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Instrumental Albums: Dave Lombardo- Rites Of Percussion

Drums and Dave Lombardo are like kindred spirits that are just meant to be. It’s one of those things in the world that makes absolute and total sense. I’ll never forget the first time I heard Dave play on a Slayer album when I was kid as well as the first time I ever got to see Dave play which was surprisingly at a Fantomas show before I saw him in Slayer. Dave’s been a busy guy for years from his time playing in Grip Inc, Fantomas, Suicidal Tendencies, Testament, and more recently Dead Cross, Mr. Bungle and The Misfits. Now though, Dave really gets to expand upon all the years of great rhythms with his solo album, Rites Of Percussion. Interestingly, it was Mike Patton in the late 90’s that originally suggested Dave do a solo drum album.

Rites Of Percussion is not your average solo or instrumental album. Instead what you get is an album that is a real start to finish journey. The shifts, twists, turns and intense rhythms found throughout this record are heavy while atmospheric and experimental. The way these songs are crafted are extremely compelling and will have you listening that much closer to pick up on all the nuances and extra bits. Being a diverse drummer, Dave has mixed all sorts of styles of jazz, funk, tribal, rock, world music and different techniques into Rites Of Percussion. One of the things that I love most about this album is the experimentation. Adding different textures and sounds to the righteous rhythms gives these “songs” a hypnotic edge that you might find on a John Carpenter score.

Dave Lombardo is one of the most innovative drummers of the last few decades. He has solidified his place amongst the great rock and metal drummers ever. And all the other bands and projects he’s been a part of have helped to guide him to this place. Rites Of Percussion is one of those albums that is not only creative it’s full to the brim with different cryptic energies that make for some vivid imagery within. Do yourself a favor and take this album for a ride and let it lead you to wherever it takes you.

Overall Rating: 9/10

Dave Lombardo- Rites Of Percussion:

Instrumental Bands: Subterranean Environments

As of late, I find myself becoming more and more intrigued with soundscapes and more avant-garde types of music. The evolution of ones music taste is always an interesting one to study but, that makes things more fun when you think about all that is out there to be discovered. I was recently turned on to a new project that very much peaked my interests and the more I delve into all the intricacies of this I love it more and more. With that in mind allow me to introduce you to Subterranean Environments. This band/project was created by Justin Maranga (Ancestors, Night Horse, Dune Altar) and Foreign Body Sensation (Army Navy, Nightjacket). The two of them have created a piece of work that not only elaborates on their already stellar track record of sonic dynamics but, also explores different realms that the more you listen the more it takes you on a journey through atmospheric textures. There are so many elements to unpack when you listen to this album. It’s hypnotic and psychedelic while at times it ventures down interesting progressive roads packed with great synth work and lush sounds. Not to forget too that there is a haunting melody that chimes in which makes for a charm to these pieces of art that flourish.

I recommend listening to this while being creative or if you are in the need for something to inspire another side of yourself. A band/project like Subterranean Environments is vital because it allows an artist to evolve and explore but, also discover a side that you might not know you needed to mix in with all the other music that you listen to. This is a great encapsulation of dedication, passion and artistry coming together!

Subterranean Environments:

By: Brian Lacy

Instrumental Songs: Nine Inch Nails- A Warm Place

When put in the context of certain albums, an instrumental song can shift the mood, vibe and all the in between. For years, I’ve always loved (shocker I know) the Nine Inch Nails song “A Warm Place.” I’ll never forget hearing it for the first time when I was younger and how the shift of The Downward Spiral turned when this song came on right after “Big Man With A Gun” and before “Eraser.” The way this song captivated me then and still to this day is pretty interesting. On one side you have this really delicate piece of music that has a calming sense to it. Then on the flip side of it, knowing that it’s part of something more and how it leads into “Eraser” makes it one of those songs to bridge a certain section of an album together. A song like “A Warm Place” is more reflective and introspective and in the context of The Downward Spiral, it gives you a moment in time to soak in all of what has happened, knowing what is inevitable in the end. Getting to hear this song live over the years too has given me all sorts of different vibes from it. The 1, 2 punch though of “A Warm Place” into “Eraser” on the album is truly one of those that to this day gives me chills. If you ever need a little break from everything, I recommend taking 3 and a half minutes out of your day and putting this song on and letting it just take you away.

Nine Inch Nails- A Warm Place:

Nine Inch Nails- A Warm Place, Eraser, Dead Souls (Live 2018):

Instrumental Songs: Chevelle- Verruckt

NIRATIAS - Digital Download Only

It’s not every day that an album begins with an instrumental track. Most of the time when that occurs it’s a short intro. On Chevelle’s most recent album NIRATIAS (which is a great album by the way and TOOL should thank them for making the album they should’ve), the opening track “Verruckt” really sets the tone for the album to come. The sludgey and stoner/doom riffs that accompany the song are quite engaging. Just when you think the vocals are about to chime in, they go a different direction. There’s a subtle Mastodon prog vibe to this song in parts too mixed with a bit of Tool and Helmet. Chevelle one of the most consistent rock bands of the past 20 years and this album proved it in a big way!

Chevelle- Verruckt:

Check Out Chevelle’s NIRATIAS:

Instrumental Songs: Chimaira- Implements Of Destruction

If you haven’t heard Chimaira’s album The Impossibility Of Reason, you are missing out on one hell of a heavy metal gem. This album is one of the best heavy albums since the turn of the century. The whole thing is packed with killer riffs, grooves, rhythms and some brutal vocals and lyrics. One of my favorite parts of the album is the closing track, “Implements Of Destruction.” This 13 minute long epic is astounding. It’s one hell of a way to end the album. This song is an absolute masterpiece or instrumental tracks. Do yourself a favor and let this one sink in!!!

Chimaira- Implements Of Destruction:

Instrumental Songs: Cave In- Ataraxia

Ataraxia | Cave In

For the past couple weeks I’ve been on a Cave In kick. Actually it started back when Two Minutes To Late Night released the videos of their Splitsville series when Every Time I Die covered Cave In’s “Youth Overrided.” From that point, I’ve been delving back into the Cave In catalog. During this time I’ve spent a lot of time with the album Perfect Pitch Black. I remember when this album came out and how strikingly different it was from Antenna, and thankfully so. I do like Antenna a lot but, you can tell that there is something lacking about it in terms of energy and passion on certain songs. Perfect Pitch Black is a wonderful encompassing of everything Cave In had done to that point. It has the the grit and heaviness of Until Your Heart Stops, the spacey and proggy vibe of Jupiter, and the craftsmanship of Antenna. So many stand out songs are on PPD like “Trepanning,” “Off To Ruin,” “The World Is In The Way,” and “Screaming In Your Sleep.” One of the songs that has always stood out to me is the awesome instrumental track “Ataraxia.” This song is perfectly placed on the album and it gives the record a moment to reflect as you get swept away by the sea of rhythm and riffs. This is another great example of just how diverse and deep Cave In are.

Cave In- Ataraxia:

Cave In- Perfect Pitch Black:

Instrumental Songs: Nine Inch Nails- The Mark Has Been Made

Nine Inch Nails - The Fragile - Music

It is no secret that Nine Inch Nails is my favorite band. I’ve spent many many days, nights and years, delving deep into the catalog. When you take a real close listen to a lot of the songs and the order they were placed in on the albums, you really get to feel the vibe. For example, The Fragile (my all time favorite NIN album and favorite album EVER), on disc 2 (better known as the right disc), there is an instrumental song called “The Mark Has Been Made” that is a wonderful almost segue into the next song “Please.” This instrumental is a beast live too. Take a moment and let this one sink into your head!

Nine Inch Nails- The Mark Has Been Made:

Nine Inch Nails- The Mark Has Been Made (LIVE):

Instrumental Songs: Metallica- Orion

Watch Metallica's 'Master of Puppets' 20th anniversary show in full

Since I started this topic, I made a giant list of songs to feature. The list is endless and the hardest part is figuring out what one to write about first. Thankfully, today I woke up with a riff in my head and I immediately remembered where it came from. Which now brings me to Metallica and their epic “Orion.” This song is so damn good. It’s absolutely one of the best instrumental songs ever. At over 8 minutes long, this song can take you on an adventure. It’s got all the best things about Metallica in it. Plus Cliff Burton’s bass parts on this song are superb!

Metallica- Orion:

Instrumental Songs: Nine Inch Nails- Just Like You Imagined

NIN - Just Like You Imagined] | The fragile, Nine inch nails, Universal  music group

I will never forget the first time I listened to Nine Inch Nails album The Fragile the whole way through. There was something so special about that album. I could and will go into more detail about that album at some point down the road. One of the immediate songs that hit me like a ton of bricks was track number 7 on Disc 1 (or the left side), “Just Like You Imagined.” This instrumental track blew me away. It’s a total encompassing of everything that makes The Fragile so great. The song on the studio recording features David Bowie’s longtime pianist, Michael Garson, who adds some beautiful moments. Live, this song is even better. I’ve had the pleasure of hearing it live a few times and each one of those I was totally in awe at how amazing the song truly is.

Nine Inch Nails- Just Like You Imagined:

Just Like You Imagined (Rehearsal):