Month: February 2022

New Music Friday: Feb 25, 2022

Got some new jams to share with you all. Over the past week a bunch of new music came out. Check out tasty jams by If It Kills You, Sound & Shape, VOWWS, Greg Puciato, Coheed and Cambria, Absent In Body, Haunted Shores, Meshuggah.

If It Kills You- Parallel Lines:

Coheed and Cambria- The Liar’s Club:

Vowws- One By One/Shadow Man:

Greg Puciato featuring Reba Meyers- Lowered:

Sound & Shape- How The Light Gets In:

Absent In Body- Sarin:

Haunted Shores- Only Fangs:

Meshuggah- The Abysmal Eye:

New Release: VOWWS- One By One

Ever since I heard the band VOWWS, I’ve been smitten by them. The way they’ve mixed and blended post-punk, new wave, goth, industrial and electronic music is absolutely superb. As a two piece the amount of volume they emit is astounding. And their live show is one that you won’t want to miss. Now, VOWWS has released a new single and I couldn’t be more stoked. “One By One” is trippy song that creates this rich tension in the way the guitar and electronic elements come together, mix that with the rich vocals and when those melodic parts kick in, it all comes together to create a delightful sound. The accompanying video is a bit psychedelic too. Directed by longtime collaborator Jordan Hemingway and edited by the bands own Rizz with Ella Turner-Bridger, they’ve created something that is artsy and intriguing while captivating you to listen!

VOWWS- One By One:

VOWWS- One By One/Shadow Man (Single):

Anticipated Albums: Greg Puciato- Mirrorcell

Greg Puciato’s debut solo album Child Soldier: Creator of God was one hell of a tremendous album. It was my favorite album of 2020 and I still gravitate towards the record on a consistent basis. A few months back word began to spread that Greg was back in the studio working on the follow up. Well now the wait is over and the details have been released. Mirrorcell will be released June 17 via Federal Prisoner. The first song released “Lowered” features Reba Meyers of Code Orange as a guest vocalist. On this album, Puciato once again recorded all vocals, guitars and bass for the collection, and continued his long-running relationship Producer Steve Evetts (The Dillinger Escape Plan, The Cure, Snapcase)along with Chris Hornbrook (Dhani Harrison, Big Black Delta) who played drums on the nine-song album.

Greg Puciato- Lowered (Feat. Reba Meyers):

Album Review: Black Map- Melodoria

Black Map is one of the bands that as soon as I heard, I instantly fell in love with. Armed with the riffs, pummeling rhythms, and right amount of melody, Black Map have cemented themselves amongst the rock world. As a three piece the magnitude of volume emitted from Ben Flanagan (vocals/bass), Mark Engles (guitar), and Chris Robyn (drums) is astounding. Their new album Melodoria is a catchy, inquisitive and etherial driven album.

From the moment the first song “Chasms” kicks things off with that riff, you the listener are truly in for an experience. Black Map didn’t put together a collection of songs, they made an album that demands you listen and soak it all in. Across the ten songs on the album, there are many different vibes that shape the record and take you on a journey. One of the best things about Black Map is the velvetly delicate vocals of Ben Flanagan. Not only can you hear what he’s singing but with each line and verse and listen you get more and more engrossed in the subject matter and the thunderous bass tone that packs one hell of a punch. Mark Engles guitar work on this album is on par with his brightest moments in Dredg. There will always be a tinge of Dredg in this band but, the way it’s used brings in a different element that adds a level of atmosphere and space to the hard driving riffs. And who can forget the absolutely devastating drums provided by the one and only Chris Robyn. The combination of all three of these gentleman has made for one hell of a band and 3 albums of pure and honest rock music.

A band like Black Map is a breath of fresh air in a musical climate where programmed drums and taking the easy way out has become acceptable. Black Map was founded on the premise of being a heavy rock band with melody and they really have delivered the goods on Melodoria. They’ve achieved and found their sound on this album. Taking the best of what the first two albums offered, mix that with the maturity and development and you really have a recipe for a damn good album. I really recommend putting this album while on a drive and letting it take you over. It’s one of those albums that will grow on your in different ways. It hits you in all the right ways depending on where you are at in that moment. Black Map deserves to be played on every stereo and loud. Go see them live when you get a chance, they will rock you for damn sure!

Recommended Tracks: Chasms, Super Deluxe, Madness, Witching Hour, Melodoria

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

Black Map- Melodoria:

Band Of The Week: Speed Of Light

The whole point of starting Audioeclectica was to share great new music and bands with you all. There are so many good bands out there that deserve the attention and support. With that in mind, it’s my pleasure to introduce you to Speed Of Light. This power trio (ages 18, 17 and 15) plays hard-hitting rock n roll with a righteous slab of punk rock. Since their inception they’ve been playing stages all over Southern California and destroying them. I’ve had the pleasure to see a couple of their shows and each time they leave me in awe. Their style of unrelenting rock and right attitude makes them a force to be reckoned with in the rock scene. I personally can’t wait for more from Speed Of Light. Everything about this band is what you would want in a great rock band. Here’s to a lot more from Speed Of Light and them conquering the rock world! Definitely head to The Federal in North Hollywood on Saturday, March 12th to see them rock the house!

Speed Of Light On YouTube:

Speed Of Light On Bandcamp:

Speed Of Light On Spotify:

By: Brian Lacy

Instrumental Songs: Chevelle- Verruckt

NIRATIAS - Digital Download Only

It’s not every day that an album begins with an instrumental track. Most of the time when that occurs it’s a short intro. On Chevelle’s most recent album NIRATIAS (which is a great album by the way and TOOL should thank them for making the album they should’ve), the opening track “Verruckt” really sets the tone for the album to come. The sludgey and stoner/doom riffs that accompany the song are quite engaging. Just when you think the vocals are about to chime in, they go a different direction. There’s a subtle Mastodon prog vibe to this song in parts too mixed with a bit of Tool and Helmet. Chevelle one of the most consistent rock bands of the past 20 years and this album proved it in a big way!

Chevelle- Verruckt:

Check Out Chevelle’s NIRATIAS:

Those 90’s Songs: Eve 6- Inside Out

Eve 6 | Light In The Attic Records

If you haven’t noticed, I’m a huge fan of 90’s rock music. There was just something honest and pure about that time before everything got convoluted. One of my favorite things to do back then was just put the radio on and soak up all the songs played. I used to love to keep a blank tape in the stereo to record the songs I liked a lot. One of those songs that I would constantly put on tapes was “Inside Out” by Eve 6. I remember this song coming out and being really into it. It’s one of those songs from the late 90’s that you couldn’t escape and now when you hear it, it automatically takes you back in a good way. The song was a big hit in the US topping the Modern Rock charts 3 different times and 4 weeks at number 1. It even got to 28 on the Top 40 charts. Another interesting tidbit, the band’s self titled debut album was written when the members were 16/17 years old! Here’s to Eve 6 and a great and lasting song!

Eve 6- Inside Out:

New Release: Liam Gallagher- Everything’s Electric

Liam Gallagher – “Everything's Electric” (Feat. Dave Grohl)

Liam Gallagher is back yet again with a new album, C’mon You Know which is out May 27, 2022. The first song released “Everything’s Electric” has Dave Grohl playing drums on the track as well as being a co-writer on the song along with Liam and producer Greg Kurstin. Since Liam started his solo career a few years back with the great debut As You Were, he’s been on fire. The singles released are superb but when you get deeper into the other songs on the albums you’ll find a plethora of other great songs. As much as I would love an Oasis reunion, at least Liam is back out here and delivering solid good rock n roll songs and albums!

Liam Gallagher- Everything’s Electric:

Alternate Versions: Nine Inch Nails- Where Is Everybody? (Renholder/Telefon Tel Aviv Remix)

Things Falling Apart [EP] [PA] by Nine Inch Nails (CD, Nov-2000, Interscope  (USA)) for sale online | eBay

Since the news broke today that Nine Inch Nails annouced new tour dates for 2022, of course it would put me in a NIN frame of mind. Instead of something typical to post about why not explore some of the remixes. One of the remix albums that often gets overlooked in their catalog is Things Falling Apart from The Fragile era. The remix version of “Where Is Everybody?” done by Danny Lohner (aka Renholder) and Josh Eustis and Charles Cooper of Telefon Tel Aviv is superb. This version is much more atmospheric and features some really cool glitch beats towards the latter half of the song. Take a moment to dig into this awesome version and the whole remix album!

Nine Inch Nails- Where Is Everybody? (Renholder/Telefon Tel Aviv Remix):

Nine Inch Nails- Things Falling Apart:

Bandcamp Friday: February 4, 2022


Thought I’d try something new and fun! Since today is Bandcamp Friday (when they wave their fee for 24 hours) why not showcase some great bands and their albums/singles that are out now! Check out these bands and show them some support!


Arc Angles:

Some Gifts:

If It Kills You:

Spirit In The Room:


Niner Niner:



Tombstones In Their Eyes:

Filth Is Eternal:

Deaf Club:

The Moon Rocks:

Cowboy Destroy:

Speed Of Light:


In Parallel:

Sound and Shape: