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Cover Song: He Is Legend (Third Eye Blind)- Wounded


He Is Legend is one of the most underrated bands around today. Their new album, White Bat, is one of the best albums of 2019, and I’ll get to that in a later post. While on a big kick of listening to them, I came across this gem of a cover they did of Third Eye Blind’s song “Wounded.” This is an interesting take on the song and they did something cool with it.
He Is Legend- Wounded:


Third Eye Blind- Wounded:



Album Review: Seizures- Reverie of the Revolving Diamond


There are bands that come around every so often that are truly inspiring and remarkable. More often than not, these bands never get the due they deserve because of the genre they are a part of as well as not playing by the generic norm of the industry. And that’s what makes heavy music truly great. There are no rules to abide by and there are no compromises when it comes to making the type of music and albums these bands want to make. There’s a band from Orange County, CA, that have been carving their own path for some time and with the release of their new album, they have cemented themselves as torchbearers for a genre and have set a standard for what’s to come from this style of music.

Reverie of the Revolving Diamond by Seizures, is an album that is truly outstanding and genre defining. The ability this band has to mix metal, jazz, punk, atmospheric sounds as well as deep and poetic lyrics is something that should not be overlooked by anyone. The instant that the first song “Mazarine” begins, you are immediately drawn into the soundscapes and almost psychedelic undertones. “The Cycles Unnumbered” unleashes a fury of off time playful chaos and delicate jazz scales directly into the rush of blood to your head of “In A Valley Of Twilit Meres.” “Toxophola” is one of the more experimental songs on the album but still maintains the ferociousness that resonates through the entire album. This song also features Keith Barney (of Eighteen Visions/ex Throwdown). “The Ponds You Dried Yet Still You Stare” is one of my favorite songs on the album. It has everything I love about this band all wrapped in one song. Listen and you’ll hear why. “Atollian” continues to expand upon the atmospheric undertones of the album and keeps it tasty as a sweet transition right into the decimating “Of Indigo and Seven Crows.” “Severnaya” provides a really cool interesting vibe as it serves as an entry into “Bedlam Blues” which is the most straight forward song on the album but not in the way that defers from the spastic nature of the album. “On Saturine Shores” is another moving interlude of sorts. These little atmospheric jazz breaks in between songs give the album and listener a breath in between sonic assaults. Closing out the album is “Eru” and this song is epic and like “The Ponds…” this too has a bit of everything that Seizures has to offer and then some.

Seizures have released an album that stands up with the best albums as their contemporaries and the ones that inspired and influenced them.  They have a sound and style that is ferocious and brutal yet delicate and oddly soothing. Reverie of the Revolving Diamond is an album for today as much as Calculating Infinity by The Dillinger Escape Plan was 20 years ago. The band live is a whole other beast as well. I’ve only had the pleasure of seeing them once but, they truly left a mark on me and I’ve been anticipating this album since I saw Seizures. Do yourself a favor and take a chance on something that might (well it probably is) out of your comfort zone and discover what this band has to offer. This album is definitely in my top ten of the year as well.

Seizures- Reverie of the Revolving Diamond:


By: Brian Lacy

Those 90’s Songs: 311- Beautiful Disaster


Back in 1997, 311, released Transistor, the follow up to their break through self titled album. There was one song on the album that has always been a favorite of mine.  The song is “Beautiful Disaster” and it rocks. The intro is beyond recognizable anytime you hear the first few notes and the vibe the song emits, has this flow to it that is perfectly 90’s but, still sounds fresh today. Interestingly, “Beautiful Disaster” was the third and final single released from the album.

311- Beautiful Disaster:


Band Of The Week: Drug Church


Remember the days of reading the liner notes and seeing the list of bands that are thanked and then checking out the ones you didn’t know? It’s always a pleasure and fun to come across bands that people in other bands you dig like. Not too long ago, I saw a posting on Instagram from Riley of Thrice talking about the band Drug Church. So, I did what I do, and checked them out. Needless to say, I enjoyed what I heard. Drug Church is a post-hardcore band hailing from upstate New York. Their sound is a mix of hardcore punk, alternative rock and a tinge of grunge. Think of it like this, if Black Flag (Rollins era), The Jesus Lizard and In Utero era Nirvana all somehow made music together, you’d get a pretty close resemblance to what Drug Church sounds like. The band was started by Self Defense Family singer Patrick Kindlon. Since their inception, they have released three full length studio albums, and a handful of EP’s and singles. Their most recent album, Cheer, is one of the coolest albums I’ve heard in a long time. It’s a very focused and powerful album as well as experimental. Cheer is the type of album that will leave you wanting to go right back to the first song after its over. The lyrics that accompany the music are smart and and thought provoking with enough of a sarcastic approach to make them really stand out. From the live videos I’ve seen of the band, they are one of the more exciting bands to see live. A band like Drug Church is a much needed breathe of air in a musical climate of today that is dominated by so much manufactured crap. So, do yourself a favor and take a listen to this great band!

Drug Church- Cheer:

Drug Church on Audiotree:



Alternate Version: Alice In Chains- Nutshell (Unplugged)


There are certain songs in a bands catalog that no matter how many times you’ve heard it, you always get that same feeling wafting over you. That happens to me every time I hear the MTV Unplugged version of Alice In Chains “Nutshell.” This version is quite astounding. Opening the show with this song too was something special. It’s truly one of those magical music moments that will give you chills. “Nutshell” is in my top 5 favorite Alice In Chains songs of all time and this version just might eclipse the studio version for me.

Alice In Chains- Nutshell (MTV Unplugged):


Memorable TV Performances: Mastodon on David Letterman


10 years ago, Mastodon released their epic masterpiece, Crack The Skye. That album catapulted Mastodon to all sorts of new heights. If you’ve never heard that album, you really should. It’s absolutely incredible. Anyways, during this time, Mastodon started making the rounds of playing on late night TV and their performance of “Oblivion” on the Late Show with David Letterman, was pretty damn good.

Mastodon- Oblivion on the Late Show with David Letterman 2009:


Cover Song: The Interrupters (Billie Eilish)- Bad Guy


Billie Eilish is the talk of most of the music world yet, I’m just not into it. Maybe it’s me getting older or maybe it’s just that I really don’t dig it. Either way though, her song “Bad Guy” has been played everywhere and it’s in my head, and I can’t get it out. While I was looking up live videos of Billie live, to see what all the hype is about, I came across this really fun and cool cover of “Bad Guy” by the ska-punk band The Interrupters. They made this song quite fun and enjoyable and now it’s the only way I can listen to that song. So here you go!

The Interrupters- Bad Guy: