Video Rank: The Dillinger Escape Plan


It’s been a while since I did a video rank and I thought that doing one for The Dillinger Escape Plan would be perfect. They are more of a live band than a “video” band. Give these top ten videos of theirs a spin and delve into a little bit of the band!



10) Gold Teeth On A Bum (from Option Paralysis):


09) Parasitic Twins (from Option Paralysis):



08) Unretrofied (from Miss Machine):


07) Panasonic Youth (from Miss Machine):


06) Milk Lizard (from Ire Works):


05) Happiness Is A Smile (from Happiness Is A Smile 7″):


04) Farewell, Mona Lisa (from Option Paralysis):


03) When I Lost My Bet (from One Of Us Is The Killer):


02) Paranoia Shields (from One Of Us Is The Killer):


01) One Of Us Is The Killer (from One Of Us Is The Killer):


Album Rank: Marilyn Manson


Recently Marilyn Manson released a new album entitled Heaven Upside Down. I took a listen to it a few times and while it’s decent, it’s definitely not his best work nor is it The Pale Emperor part 2. This got me thinking that I should do an album rank. So, check out the ranking of not the best to the best.


The High End Of Low:


Born Villain:


Eat Me, Drink Me:


The Golden Age Of Grotesque:


Heaven Upside Down:


Holy Wood:


Portrait Of An American Family:


The Pale Emperor:


Antichrist Superstar:


Mechanical Animals:


New Release: Stone Temple Pilots- Meadow


I’m going to cut right to the chase. Stone Temple Pilots are back with a new singer. I’ve been a very skeptical fan about them continuing on so soon. So needless to say any expectations I have for this are extremely low. That being said, STP made their live debut last night with their new singer Jeff Gutt. You might know his name from when he fronted the band Dry Cell in the early 2000’s. They had a song “Body Crumbles” on the Queen Of The Damned soundtrack. Jeff was also a contestant on The X Factor and finished second on the season he was on. Now, STP are going to be releasing a new album in 2018 but, they just released their first new song with Jeff called “Meadow.” While he’s not Scott Weiland by a long shot (no one can replace him though), this isn’t as bad as you think it is. At least it’s not Chester Bennington. Take a listen for yourself and make your own opinion. Personally, because my expectations are so low, there is a chance this could work but, you never know.


Stone Temple Pilots- Meadow:


STP with Jeff Gutt (at the Troubadour)- Down:

STP with Jeff Gutt (at the Troubadour)- Coma/Piece Of Pie:


Jeff’s previous work:

Dry Cell:


Jeff on The X Factor:

Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen):





What Happened: Shinedown


As far back as I can remember rock music has been for me. From bands from the 60’s all the way till today, there is no denying the impact rock music has had on me and the rest of the world. Rock music is alive and well but certain people and radio will lead you to believe that it isn’t. That’s not true though. There is something that happens to rock bands though that leads them down the wrong path and they wind up losing their way. Back in the 80’s at the height of the “hair metal” era, the “power ballad” was a way to break into the mainstream and cross over to a different audience. And that has followed up to this day. So many bands still have “that one song” that can hit the mark with a specific audience. Just look at Staind. Remember “It’s Been A While?” That song catapulted the band to new heights and brought in a whole different audience.

One band I’d like to discuss this happening to is Shinedown. When I first heard the band back in 2003, I thought to myself that this band could be the one to really bring back “rock music.” Their debut album Leave A Whisper was powerful and rocking. It had all the right parts of heaviness and melody along with a singer that could actually sing. I remember first getting a 2 song cd sampler which had the songs “Fly From The Inside” and “No More Love.” Those two songs were awesome and it set me on the path of anticipation for their album. So when their album finally came out, needless to say I was excited and it didn’t disappoint. I saw them a couple times during this album run and they were an awesome live band. They had something that a lot of bands out during that time were lacking and that was true substance. One such show was at the Whisky A Go Go in Los Angeles and it was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen there. They had this energy playing that legendary stage and venue and you could feel their hunger and love of what they were doing.

When it came time for their second album, the guys in the band all worked together and truly developed their sound. It was still rock and hard but also had this brightness to it that let everyone in the band shine. Us And Them, their second album, was released in 2005. The band that accompanied singer Brent Smith was absolutely stellar. Guitarist Jasin Todd, bassist Brad Stewart and drummer Barry Kerch all made this band something special and provided the “balls” the band needed. Even though Us and Them was a very rocking record with songs like “Heroes,” Save Me,” “Yer Majesty,” and “Begin Again,”¬† there was one song on the album that teetered toward the cross over side. That song was “I Dare You.” Also it didn’t help that during that year on American Idol, Chris Daughtry would perform the song on the show. Granted it was great exposure but that was what really set off the change in the band.

Their third album saw a big line up change and that also was a drastic change to the band. Guitarist Jasin Todd and Brad Stewart were fired from the band. Also an outside songwriter was brought in to help singer Brent Smith make and complete the album. The album entitled The Sound Of Madness saw a different sound for the band. Produced by Rob Cavallo (Green Day, My Chemical Romance), he brought in a more “pop” sound to the band. The first song the band released from the album though was a “rock” called “Devour,” which was mediocre at best and lacked the real depth the band had on their first two albums. Following that song came the ballads, and high charting success. This is where the band started to lean more toward the realm of Adult Contemporary.

Their next two albums Amaryllis and Threat To Survival are both (to be absolutely honest) watered down crap. They are overproduced and are complete departures from what the band started as. When Shinedown first came out they had a southern rock meets grunge rock thing going that made them stand out. Now they are just your typical “radio rock” type of band without any depth to them. They really lost their way over time and let outside people and record labels dictate where the band should be going. Not to mention that during their live shows they don’t even acknowledge the first two albums. Which is a real let down.

I will never begrudge anyone making a living and doing what they need to do to feed their families but, I do take umbrage when a band sells out and takes the east way out. Just look at the band Sugar Ray. When they first started they were actually a hard rock band. Even the album that has the song “Fly” on it, is a really rocking record. But because of the success of that one song, they completely flipped and went the easy way.

If Shinedown were to get back to the roots of it all, I think they could really pull off a great comeback. They would also need to bring back Jasin and Brad. They had the chops and songwriting ability that made this band along with Brent’s lyrics and voice. I have given up on the band. I did go back and listen to those first two albums and I still dig those, but I just can’t listen to them knowing that they just don’t have it anymore. Hopefully they can come through and change my mind but, until then, at least I have the first two albums and the memories of seeing them during that time.


Leave A Whisper:


Us And Them:

Audioeclectica Radio Episode 2

Audioeclectica Radio Episode 2 is here and what an “eclectic” show it is. I’ve got some really great bands and songs to play for you all. Be prepared to experience something intriguing,

Remember this show is totally interactive. I’m interested to know what bands/songs you dig and don’t. I’m also taking requests be it bands/songs you want to hear, topics you’d like me to discuss, and anything else you might find interesting.

All this is done because I love music and love being able to tell others about great music that is out there.

Tell your friends about Audioeclectica and the show! Share it with everyone!

Enjoy the show!


Audioeclectica Radio Episode 2:

Band Of The Week: Andraus


Heavy music is my bread and butter. I can’t get enough of it. Doesn’t matter the genre or sub-genre, I dig it. Recently I came across a band that will be playing with Helms Alee at their upcoming Los Angeles show. This band is Andraus and they are fantastic. As a two piece of just drums and guitars, holy wow! When I was looking into the band more I read their bio and I have to agree with what they said the band sounds like. “If the Van Halen brothers¬†grew up listening to Metallica, the Melvins, and, well, Van Halen, you have the sound of Andraus.” That couldn’t be more true. Their self titled EP is one hell of a record. There are so many wonderful moments on this record it’s hard to pinpoint just one. From the start of the EP with “Ignition” and all the songs in between like “Getaway,” “Beast Heart,” and closer “Passage To Hell,” you know that brothers Andrew and Austin Cox are the real deal. I personally can’t wait to see them with the great Helms Alee and another Los Angeles favorite Mustard Gas and Roses.


Andraus- Andraus EP:


Show Flyer:


Underrated Albums: Static X- Machine


Back in 2001 following on the heels of their successful debut Wisconsin Death Trip, Static X released their second album Machine and really stepped up their game. Instead of repeating what they did on Wisconsin, Wayne Static, Tony Campos and Ken Jay made an album that truly surpassed their debut. While the band always had electronics and an industrial tinge, Machine was the album that really brought that to the forefront along with strong riffs and a heavier vocal approach. Machine would become the bands heaviest album and the one that stands out the most.

I remember my dad taking me to the record store so I could buy this album. Once we got in the car I immediately put the cd in the car and let it rip. And rip it did. The moment “Get To The Gone” began, I knew that this was going to be one hell of an album. In fact every song on this album is badass. There are those songs that are heavy like “Permanence,” “This Is Not,” “Burn To Burn,” “Machine,” “…In A Bag,” and “Structural Defect.” Then there are songs that explore a bit of the melodic side like “Black and White,” and “Cold” which you might remember from the Queen Of The Damned soundtrack.

Static X made the perfect follow up album to their debut. The “sophomore jinx” was not going to hinder them even with losing a band member before the recording of this album. Another thing that makes Machine underrated is that instead of relying on drum machines and loops/samples, the band made a point to make this as organic as they could while still maintaining their “Evil Disco” sound. Static X was one of the most fun live bands of that era and continued to be throughout their career. Sadly, the band would go on to break up later on and in 2014 Wayne Static died from a drug overdose. One thing is for sure though, Static X wrote some really rad songs and Machine is probably their best album.


Static X- Machine:


Anything But This (B-Side from Machine):