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Top Ten Bands A-Z: N


The A to Z  list continues to find the top ten bands/artists in the alphabet. N is here and needs help to complete the list. As usual your suggestions are wanted in completing this list. These are in no particular order as well.


01) Nine Inch Nails
02) Neurosis
03) Nirvana
04) New Order
05) N.W.A
06) Graham Nash
07) Night Verses
08) Nas

Album Review: Night Verses- Into The Vanishing Light


When I first heard Night Verses, I thought that this is one of the bands that is much needed in today’s stale music climate. Their debut album Lift Your Existence was an album full of epic proportions that really left a mark on me. The album is still in constant rotation in my stereo. So when I heard that Night Verses were in the studio working on their follow up album with Ross Robinson, I became even more excited about this band. The end result of their collaboration together is an album that is full of passion, inspiration, diverse music that pushes genre boundaries and vocals that are raw and powerful.

Into The Vanishing Light is an album that will take you on a journey just as a full album should. The more you listen to it all, you pick up on different things and feelings. After my first listen the flow of the album seemed to be a little disjointed, but after a couple more listens, it all began to make sense. The first track “The Future As History: I Love You Dead,” is a mood setter alright, that is set against a bit of a schizophrenic vocal delivery, but done with so much passion. The next couple songs emit pulsating music all the while a moody etherial vibe. By the time “Dialogue In Cataplexy” hits you know you are in for a ride with the way it plays out as a song with complexity and seriousness. As the rest of the album moves along the path of the journey certain songs like “Panic and Pull Your Heart Out” and “Blue Shades Of The Sun” truly leave a lasting mark. The closing song “Phoenix III” is a great encapsulation of the album and what the band has evolved into.

Night Verses have created an album that emits true artistry and vision. Singer Douglas Robinson really goes all out to ensure the words and messages come across as real and true as possible. Musically drummer Aric Improta is an absolute inspiration behind the drums. His use of time signatures and percussion adds so much more to the music. Guitarist Nick DePirro’s riffs, structures and skill is brilliant. It’s all tied together by bassist Reilly Herrera’s thunderous yet gentle playing. Working with Ross Robinson really helped to push the band to realize their potential as a band. Into The Vanishing Light is an album that separates Night Verses from their peers in the genre. I’d even go as far as to say this album could be a blueprint for the genre just as the Refused’s The Shape of Punk To Come became. Night Verses are here and deserve your undivided attention.


Night Verses- Into The Vanishing Light:

Most Anticipated Albums of 2016

After the year we just had in 2015 with new music releases, 2016 is shaping up to be one hell of a year for new music. Here are the bands with the most anticipated albums coming out in 2016.

Alice In Chains
With Our Arms To The Sun
Brand New
Night Verses
Norma Jean
The Black Queen
Killswitch Engage
The Last Internationale
The Cult
Corrosion Of Conformity
Royal Blood
Black Map
Stone Sour
The Cure
Moving Structures
Here Lies The Hero
Vagus Nerve
Hundred Suns
Ancillary Theorem
Ghost Idols

Band Of The Week: Night Verses

12003227_866794286768407_1730607431739606216_nI love that music can take you different places and make you feel something more than you are used to. There truly is something remarkable in the way a band can help heal a wound, soothe your soul, or just be able to let out your aggression. This past week has been very melancholy for myself and while I was sitting and wallowing I came across this band Night Verses.  When I heard the first song on their album Lift Your Existence, “Introducing: The Rot Under The Sun,” instantly there was a connection to their music and lyrics and I knew this band was a keeper. Musically this bands influences range from post hardcore, prog rock. and shoegaze, Imagine Tool, mixed with Deftones, and a bit of Isis and a dash of At the Drive In and you get Night Verses. You can tell by listening, that these guys take what they do seriously as their passion bleeds through each song. Their debut album is 15 tracks of greatness. Recently the band entered the studio with Ross Robinson to work on their follow up album.

Celestial Fires:


Be Happy With Yourself, I’m Staying Here In Hell:

I’ve Lost My Way Back Down:


By: Brian Lacy