Month: May 2022

Title Tracks: Fear Factory- Demanufacture

The year is 1995 and an album is about to be released that changes the heavy metal game for the future. This landmark album would not only put the band on the map but it would go on to be one of the most influential and inspirational albums of the 90’s metal scene and beyond. I’m talking about Fear Factory and their undeniable masterpiece, Demanufacture. There is one story I love about the making of this album that I have to share. The album was recorded at Bearsville Studios in rural New York. Also in residence at the studio was New Jersey rockers, Bon Jovi who were in the studio recording their album These Days (which is actually a really good album in the Bon Jovi catalog and quite dark too). Anyways the story goes that Fear Factory were in the studio next door and one of Bon Jovi’s engineers asked them to turn the sound down, as it was bleeding into Bon Jovi’s drum mics, during Bon Jovi’s recording sessions. But that’s a whole other story for another time. What I want is to focus on the title track of the album. The concept for the album is about a man’s struggles against a machine-controlled government, with each song a chapter in his life. The first song on the album is the title track “Demanufacture” and as a tone setter, WOW. This song is blistering. The riffs are pummeling and the drums blast like Thor’s hammer. Then when you add Burton C. Bell’s vocals of clean singing to heavier vocals, you just can’t beat it. What a way to start off an album and a classic one at best. This song has gone on to live in infamy as one of the best title tracks but also as a track one!

Fear Factory- Demanufacture:

Band Of The Week: Haunted Horses

Since I started Audioeclectica, I’ve noticed that certain cities have a wealth of music bursting at the seams to be heard. Seattle has long been a city with a plethora of music waiting to be heard. Which brings me to the band of the week, Haunted Horses. I’ve heard about this band for a bit now and they are quite a band. Haunted Horses is an industrial punk duo/trio from Seattle made up of Colin Dawson and Myke Pelly. Their sound is this mix of chaotic noise and rhythms paired with an onslaught of distorted keys, guitars, bass and thundering drums. The band’s music stretches between post-punk, noise core, industrial and even a bit of a gothic/new wave sound. Most recently Haunted Horses recruited long time friend Brian McClelland of Filth Is Eternal and He Whose Ox Is Gore to add another layer of dynamic heaviness to the already captivating live show and sound. The time for a band like Haunted Horses is now. The element of danger that comes with their live show is much needed in a very sterile time we live in. Plus having music that gives you the push/pull of tension to truly bring you in, makes Haunted Horses a band to definitely watch out for. On July 29, 2022 via Three One G Records, Haunted Horses album, The Worst Has Finally Happened will be out! Check out the first single “Cold Medicine” NOW!!!

Haunted Horses- Cold Medicine:

Check Out What Else Haunted Horses Has To Offer Via Their Bandcamp!!!!

Cover Song: The Smashing Pumpkins (The Talking Heads)- Once In A Lifetime

Ever since I went to see The Smashing Pumpkins a coiuple weeks ago, I’ve been reliving the show in my head. One of the moments of the show that really stood out to me was when they played their cover of The Talking Heads “Once In A Lifetime.” The original version is still astounding and this version, especially the arrangement the Pumpkins put together takes on a life of its own. I still can’t get over how damn good this was.

The Smashing Pumpkins- Once In A Lifetime (Live):

The Talking Heads- Once In A Lifetime:

Breaks & Rhymes: Dälek- Precipice

I have a very interesting relationship with Hip Hop music. For the most part it’s not something I seek out but, if I hear of something interesting or someone tells me about an artist that I might enjoy I tend to check it out. A couple years back I heard about an experimental hip-hop group that mixed interesting elements of rock, industrial, hip hop, electronica and more along with lyrics that stand for something and are thought provoking. That group is Dälek and let me tell you, if you don’t know about them, you must be living under a rock of epic proportions. Instead of a history lesson about the group (google it on your own), I want to talk about the groups latest release, Precipice.

Precipice is an album bursting at the seems filled with a fury and power that is beyond needed in society today. Topics about what we are all seeing today, the trials and tribulations of life, and an anger that has been missing in hip-hop music since the 90’s. Every single track packs a punch that has your head bobbing but your mind working and listening. Songs like “Boycott,” “Decimation (Dis Nation),” “Holistic,” deliver the goods and then some. Then you have a track like “A Heretic’s Inheritance” which features Tool’s Adam Jones. This track is a little bit of a departure from the album and it has some pretty gnarly droney type riffs to accompany and already moody and haunting song.

Dälek is a group that should be on your musical radar. The catalog of the group speaks volumes and the new material added to that only provides more fuel to the story that is needed to be told. Having an MC like Dälek (aka (Will Brooks) be the voice and when you hear the urgency in the tone and words, you know this is serious. Precipice is an album that will take a few times for you to really truly digest but, when you do, the way it does leaves one hell of a mark.

Overall Rating 8/10

Dälek- Precipice:

Best Guitar Solos: Stone Temple Pilots- Silvergun Superman

There are always albums in a bands career and catalog that will define them but there are certain ones that will always stand out among the rest. Stone Temple Pilots have that type of catalog. Their debut album, Core is a quintessential rock album every rock music fan should own but, the one that should really be in every collection is their second album and their masterpiece, Purple. We all now about the year 1994 and all the great albums that came out and Purple is most definitely on that list. Through the years as I’ve listened more and more to this album, there are always specific songs and moments I always go back to. For example my favorite song on the album “Lounge Fly” is such an amazing song. And the other song that has been a close second favorite “Silvergun Superman” has one of the best guitar solos on an STP album. Guitarist Dean DeLeo is not only underrated as a player but his style of play looks so flawless. When you hear him play it’s distinctly him. You can tell the difference especially if you listen to Velvet Revolver try to play STP songs, the guitar tones and styles don’t match Dean (and that’s not a knock on Slash, he just doesn’t have the same “feel” as Dean, especially for these songs. Solo wise on “Silvergun Superman” it’s got this really cool late 60’s early 70’s psychedelic rock vibe to it with a bit of a southern charm a la The Allman Brothers and a dash of Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin. After you are done with delving into the greatness that is “Silvergun Superman” go back and listen to Purple, and you’ll hear why it’s a true masterpiece.

Stone Temple Pilots- Silvergun Superman (Album Version):

Stone Temple Pilots- Silvergun Superman (Live 1994):

New Release: Billy Howerdel- Beautiful Mistake

Billy Howerdel of A Perfect Circle/Ashes Divide is preparing to release his debut “solo” album, What Normal Was on June 10. Ahead of the release, Billy will be releasing a new song each week until the album is released. Already “Poison Flowers” and “Free and Weightless” have been released (and they are pretty damn good songs). Now, we have the third song to be released “Beautiful Mistake.” Speaking on the song “We’re often too hard on ourselves,” says Howerdel in reference to the theme behind the song. “The Japanese philosophy Kintsugi, the Appreciation of Imperfection, inspired a new way for me to reflect on mistakes. Forgiving others can often be easier than forgiving ourselves.” This song is one of my favorites on the record. It’s got a very moody vibe that inhabits the best of the 80’s new wave era. Wait till you hear the whole record and in sequence!!!

Billy Howerdel- Beautiful Mistake:

On The Rise: Alex Baird

The new breed of singer/songwriters are interesting. Instead of falling back into the comfort of classic influences, the youth of today have been stretching their wings and finding new outlets to be inspired by. I’d like to introduce you all to Alex Baird. Alex isn’t your typical singer songwriter. Following the lead from her late grandmother, Peggi Griffith, an acclaimed torch singer known as the ‘Seattle Darling,’ Alex’s debut is quite the collection of songs. The album is rounded out by new performances of tunes written and recorded in the ’60s by Alex’s late grandmother. And instead of the usual run of the mill type of album you think you’d get this is where it gets interesting. Taking cues from the pop world especially from the age of the 50’s & 60’s and then incorporating a bit of jazz standards into the songs, gives the album a whole new life on its own. Think of it in terms of if Norah Jones and Carole King combined forces, that’s what you get with up and comer Alex Baird. Her debut album, Lemon Tree, is out NOW!

Alex Baird- Lemon Tree:

Album Review: Cave In- Heavy Pendulum

Cave In are a band that have weathered every storm you can think of as a band. And no matter what is thrown at them, be it life lessons and tragedies, Cave In always comes out on top and armed with a sense of passion and delivery that most bands would and should be envious of. What Stephen Brodsky, Adam McGrath, JR Conners and Nate Newton have put together on their new album, Heavy Pendulum, they should not only be proud of but this album sets the band on a whole new journey of triumphs to be had and stages to rock.

Heavy Pendulum is an album that has one hell of an ebb and flow just like an album should. All the classic Cave In elements are here along with some new twists and turns. As the album begins with “New Reality” it’s obvious the guys are looking to move on from what they have been through and using this a new way to set forth a new path for the band. This track not only sets the tone for the album, the riffs attack with a sense of urgency similar to that of the Perfect Pitch Black era. The melodic leads provide the right amount of ear candy to wet your Brodsky/McGrath guitar appetite. The album continues at a pace that draws you in more and more with lush sound scapes, sick riffs, rhythms that will get you up rocking and maybe dancing a bit, top notch melodies not just vocally, lyrics that are reflective, deep and provide a bit more closure, and a sense that this album really just re-kickstarted a band that is just scratching the surface of where they can go now.

The 14 songs that make up Heavy Pendulum swing ferociously. From all the heavy riffs to the mid tempo drops and the more delicate moments, this album has most definitely earned its spot within the top 5 albums of 2022. I could go track by track which I did when I was listening to the album but, I really believe that takes away from your listening experience. Instead I will point out a few of my favorite tracks like “Blood Spiller,” “Floating Skulls,” “Heavy Pendulum,” “Amaranthine,” “Nightmare Eyes” and the closing song “Reckoning” which I must say Adam McGrath absolutely shines on this song.

The addition of Nate Newton to the band is very present throughout the album. His tone, style of play and passion for this band radiates through each song. After I heard the news of Caleb Scofield’s passing, I knew the only person that could ideally fill his shoes was Nate and not only has he honored Caleb but he’s continued on with same drive for the band that he had. When you hear the parts of the songs that would be “Caleb moments,” Nate drives those parts home with a sense of gusto that I’m sure would make Caleb smile.

Cave In has made an album that not only sums up their career but sets the foundation for where they can keep going. There isn’t one moment on this album that feels forced or makes you want to change a song. The whole album captures the listener like an album should. Heavy Pendulum isn’t just another Cave In album, this one is one that was destined to be made and the end result is something beyond tremendous. Personally, I can’t wait to hear these songs take on a new life when played live. Cheers to Stephen, Adam, JR, and Nate for creating one of the best albums of 2022 as well as one of the best albums in the Cave In catalog.

Overall Rating: A

Cave In- Heavy Pendulum:

By: Brian Lacy

New Release: Coheed and Cambria- Comatose

Over the last couple of years one band that I’ve really gotten into is Coheed and Cambria. When they first arrived on the scene I kinda wrote them off for whatever dumb reason I had at the time. But, like anything worth a damn, sometimes it takes time to really find the beauty in something, just like Coheed and Cambria. Since then, I’ve been enthralled by their albums, songs, concepts and live shows. And now we are starting to get closer to a new Coheed album and that’s quite exciting. Their new album Vaxis II: A Window of the Waking Mind will be available June 24th. So far we’ve gotten a couple singles “Shoulders” and “The Liars Club,” and now here comes “Comatose.” This one is a catchy fun one that I’m sure when played live will be huge with that chorus!



The Liars Club:

Live Review: The Smashing Pumpkins at Santa Barbara Bowl

There are some venues out there that are absolutely magical. When you get to see one of your favorite bands and one of “those” types of venues, don’t hesitate, go see them there. It will be one of those shows in your memory that will always live on and be played in your head. The Santa Barbara bowl is a mystical place. The way it’s nestled inside the hill and the fact that it feels so intimate even being 1/3 the size of the Hollywood Bowl is just icing on the cake. Not to mention the sound at the venue is impecable. I’ve had the pleasure to see a few of my favorite bands there like Nine Inch Nails, Jane’s Addiciton, Stone Temple Pilots, Depeche Mode and now The Smashing Pumpkins.

Over the past few years (pre-pandemic) I rediscovered my love for The Smashing Pumpkins. I remember how it happened too. I was listening to the radio late at night after a long day and night, I couldn’t think of anything to put on so I just went with whatever the radio had on. At that moment, as soon as I turned to the pre-set on my car stereo, the beat for “1979” started and that was that. The song ended just as I got home and that set in motion what would make me fall in love with this band again.

Seeing The Smashing Pumpkins during their 2018 “reunion tour” was magical all on its own from the set list, the visuals, and then some. This night was different then that show. Not only did they pick one of the most absolutely perfect set lists, they were on fire all night long. Songs from the beginning till now made everyone in attendance singing along and dancing. It was amazing to look over the crowd and see how many people were enamored with the brilliance of The Smashing Pumpkins.

Starting off the set was “The Color Of Love” from their most recent and underrated albums in CYR (seriously, it will grow on you and the songs live sound amazing). Then they hit the crowd with “Bullet With Butterfly Wings.” From that point, it was on, the next blast of songs included “Today,” “Ugly (which I’ve loved for years. Even had a few tears of joy drip from my eyes during that one),” “Drown” and “Quiet.” Now I don’t know about you but, what a way to kick off the show. Throughout the night even more great songs were played including “Eye,” “Ava Adore,” “Zero” “Cherub Rock,” Stand Inside Your Love” “1979” “Disarm” and one of the best performances of “Tonight, Tonight” I’ve ever seen with just Billy and James Iha playing. They even played their cover of The Talking Heads “Once In A Lifetime” and that was tremendous. Towards the end of the show two more surprise songs got me good though. “Telegenix” from CYR was played and that just happens to be my favorite song on that album and to close out the night (due to curfew) “X.Y.U.” One of the most fun moments during the show was when Billy put down his guitar to sing and his dance moves were a bit contagious as he had many in the crowd following his moves. Maybe one day we can get some Jimmy Shimmy like in the CYR video.

The Smashing Pumpkins are officially back. Sure they had their ups and downs over the years just like any band does (theirs was a bit more public) but, this renewed sense of the band has them on absolute fire. I highly recommend going through their catalog and the b-sides and discovering all the greatness that is The Smashing Pumpkins. It’s truly amazing that a band like this who has been around for over 30 years can still put out quality music, shows and still be inspired. When The Smashing Pumpkins come back to your town, don’t hesitate, GO SEE THEM LIVE!!!

Set List:

01) The Colour Of Love
02) Bullet With Butterfly Wings
03) Today
04) Ugly
05) Drown
06) Quiet
07) Cyr
08) Once In A Lifetime (Talking Heads Cover)
09) Solara
10) Eye
11) Ava Adore
12) Tonight, Tonight (Acoustic: Billy & James)
13) Stand Inside Your Love
14) Cherub Rock
15) Zero
16) Telegenix
17) FOL
18) 1979
19) Disarm
20) If There Is A God
21) X.Y.U.

By: Brian Lacy