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F You Songs: Every Time I Die- Planet Shit

Every Time I Die Share New Track “Planet Shit” | Epitaph Records

One of my favorite songs on the new Every Time I Die album Radical is their song, “Planet Shit.” The sense of urgency in the vocals and lyrics along with the hard charging riffs and rhythms makes this one hell of a song. The lyrical content is a commentary on the society we are living in these days as well as the political climate. Keith Buckley truly delivers the goods on this song. His passion is uncanny and the way he directs his anger at certain groups and individuals speaks for so many of us who feel the same way. I can’t wait to see ETID live and sing/scream along to this song! Thank you Keith and ETID for the anthem!

Every Time I Die- Planet Shit:

Planet Shit Lyrics:

Our only hope was in a murdered kid
The one god we had went off the gridNo future with a racist past
Oh, but we can’t acknowledge that
So we burn a cross and pray to a flag
(Hey!) We’ll wave it high
(Hey!) We’ll wave it high
(Hey!) We’ll wave it high
Those pigs are fat with “pride”The karma wheel is flat
Even the ten commandments cracked
There’s no law when the outlaw wears a badge
So throw a brick
Throw a brick
Throw a brick
The tool becomes an instrumentWhose fucking side are you on?
Whose fucking side are you on?
When all the lines that were drawn
Are washed away in the blood
Whose fucking side are you on?What kind of heaven awaits someone so cruel and afraid?
But they gated hell
You could be living well in your private hellSo give ’em rope
Lets give ’em rope
Yeah, give ’em rope
Or the guillotine
Better yet, the guillotine
Oh yeah, the guillotineHonesty’s not a virtue when you’re a lying piece of shit
You’re a soulless hypocrite
What kind of heaven awaits someone so cruel and afraid?
Love is not a virtue when you’re a heartless piece of shit
You’re a soulless hypocriteMonsters
We stand no chance without your heads
You fucking monsters
We stand no chance without your heads
I want heads
What kind of death can you buy that’s any different than mine?So give ’em rope
Lets give ’em rope
Yeah, give ’em rope
Or the guillotine
Better yet, the guillotine
Oh yeah, the guillotineFuck you, die
Fuck you, die
Fuck you, die
DieYou’re already dead inside
You’re already dead inside
We’re all trapped on planet shit
Our only hope was in a murdered kid
The one god we had went off the grid
(Hey!) Your suicide
(Hey!) Your suicide
(Hey!) Your suicide
Is our only chance at lifeWhose fucking side are you on?
Whose fucking side are you on?
When all the lines that were drawn
Are washed away in the bloodThe blade that cuts through their spine
Has good people on both sides

Album Review: Every Time I Die- Radical

ALBUM REVIEW: Radical - Every Time I Die - Distorted Sound Magazine

Radical is one hell of a way to describe the new Every Time I Die album of the same name. Throughout their career, Every Time I Die have continued to get better and better with each release. Like a fine wine or scotch, the older these guys get, the more ferocious and unrelenting they get. This being the band’s ninth studio album, the absolute urgency felt throughout the album is unparalleled. To top it all off too, there are 16 blistering tracks on this one and the moment it ends, you are compelled to start it over.

Tracks 1-16 are phenomenal. The riffs, beats, bass lines, vocals, lyrics, and melodies are some of the best ETID have come up with. There are moments throughout the album that hark back to previous albums like The Big Dirty and Hot Damn but, there is no denying that these new songs push through what they’ve done in the past. I could go through the album track by track but as I’ve said many times before, that would just ruin it for you, the listener. Instead what I will do is say that there isn’t one track on this album that doesn’t belong or feels out of place. The poetic nature and introspective lyrics of singer Keith Buckley are striking and vulnerable in a different way than on Low Teens. His ability to tell stories and make you think while at the same time rocking out is something that not many people can do. Then you put that together with the crushing riffs of Andy Williams and Jordan Buckley plus the pummeling rhythm section of Steve Micciche and Clayton “Goose” Holyoak and you have the recipe for one of the best bands of the century. Radical also features guest appearances by Josh Scogin from ’68 and Andy Hull from Manchester Orchestra, adding another color to these songs. To top it all off is the stunning production from Will Putney (who also helmed Low Teens).

This album is one that will hold up for years to come. Their ability to expand their sound and take risks only make this album stronger. There is a polarizing sensibility to the record but also a delicate tinge that allows the listener to really soak it all in. You’d think that after over 20 years of being a band and all the miles on the road that they’d slow down but, you’re totally wrong. There is no stopping Every Time I Die and Radical proves that!

Overall Rating: A

Review By: Brian Lacy

Every Time I Die- Radical:

New Release: Every Time I Die- Post Boredom

Today is one of the days I’ve been waiting for all year. The NEW EVERY TIME I DIE album, Radical, will be finally be released on October 22nd via Epitaph Records!!! The band has already released a few songs from the album and today they unleashed the beast that is “Post-Boredom.” This album was once again produced by Will Putney who also did the absolute masterpiece that is Low Teens. Radical is 16 tracks of peak-ETID, and it’s a culmination of everything you love about Every Time I Die. Speaking on the album’s lyrical content, vocalist Keith Buckley said “I’m dealing with difficult matters this time that isn’t only personal for me but are also universal and more communal experiences,” Keith explains. “The songs are realistic in that they acknowledge that things require a lot of work. But it’s ultimately a very hopeful and uplifting record.” I personally, can’t wait for this album to be released. Every Time I Die have been one of my favorite bands for a long time and they only keep getting better with each record.

Every Time I Die- Post Boredom:

Other Songs Released So Far…


A Colossal Wreck:

Desperate Pleasures:


Every Time I Die released not one but two new songs today and both are absolutely killer. For a band that’s been together for over 20 years, they’ve always been able to grow and evolve in such a way that shows maturity and depth on levels that most bands can only dream of. These two songs are just the tip of the iceberg of what’s to come. “A Colossal Wreck” is classic Every Time I Die, while “Desperate Pleasures” is a more experimental turn but, still the same band you love through and through.

A Colossal Wreck:

Desperate Pleasures:

Live Review: Every Time I Die at The Regent Theater


This past Saturday, Every Time I Die rolled through Los Angeles and absolutely destroyed part of downtown. Riding high on their 20 Years Of Bullshit tour, Every Time I Die left their mark in Los Angeles, not just as band thats been killing it for 20 years but, as a band that has truly cemented their place among the legends of their genre. As a fan of the band for nearly 20 years, I have to say that, these gents seriously get better as time goes on. Before I get into just how good their live set was, let me begin with the other bands on the bill.


The first band up was Vein. This band has been blowing up as of late and the hype is real. Their 25 minute set all be it brief was intense and chock full of energy that you would expect to see at a show like this. Performing songs from their debut album Errorzone, Vein ripped through their set with precision, passion and unrelenting force. I’ve been curious to check this band out since I heard them earlier this year and they did not disappoint. I could see them seriously becoming a band that will steal the show from many bands in the near future. They have the ability to really become a force of nature if they keep on the path they are on. Vein have a sound rooted in hardcore but with shades of metal, industrial, and a slice of nu-metal (a la the first 2 Korn and Slipknot records). Watch out for Vein when they come through your town!

The other two bands on the bill Angel Dust and Turnstile brought with them a ton of energy and a good amount of the kids in the crowd were eating it up. My friend I was with and I both looked at each other countless times throughout both sets wondering what the hell we were watching. Maybe it’s our age showing through and we just didn’t “get it” or it was really that bad. I will say though that they riled up the crowd in a good way before Every Time I Die took the stage and showed these kids how it’s done.



Every Time I Die are legends. Lets just put that out there. For 20 years now, they truly have done things the way they wanted to and have continuously put out quality music. This evening was one for the books. Around 10:45 pm, Every Time I Die took the stage and for the next hour and twenty minutes, Los Angeles was owned by ETID. Their set was stunning. Compiling songs from all their 8 albums into an anthology set, was special. The amount of singing along all night from the crowd was something for the books. The diverse crowd of youngsters to the older ones made this night really represent 20 years of greatness. Songs like “Floater,” “Ebolarama,” “Apocalypse Now and Then,” “No Son Of Mine,” “Roman Holiday,” “Moor” “The Coin Has A Say” and “Map Change” were among the standouts of the set. The entire set as I mentioned was special, and I’m sure it wasn’t easy to just pick a couple songs from each album but, each choice perfectly represented each record and showed just how much the band has developed over the years. I will say this too, “Map Change” is one of the best songs of new millennium. Not only was it a great song to end the night on but it really is one of the best songs Every Time I Die has ever written.

I can’t say enough about how truly great Every Time I Die is. Not just as a band and songwriters but how they truly bleed and believe in what they do. They are one of “those bands” that no matter what, when they come through your town, you go see them. As I mentioned too, they are legends and rightfully so. They have ushered in a new wave of heavy music and fans. Their discography stands up among the greats, and they still have so much more in them. Their latest album, 2016’s Low Teens, has been in constant rotation from the day I bought it. I personally can’t wait to see and hear what Every Time I Die does next. Thank you Every Time I Die for 20 years of greatness.

Every Time I Die Set List:

01) Emergency Broadcast Syndrome
02) Floater
03) I Been Gone A Long Time
04) Ebolarama
05) Apocalypse Now And Then
06) Bored Stiff
07) The New Black
08) No Son Of Mine
09) We’rewolf
10) INRIhab
11) Roman Holiday
12) The Marvelous Slut
13) Underwater Bimbos From Outer Space
14) Holy Book Of Dilemma
15) Decayin’ With The Boys
16) Moor
17) Thirst
18) Glitches
19) It Remembers
20) The Coin Has A Say
21) Map Change

Every Time I Die- Map Change:


Album Review: Every Time I Die- Low Teens



Nearly two decades into their career, Every Time I Die shows no signs of slowing down. Never a band to shy away from being unrelenting and punishing, their new album Low Teens is just that, only this time it’s more personal. Inspired by the events of a huge ordeal singer Keith Buckley and his wife went through when she was pregnant with their daughter, the lyrics on Low Teens provide a lot of insight into the push and pull of life and death. Armed with all these thoughts and perspective, vocally, this is one of Keith’s strongest performances. The accompanying music the rest of the band wrote fits perfectly with the theme of the album.

There is something else on this album that really makes this one stand out among their last couple releases and that is the dynamics. On this album, Every Time I Die has really found a great niche into exploring melody while still staying true to their heavy and hardcore roots. The guitar playing of Jordan Buckley and Andy Williams is groovy and rocking. The tones they have blend so well that it seems like a huge wall of guitars. Bassist Steve Micciche’s knack for writing thumping bass lines that don’t over power the guitars or Daniel Davidson’s pummeling drums. Speaking of the drums, new drummer Daniel Davidson (formerly of Norma Jean) fits in Every Time I Die perfectly. It’s as though he’s been in the band for years the way he plays.

From opening song “Fear and Trembling” all the way through to closer “Map Change,” there is not one bit of filler on this album. Each song fits and is meant to be here. Even the order of songs is impeccable. Other songs like “C++ (Love Will Get You Killed),” “Glitches,” “Two Summers,” “Petal,” “The Coin Has A Say,” are stellar. Even the song “It Remembers” which features Brandon Urie of Panic At The Disco is an absolute great song. The production on this album is a great fit for them as well. Their previous album From Parts Unknown just didn’t have the feel of an Every Time I Die record. I always thought that Steve Evetts and Joe Baressi were the best people to capture what Every Time I Die is, but on this album Will Putney joins those two gentlemen in that category.

In all honesty this is one hell of an album. Every Time I Die has further cemented their legacy not just as a heavy band but as great songwriters. I highly suggest buying this album and seeing them live when they come to your town. You won’t be disappointed in your decision to do either.

Overall Rating= A

Every Time I Die- Low Teens: