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Anticipated Albums: Absent In Body- Plague God

This is really exciting music news!! Absent In Body is a new band featuring Scott Kelly (Neurosis), Iggor Cavalera (ex Sepultura), Mathieu J. Vandekerckhove (Amenra) and Colin H. Van Eeckhout (Amenra). Originally conceived by Kelly and Vandekerckhove the two began working on a project and quickly realized they were definitely on to something good. Colin H. Van Eeckhout was then brought in on vocals and bass and then the icing on the cake was Cavalera joining. There is a sense of urgency to the band and the songs. Considering the world we live in now, a band like this filled with an uncompromising honesty of expression takes things to a whole other level. The first song released “The Acres/The Ache” is one hell of a track. It’s a dense and slowly brutal song that is epic and full of all the things you love about each member of this band. I personally can’t wait for this album and hopefully the Absent In Body tour at some point.

Absent In Body- The Acres/The Ache:

New Release: Wolves In The Throne Room- Mountain Magick

The mighty Wolves In The Throne Room are back with a new album, Primordial Arcana (out August 20 via Relapse Records). These black metal titans have conjured up one hell of a new album. Taking the reigns for the direction and production, it’s the bands first self produced offering. The first single “Mountain Magick” is a banger for sure. There’s a majestic element to the song that feels eerie and sets the tone for the whole album. This new album is one that will be on many top end of the year lists. It’s uncompromising in its delivery and finds the band even more focused than ever before. Wolves In The Throne Room have a real winner on their hands with Primordial Arcana.

Wolves In The Throne Room- Mountain Magick:

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Anticipated Albums: Amenra- De Doorn

I’ll never forget the first time I heard about Amenra. I was a little perplexed but, also very intrigued. I was at a show, think I went to see Boris and Torche and there was a guy wearing this really awesome shirt. I of course had to ask about it. After finding out who they were I did what I always do and started to delve into their catalog. What I found was something epic. Fast forward many years, my friend and I went to see Neurosis and Converge. As we walked in I completely forgot that Amenra was the opening act. The lights had just dimmed and then it all made sense. Holy wow, this band is amazing. From that point I’ve been anticipating something new from them and now here we go. On June 25 via Relapse Records, Amenra will be unleashing their new album De Doorn. The First single “De Evenmens” is magnificent. Just listen and let it soak in and you’ll hear the magic that this band emits.

Amenra- De Evenmens:

Album Review: Genghis Tron- Dream Weapon

Comeback albums are not easy to make. Well they are but, to make an album that stands out and reaches new heights is a whole other level. After many years away (a decade to be exact), Genghis Tron have returned with their new album, Dream Weapon.

Dream Weapon is an album that will leave you with your mind blown. The surreal textures that accompany this album make for a very introspective and psychedelic listening experience. Throughout the very expansive 8 song album that is Dream Weapon, there are a plethora of new and exciting auditory elements to enjoy. The rhythmic punches of percussion are expansive and compliment the synth heavy tracks. Hypnotic is a great way to describe this album. The lush layers and sound design are hypnotic and trippy. I could elaborate on the amazingness of each song but, that would ruin this album for you. Instead I will say that Dream Weapon is epic beyond proportions. The moment the album starts, you are immediately drawn in.

Genghis Tron have made 2021’s first truly masterful album. The core of Hamilton Jordan and Michael Sochynsky is astounding. The additions of vocalist Tony Wolski and drummer Nick Yacyshyn are impecable. Throughout Dream Weapon, there is a calming sense that feels tranquil and invigorating. When concerts come back, I can’t wait to go see Genghis Tron destroy venues with these new songs. I have a feeling these songs live are going to be other worldly. Do yourself a favor and spend some time with this album. It’ll make 2021 feel right!

Overall Rating: A

Genghis Tron- Dream Weapon:

Anticipated Albums: Genghis Tron- Dream Weapon

It’s been over a decade since Genghis Tron has released a new album. Thankfully, on March 26th, the wait it over as the bands long awaited new album, Dream Weapon will be released (via Relapse Records). Dream Weapon sees Genghis Tron’s Hamilton Jordan and Michael Sochynsky now joined by two new collaborators: vocalist Tony Wolski and Sumac/Baptists drummer Nick Yacyshyn. This new lineup helps to compliment the mix of extreme rock and electronic music that Genghis Tron have pioneered during their career. The new album was recorded and produced alongside long-time collaborator Kurt Ballou at God City Studio in Salem, Massachusetts, with additional production and engineering by Ben Chisholm (Chelsea Wolfe), JJ Heath (Rain City Recorders), and Zach Weeks (God City Studio) and was mastered by Heba Kadry. Now, two weeks out from the release of Dream Weapon, Genghis Tron have dropped another song from the album. “Pyrocene” is one hell of a great song and was also the first song the group completed for the record. The accompanying video for “Pyrocene” is hypnotic and full of lush psychedelic imagery. In addition to “Pyrocene,” two other songs have been released, the title track “Dream Weapon” and ” Ritual Circle. You can pre-order the album HERE.


Dream Weapon:

Ritual Circle:

New Release: Nothing- Say Less

I’ve always thought it was interesting that sometimes, it takes me a little bit to get into a band. Perhaps at the time they come out, I’m just not feeling it or there’s just so much else out there at the moment I don’t devote the time to it. Recently a friend of mine, suggested I check out the new song by the band Nothing. This is one band that I tried to get into a while back but, for the reasons above, it didn’t happen. Now though, they have my attention and I can’t wait to hear more. On October 30th, Nothing will release their new album, The Great Dismal (via Relapse Records). The first song released “Say Less” has this really cool 90’s alternative vibe, kind of like Hum and a slight (very slight) industrial tinge to it. This album is shaping up to be something quite cool.

Nothing- Say Less:

Band Of The Week: Wrong


The 90’s sound has influenced and inspired so many bands. That distinct guitar sound or the was the bass rumbles to the way the drums punch, there is no denying that “that” sound changed the world. There is a band hailing from Florida, that has captured the essence of the 90’s sound and expanded on it in a very cool experimental and noisy sort of way. The band is called WRONG and they are badass. Made up of members of Torche and Kylesa, WRONG has taken inspiration from 90’s stalwarts Helmet and Unsane and made bombastic heavy rock. Their new album entitled Feel Great, is rifftastic and full of groove that will get your head banging and your feet moving. Wrong is unrelenting and aggressive yet they understand the dynamics of their craft.

Wrong- Feels Great:


Wrong- Pustile:


Wrong- Gape:


Album Review: True Widow-Avvolgere


Every once in a while I come across a band or album that has put out something that really grabs my attention. True Widow’s new album Avvolgere is something quite intriguing. The album has a feel of parts stoner/doom rock, 70’s psychedelic rock, and a bit of shoegaze, while still having a “metal” feel. Avvolgere is an “album” for sure. Each song on it from the opener “Back Shredder” to the closer “What Find’s Me,”fits in the spectrum of an album the way it should. Something else that I noticed about this album is the sense of calm that accompanies it. The production is stellar. The minimalist feel to it allows the instruments to shine in their natural state. The bright yet slightly doomy guitars glisten among the words and vocals. Each and every song on this gloomy gem is a stand out. The reverb drenched “To All That He Elong,” is a sonic triumph. “OOTPV” is one that brings the sludge in a great way.

True Widow is a band that deserves your attention. Avvolgere is an album that should be delved into. What really stands out to me is their desire to create music that has substance and rings true to their influences and inspiration.

Band Of The Week: Royal Thunder

10606411_10155069203080024_6098434554060827427_ni’m really loving the return to form of bands trying to write albums. One band that I’ve heard recently that released a great album is Royal Thunder. This four-piece rock band based out of Atlanta, Georgia, blends the timeless elements of heavy classic rock, 90’s grunge and progressive rock. Frontwoman Mlny Parsonz vocals are powerful, emotional, and oh so striking.The balance of their guitar tone, mixed with the thunderous drums and bass really solidify the impact this band has and can continue to make. In 2007 Royal Thunder self-released their debut EP and started touring.  By 2010 Relapse Records took notice and signed the band starting with an official re-release of their self-titled EP and later in 2012 releasing their full length debut, CVI. Their newest album Crooked Doors, is a masterful piece of epic rock. Just listening to the first song on the album “Time Machine,” you know this band means business! 

Royal Thunder- Crooked Doors:

Time Machine Video:

By: Brian Lacy