Month: September 2016

Album Review: True Widow-Avvolgere


Every once in a while I come across a band or album that has put out something that really grabs my attention. True Widow’s new album Avvolgere is something quite intriguing. The album has a feel of parts stoner/doom rock, 70’s psychedelic rock, and a bit of shoegaze, while still having a “metal” feel. Avvolgere is an “album” for sure. Each song on it from the opener “Back Shredder” to the closer “What Find’s Me,”fits in the spectrum of an album the way it should. Something else that I noticed about this album is the sense of calm that accompanies it. The production is stellar. The minimalist feel to it allows the instruments to shine in their natural state. The bright yet slightly doomy guitars glisten among the words and vocals. Each and every song on this gloomy gem is a stand out. The reverb drenched “To All That He Elong,” is a sonic triumph. “OOTPV” is one that brings the sludge in a great way.

True Widow is a band that deserves your attention. Avvolgere is an album that should be delved into. What really stands out to me is their desire to create music that has substance and rings true to their influences and inspiration.

Live Review: Peter Hook & The Light at The Wiltern


I was 10 years old when I first heard about Joy Division. Nine Inch Nails had a song on The Crow soundtrack called “Dead Souls.” I thought what Nine Inch Nails album is this on that I don’t have. Well it turned out to be a cover, and I immediately sought out to discover who the band was, which was Joy Division. From that point I started to really get into Joy Division, and could definitely hear where Trent got some of his inspiration and influence from. So when the opportunity came up to see Peter Hook play songs from Joy Division’s catalog, it was a no brainer, I had to go.

The first part of the night was dedicated to New Order. I’ve never really been a huge New Order fan, with the exception of their first couple albums, and the song “True Faith,” so the impact of the first set of the evening didn’t get me very excited. But the great thing about live music is that it has the ability to change your mind about things. I can honestly say that after the set which was full of great songs like “Ceremony,” “Blue Monday,” “In A Lonely Place,” “Thieves Like Us,” “Confusion,” and many more. Starting the night off with New Order was a great way to bring about energy to the almost full crowd.




Now the second set of the night was what I was waiting for. I’ve waited a very long time to hear these songs live. I’ve heard plenty of other bands over the years cover their songs and it always seems to get crowds really excited. Peter Hook delivered a great set of classic soothing songs, so much so that if you looked around at the audience, you could tell that you were in a place that was full of joy. The signature sound of Peter’s bass rang through the venue with bombastic pleasure. Songs like “Shadowplay,” “She’s Lost Control,” “Atmosphere,” “Dead Souls,” “Warsaw,” “No Love Lost,” and “Love Will Tear Us Apart,” were absolutely done brilliantly and left me feeling like I could successfully cross this off my list of bands/shows I need to see.

The entire evening was great, seeing all the people in attendance feel right at home. No matter the age, fans were excited to be hearing these songs. There was a lot of dancing and singing along, which was astonishing to see. On two occasions Moby came out to join the band for a couple songs. Once in the New Order set to sing “Ceremony,” and again during the Joy Division set to sing “Transmission.” Moby was extraordinary as a guest. He was really into it, and you could tell these songs meant a lot to him as well. At the end of the night, Peter Hook came out for a final bow and took of his sweat drenched shirt and threw it in the crowd, showing off his ripped physique. That was quite a punk rock moment and a fantastic way to end the night.


New Order Set List:

In A Lonely Place
Cries and Whispers
Ceremony (with Moby)
Everything’s Gone Green
Blue Monday
Thieves Like Us
The Perfect Kiss
State of the Nation
Bizarre Love Triangle
True Faith


Joy Division Set List:

No Love Lost
From Safety to Where?
These Days
Leaders of Men
Transmission (with Moby)
She’s Lost Control
Dead Souls
Love Will Tear Us Apart


Review and Photos By: Brian Lacy

Album Review: Every Time I Die- Low Teens



Nearly two decades into their career, Every Time I Die shows no signs of slowing down. Never a band to shy away from being unrelenting and punishing, their new album Low Teens is just that, only this time it’s more personal. Inspired by the events of a huge ordeal singer Keith Buckley and his wife went through when she was pregnant with their daughter, the lyrics on Low Teens provide a lot of insight into the push and pull of life and death. Armed with all these thoughts and perspective, vocally, this is one of Keith’s strongest performances. The accompanying music the rest of the band wrote fits perfectly with the theme of the album.

There is something else on this album that really makes this one stand out among their last couple releases and that is the dynamics. On this album, Every Time I Die has really found a great niche into exploring melody while still staying true to their heavy and hardcore roots. The guitar playing of Jordan Buckley and Andy Williams is groovy and rocking. The tones they have blend so well that it seems like a huge wall of guitars. Bassist Steve Micciche’s knack for writing thumping bass lines that don’t over power the guitars or Daniel Davidson’s pummeling drums. Speaking of the drums, new drummer Daniel Davidson (formerly of Norma Jean) fits in Every Time I Die perfectly. It’s as though he’s been in the band for years the way he plays.

From opening song “Fear and Trembling” all the way through to closer “Map Change,” there is not one bit of filler on this album. Each song fits and is meant to be here. Even the order of songs is impeccable. Other songs like “C++ (Love Will Get You Killed),” “Glitches,” “Two Summers,” “Petal,” “The Coin Has A Say,” are stellar. Even the song “It Remembers” which features Brandon Urie of Panic At The Disco is an absolute great song. The production on this album is a great fit for them as well. Their previous album From Parts Unknown just didn’t have the feel of an Every Time I Die record. I always thought that Steve Evetts and Joe Baressi were the best people to capture what Every Time I Die is, but on this album Will Putney joins those two gentlemen in that category.

In all honesty this is one hell of an album. Every Time I Die has further cemented their legacy not just as a heavy band but as great songwriters. I highly suggest buying this album and seeing them live when they come to your town. You won’t be disappointed in your decision to do either.

Overall Rating= A

Every Time I Die- Low Teens:




Top Ten Bands A-Z: J

The quest continues to find the top ten bands/artists in the alphabet. J is upon us and like H and I , this is another difficult one to complete. As usual your suggestions are wanted in completing this list.


  1. Judas Priest
  2. Joy Division
  3. Jane’s Addiction
  4. Jesus and Mary Chain
  5. Jay-Z
  6. Michael Jackson
  7. Jurassic 5
  8. Joan Jett
  9. ?
  10. ?

Cover Song: Sepultura (Black Sabbath)- Symptom Of The Universe



With Black Sabbath on their “The End” tour and Max Cavalera playing Sepultura’s Roots in its entirety on his most recent tour with brother Iggor, I thought this would be quite appropriate to share. I remember hearing this many years ago and thinking, damn this is awesome. Enjoy!!!

Sepultura (Black Sabbath)- Symptom Of The Universe:



Black Sabbath- Symptom Of The Universe:

Album Rank: Every Time I Die



In anticipation of Every Time I Die releasing their new album Low Teens this week, I thought it would be a good time to revisit all their albums and rank them for you all. So here you go from not their best to the best.


Gutter Phenomenon:


Last Night In Town:


From Parts Unknown:


Ex Lives:


The Big Dirty:


Low Teens:



New Junk Asthetic:


Hot Damn:



Guest Vocalist: Brandon Boyd


This morning I woke up with the Incubus song “A Certain Shade Of Green” in my head. So I thought I’d go on an Incubus kick. I also wondered what other songs Brandon has guested on over the years. Well the following are those songs he has appeared on.


Strait Up (Tribute to Lynn Strait of Snot)- Divided:


Unwritten Law- 418:


Tommy Lee- Blue:



Deftones, Incubus and Adam Sandler- Be Quiet and Drive:




Band Of The Week: Vagus Nerve

These days making music with people across the country has been made simple by the internet. The makings of Vagus Nerve started that way, and the end result is something to talk about. After the end of his band God Forbid, guitarist Doc Coyle began putting together the pieces with vocalist Ravi Orr to create music for the purpose of creating passionate music with no restraints or genre guidelines. What they have come up with along with additional input from drummer Moe Watson of Shai Hulud, guitarist Mike Gowen, and Alex Oxenreider on bass, has allowed them to follow their own path. Sonically Vagus Nerve are a rock band with a touch of prog and artistry to help separate them from the pack. Think A Perfect Circle meets Karnivool with a dash of metal. Their debut E.P. Visceral is about to be released and deserves your attention. Vagus Nerve really allows Doc Coyle to shine as a songwriter.  Based on the songs “Do You Know Who I Am” and “Pull Me Out,” Vagus Nerve is in the right direction to realizing their full potential.


Do You Know Who I Am:


Pull Me Out:

The Audioeclectica Podcast: Episode 4 Part 2


The Audioeclectica Podcast: Episode 4 Part 2. In this episode my co-host and I discuss:

Bands playing albums in their entirety

Bands crowdfunding their new releases

The need for an outside ear or producer

The difference between being “influenced” and “Inspired”

And we share some fun stories from our youth.

Let us know what your opinions are on the following topics, and we will share them on the next episode.


Brian and Ryan


Episode 4 Part 2:

Episode 4 Part 1: