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Live Review: One Side Zero at The Viper Room


After eight years away from the stage, is it possible to capture the magic you once had? Well in the case of One Side Zero, the answer is emphatically, yes.  This past Saturday night at the Viper Room, the newly reformed One Side Zero took the stage for their first show in eight years and it seemed as though they never left. Armed with two new members, One Side Zero is right back where they belong.


As the curtain opened, the crowd erupted into a frenzy that was reminiscent of many years back. Opening their set with the classic (and my personal favorite) “Tapwater” from their unsung masterpiece of an album Is This Room Getting Smaller, was a perfect way to start things off. Throughout their set which consisted of songs like “Instead Laugh,” “Holding Cell,” “A Point In Time,” “Awake” “Eight” the crowd was united, singing along with singer/guitarist Jasan Radford. As they played through more and more songs like “Never Ending,” “New World Order,” “Shed The Skin,” and fan favorite “Summertime,” it became very apparent that the guys on stage were enjoying this and feeling the energy emitting from the crowd back to them. Guitarist Levon Sultanian, got to show off his lead guitar skills aplenty, as the band included extended jams and interludes between songs. New members Marcello Dias (bass) and Michael Tarabotto (drums) seem like they have been in the band for years. At the end of their set, a new song entitled “Eleven” was played and it was the perfect way to end the evening. The song itself shows the musical maturity of the band and is a great precursor as to what’s to come in terms of new music.


One of the other things that made this evening spectacular was that the mighty With Our Arms To The Sun were on the bill as well. They were the perfect band to play before OneSideZero. With Our Arms are the type of band that will light up a room with not just their music but their passion in how they perform. Their set included songs from both of their critically acclaimed alums A Far Away Wonder and Orenda. One song in particular that I’ve really dug since I first heard it, “Regret: Sailing Stones” was blistering live. The vocal brilliance of singer/guitarist Josh Breckinridge on that song is beyond powerful and the accompaniment of guitarist Joseph Leary and bassist Joe Breckinridge really drives that song right into the audience’s ears. I’ve said this many times before but, I feel I need to say it again, With Our Arms To The Sun are one of those bands that when they are playing in your area, they are a must see.

What a great night not just for OneSideZero and With Our Arms To The Sun. Being at this show made it feel like old times. The venue was vibrant and the Sunset Strip was full of people like how it used to be. The night felt alive and full of life. There was something else I noticed throughout the night and that is the fanbase that came out to support OneSideZero. They are dedicated to the music and art of it all, and each and everyone in attendance this evening was drawn into the songs and the thrill of it. So here’s to many more great shows and the long awaited third album from OneSideZero.


Review by: Brian Lacy

Photos by: Alisa Lacy


Band Of The Week: Daughters


As a music fan I can appreciate the concept of artistry when it comes to making music. Not everything has to formulaic in the sense of verse, chorus and repeat. There is something provocative about a band that is willing to experiment and step outside the box. One such band that I’ve come to really enjoy over the past couple years is Daughters. This newly reformed band has now unleashed two songs from their upcoming and long awaited album You Won’t Get What You Want, which comes out October 26 (via Ipecac Recordings). Daughters is one of those bands that gets lumped into many sub-genres such as nosie-rock and mathcore but, to me they have always just been an alternative rock/metal band. The bands previous three albums, Canada Songs, Hell Songs and self titled album are expansive and show a band willing to change and evolve the right way. Daughters are one of those bands that when you really sit and listen to everything musically and lyrically, there is something truly astonishing about the artistic development and depth each member brings to the band.


Daughters- Satan In The Wait:


Daughters- The Reason They Hate Me:


Previous Albums:

Canada Songs:


Hell Songs:




Upcoming Tour Dates:

October 31 Richmond, VA Strange Matter

November 1 Baltimore, MD Metro Gallery

November 2 Philadelphia, PA First Unitarian Church

November 3 Brooklyn, NY Brooklyn Bazaar SOLD OUT

November 4 Brooklyn, NY Saint Vitus SOLD OUT

November 8 Los Angeles, CA The Echo SOLD OUT

November 9 Los Angeles, CA The Echo

November 10 San Francisco, CA Bottom of the Hill

November 11 San Francisco, CA Bottom of the Hill

November 13 Seattle, WA Highline

November 15 Denver, CO Larimer Lounge

November 17 Chicago, IL Beat Kitchen SOLD OUT

November 18 Chicago, IL Beat Kitchen SOLD OUT


Cover Song: Machine Head (Metallica)- Battery


A few years back, Kerrang magazine put out a Metallica tribute compilation. On that comp a ton of bands like Machine Head, Mastodon, Chimaira, Trivium and a few others. The Mastodon cover of “Orion” is top notch. Machine Head’s version of “Battery” is pretty damn solid.

Check it out!


Machine Head- Battery:

Great Debut Albums: Oasis- Definitely Maybe




It always seems to go back to 1994. That year is like a fine aged wine or a wonderful scotch, there is just something magical about 1994. We all know how many legendary albums came out at this time but, there is one that is often overlooked. The album I’m talking about is Oasis’s, Definitely Maybe. When you have songs like “Supersonic,”Rock N Roll Star,” and “Live Forever,” on your debut album, not only are you going to hit it out of the park but also really leave a lasting mark. Definitely Maybe is often regarded as “the” album that started the “Brit-Pop” movement. The songs on the album were all written by Noel Gallagher, and he really cemented his legacy with these songs. The album is full of classic rock n roll, pop, glam, and a bit of psychedelia. There really isn’t a bad song on this record. “Shakermaker,” “Up In The Sky,” “Bring It On Down,” “Cigarettes And Alcohol,” and “Slide Away” have always been the deeper cuts that have stood out to me. Noel’s songs really came to life courtesy of the band as a whole. Liam Gallagher’s voice put the guts in to the songs. Paul “Bonehead” Arthurs and Noel’s guitar work really added a brightness and edge to the record. The rhythm section of Paul “Guigsy” McGuigan on bass and Tony McCarroll on drums gave the album the pulse and heartbeat.
Something else about Definitely Maybe that stands out is that this album was a beacon of light in the music world. Before this album, Nirvana, Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden were dominating the airwaves. Those bands vibes and realism made a deep connection to those out there that were looking for something, lost or feeling helpless. Oasis addressed those elements but provided a sense of living and fun. The Gallagher brothers antics alone helped to usher in this new sense of life.
Definitely Maybe is and always will be one of the best debut albums. A lot of people think that this was the bands pinnacle but, that just isn’t the case. If you take the time to delve into the Oasis catalog you will find that this band is truly great. Noel Gallagher is one of the most underrated and prolific songwriters of all time. Do yourself a favor and take a few minutes out of your day and let Definitely Maybe start your day off right.


Oasis- Definitely Maybe:



New Release: Thrice- Only Us


Thrice has released a new track, “Only Us” from their upcoming album Palms (out September 14 via Epitaph Records).  “Only Us” is Thrice experimenting a bit but not losing sight of what they do best. The song is full of lush melodies and emotion. “Only Us” is the type of song that when played live will be a beast. Check it out!!!


Thrice- Only Us:


Thrice- The Grey:


B-Sides: Foo Fighters


foo-fighters-logoOver the course of the Foo Fighters career and nine albums, they have accumulated quite a few B-sides. Some of these songs are quite awesome and others you can hear why they were left off the records. None the less, you should check out these tracks. You might find some that you really dig.


New Release: Alice In Chains- Never Fade


In just two weeks from today, Alice In Chains will release Rainer Fog, the long awaited follow up to 2013’s The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here. Two songs have already been released, The One You Know and So Far Under. Both songs are classic Alice In Chains. This new song Never Fade, really harks back to the Alice In Chains style we all fell in love with back in the early 90’s. William DuVall sounds great on this new song. It’s about time Jerry really let him take the lead. Rainer Fog is definitely going to be one of the best albums of 2018.


Alice In Chains- Never Fade:


Alice In Chains- So Far Under:


Alice In Chains- The One You Know: