2014 bassist Brian Cook, now of Russian Circles was quoted as saying that he would never reunite the band, but in another 2014 interview, he revealed that the other members of Botch felt like the band ended too early and that they had been urging him to stop saying the word “never” in regards to a possible reunion. So hopefully in the next year or so we can get a Botch reunion. With The Dillinger Escape Plan taking a lengthy hiatus after they finish touring on their new album Dissociation, Botch can come back and carry the flag for the style they helped to pioneer.

Band Members and Bands They Are In Now

Dave Verellen (Vocals)- Narrows
Dave Knudsen (Guitar)- Minus The Bear
Brian Cook (Bass)- Russian Circles, Sumac
Tim Lantona (Drums)- N/A

American Nervoso:


We Are The Romans:

Anticipated Albums: Korn- The Serenity Of Suffering


As far back as their first album I’ve been a Korn fan. Over the years I’ve had mixed feelings about the albums they’ve released, being that they haven’t been that good. The last good “Album” they put out (in my opinion) was Issues. I always hoped that they would come back with a new album that lived up to how good their self titled debut and Issues were. Well I can happily say that it seems like Korn has really put in the work to release their first worthy album in a very long time. Based on the two songs they have released from the upcoming The Serenity Of Suffering, Korn is back!!!



Rotting In Vain:

Band Of The Week: Kolm


The ability to mix genres is no easy task. There has to be an element of purity to it. Some bands can do it and Kolm is one of those. By mixing progressive rock, with ambient soundscapes, a bit of electronics, and some good old heavy riffs, Kolm has created a captivating sound. Not to mention they do this a three piece band, which brings its own merit. Their self titled EP stretches past the norm and leaves you wanting more. Next week Kolm will be sharing the stage with three other great bands, With Our Arms To The Sun, Socionic, and Mal. I would recommend not missing this show!

Audioeclectica Podcast: Josh Of With Our Arms To The Sun



I had the great pleasure of sitting down with Josh Breckinridge the vocalist/guitarist of With Our Arms To The Sun. We discuss their upcoming new album ORENDA and upcoming tour dates, music tastes, and have an all around fun conversation.




Podcast: Conversation With- Josh of With Our Arms To The Sun: