SHOWS: The Cobalt Presents at Corbin Bowl: 2/25/23


01) ARC ANGLES: This band is one of the very first bands I ever wrote about on Audioeclectica. Once upon a time they were called And We Are Them and now they have evolved into Arc Angles. Seriously, this band is badass. It’s got a little bit of everything I love from a plethora of genres from post-hardcore, alternative rock, noise/math rock and then some. As a three piece band, these guys pack one hell of a punch. Their new EP, Daisy, is impactful not just as a piece of music but, lyrically as well. It’s one of the first things I listened to in 2023 and it’s still in rotation constantly! Be sure to check this band out!

02) This Is A Train Wreck– “To The Sky Above” and “My Heart Is Trying To Kill Me.” This Is A Train Wreck is a really fun band. They put on a solid good show while at the same time know how to have a fun time. These two songs of theirs are recently released and will be a part of their upcoming EP to be released in April/May. In a time where things are so serious, it’s great to have a band like This Is A Train Wreck to come in and just bring a good time with what they do. Come see why I recommend them!

“My Heat Is Trying To Kill Me”

“To The Sky Above”

03) War Tomorrow: Last month at The Cobalt Presents show at Corbin Bowl, we had this group of teenagers come in and play and they absolutely rocked the place. So much so that we had to have them back again. These kids played with an intensity and passion that I would dare a lot of bands to show up and play with. Their style of punk/metal/rock makes for one hell of a sonic explosion. As I mentioned about War Tomorrow before, they have the songs and show that the Cobalt was built on. Look forward to seeing them more!

War Tomorrow- Waste Of Space EP:

04) Loather: Last year I heard about Loather and after first listen, I was in. It’s a mix of metal, hardcore, djent and a dash of punk. They are back with a new lineup that looks to take the heavy even further than before. There’s something to be said about a band injecting fresh blood into its veins and Loather are definitely a fine example of what can happen with the right ingridients!

05) Bone Maggot: Bone Maggot is one of those bands that sounds as loud and heavy as their name. Mixing different genres of metal (groove, death, grind, thrash, etc), Bone Maggot delivers a brutal approach to the heavy. It’s going to be quite fun to watch this band throw down the heavy at Corbin!

06) Hologram Empire: These youngsters have taken their love of 90’s and early 00’s rock and put together a band that is fun and a bit nostalgic. It’s enjoyable and quite nice to have a band fall in love with a genre/style and work to evolve within that sound. They are kicking off the night at Corbin Bowl and it will sure be a fun one!

Live Review: Cobalt Night at Corbin Bowl 1/20/23

Growing up in Southern California, especially in the surrounding Los Angeles area, there has always been venues with storied histories. For example the famous Sunset Strip and The Whisky A Go-Go, Roxy, Viper Room and Rainbow. There was also a venue in the San Fernando Valley that had a very storied history as well. So many bands that you love today got their start, honed their craft and rocked the stage at the famous Cobalt Cafe. For years The Cobalt Cafe would become a sort of right of passage when being in a band no matter how big or small. It was an all ages venue that put on shows every night and provided a place for everyone to enjoy live music no matter the genre. However in, 2014 the Cobalt closed due but, in July of 2021 the Cobalt returned in a new fashion and a reignited fire to give up and coming bands a place to play. The Cobalt Presents now does shows on a constant basis around the LA area (Corbin Bowl, Hotel Ziggy, The Last Call, The Whisky A Go Go, Transplants Brewing and more) bringing in great bands and putting on superb shows.

The other night was no exception as The Cobalt kicked off 2023 with one hell of a bang at Corbin Bowl. The night was eclectic and featured varied bands from ska/punk, punk, skate punk, doom metal, thrash metal, and pop punk. The whole night and band after band was exceptional. The flow of the styles of the bands made it even more fun as the energy level kept rising with each band that took the stage. The place was packed and the familiar faces from back in the days of the old Cobalt were there as well, making it all come full circle.


Tonight at The Federal (UPSTAIRS) in North Hollywood, The Cobalt Presents in association with Audioeclectica and The Radford Media Group bring you an eclectic night of alternative and rock bands. The doors open at 7pm followed by Bantamweight, Jordi, Darkroads, The Baby Goats and Crime Spree In Candyland. Tickets are $20 at the door and it’s ALL AGES! Full Bar and Kitchen available as well!

Check Out The Bands Below:




The Baby Goats:

Crime Spree In Candyland:

SHOWS: Audioeclectica’s Birthday Bash

All week I’ve been featuring the bands that are playing TONIGHT, May 6, 2022 at The Federal in North Hollywood, CA! I couldn’t be more stoked on the lineup and how it all came together! We’ve got one hell of a ECLECTIC lineup for you featuring the debut performance of Alphamega, up and comers Royalty Kult, the EP release party for Centershift and their debut release, Don’t Panic from Arizona is coming in to celebrate their new single/video for the song “Time Machine” and Fact Pattern is here to open up a can of whoop ass with their signature industrial doom style! Don’t Miss Out On This Show! Tickets are $20 at the door!!

See you later!


Band Of The Week: Tangients

I love it when I hear a band and while listening to their songs I get to that moment of “ahhhh.” A while back I came across a post punk band that realy intrigued me. The other elements they had in their music like shoegaze, dream pop, and even the bit of a pop sensibility really peaked my interest and the rest was history. Allow me to introduce you to Tangients. This post-punk-gaze duo is absolutely awesome. Vocalist Chelsea Ray has this intensity to the way she sings that you must hear to believe. The sonic textures of guitars, bass, noise, melody and ambience by Be Hussey adds to the incredible intensity of the vocals. I’ve tried to come up with a good comparison of what I’d describe Tangients as and I think I’ve come up with quite a good one. Think Siouxie and The Banshees mixed with a bit of Bjork, The Cure and a tinge of Portishead. I also am thrilled to announce that TANGIENTS will be a part of Audioeclectica’s Birthday Bash, Friday May 6, 2022 at The Federal in North Hollywood! Get your tickets HERE!!!!

Tangients- White Foam:

Tangients- Hazel:

The Other Side: EM The Master

One of the things I really enjoy about this topic is getting to share bands/artists that you wouldn’t normally expect. A few weeks ago I was at a show and I saw someone that was quite intriguing. It was more than just seeing a band. There was a theatrical aspect to the show without being over the top and campy. An element of surprise and mystique made this performance all the more interesting. With this in mind let me introduce you to EM The Master. Her music is a mix of alternative rock, pop, classical and a tinge of dance. On her debut EP, What I Want To Say To You, it tells the story of her feelings of being a rape survivor. The full length follow up REBORN, chronicled her healing. EM’s ability to channel that experience into songs that give power, hope and strength to other survivors shows her brutally honest approach to her music. The performance aspect of what accompanies the songs makes it all come to life. That’s when you need to go see this all come together. The way EM works the room accentuating certain lyrics and at those moments in the song is pretty damn awesome to watch happen. EM The Master currently holds residencies at historic Harvelles Blues Club in LA, speakeasy The Red Door of Toluca Lake, and The End of South Bay as well as other venues across Los Angeles (FRIDAY APRIL 1 at The Federal in North Hollywood).

What I Want To Say To You:


Bands Of The Week: The Cobalt Presents Show- July 17 at The Federal

For those of you that don’t know, The Cobalt Cafe was founded by Dave Politi in January 1991. One of the first cafe venues in the San Fernando Valley, the Cobalt was fashioned after coffee houses featuring live music and poetry more widespread in San Francisco. For many years, The Cobalt was most known as a rock venue, having become a regular tour stop for underground and up-and-coming touring artists, including many signed to indie and major labels.The Cobalt Cafe gave many bands you know and love their start. Bands like Jimmy Eat World, Hoobastank, Incubus, Save Ferris, AFI, Avenged Sevenfold, Linkin Park and so many others. Sadly though, a few years back, The Cobalt had to close but, now in 2021 it is back in a whole new way. On July 17th, The Cobalt makes its return. This evening is going to be one of those shows you will remember as we celebrate the 30th Anniversary of The Cobalt Cafe. Featuring an eclectic plethora of bands as well as artists, poets and more, this show is bringing back the vibes of the old Cobalt but, with a flair for today. Bands performing include No Advisory, Final Fall, Kiss The Scientist, Seven 40 Seven, Powder Pink & Sweet, Ryan Hahn & The Believers, Cannibal Valley, Sunset Ritual and Diggajigga. Tell all your friends, get out of the house and come celebrate a wonderful evening. A portion of the proceeds will also be going to benefit Cedars Sinai Cancer Research as well as the very awesome Valley Relics Museum. Buy your tickets at!!!!

Abloom in Santa Barbara!!!


Friday night September 19th at Velvet Jones in Santa Barbara, Abloom returns from a 10 year hiatus. Sharing the stage with them is With Our Arms To The Sun, Soma and The Broken Stems. It’s primed to be a great night! Come out and enjoy the music!! Show starts at 8pm. $12 and 21 and over!

It’s going to be well worth the trip!


With Our Arms To The Sun:


The Broken Stems: