Cover Songs: Chris Cornell Tributes


Since Chris Cornell’s unexpected passing last week, there has been a slew of bands paying tribute to him during their shows. I personally am still in shock over it and have been listening to Chris’s bands non stop.

Check out some of these tributes:

Living Colour- Blow Up The Outside World:


Live- I Am The Highway:


Stone Sour- Outshined:


The Pretty Reckless- Like A Stone:

Tribute: Chris Cornell


I’m in absolute shock over the news of Chris Cornell. It’s mind boggling to think that he is gone. Chris had such a profound impact on rock music with his voice, lyrics, and songwriting. I would even put Chris on the list of greatest singers ever. I remember the first time I heard Soundgarden way back when I was a little kid around 7 or 8 and “Outshined” came on. I was mesmerized by it. My mom was really into it and she’s the one that went out and bought Bad Motor Finger. From that point, I was hooked on Soundgarden. I spent many a night when I was young listening to music and studying the lyrics of my favorites. Chris Cornell had such a poetic touch to his words. My personal favorite Soundgarden album is Down On The Upside. There is something about that album that really hits home. I can’t tell you what, but, there is something really magical about that record.

When I heard that Chris had joined forces with the remaining members of Rage Against The Machine, I was beyond excited. Then I heard “Cochise” and was instantly sold. Audioslave became such a great vehicle for Chris to expand his already poetic sensibilities, and share a different side of himself. It wasn’t until the bands last album Revelations, that Audioslave truly found their sound but, Chris really went for it lyrically and vocally on that album. Check out the songs “Wide Awake” and “Moth” and you’ll hear what I mean.

I feel lucky to have seen Chris perform 4 times over the years. Twice with Audioslave, once solo, and once with Soundgarden when they toured with Nine Inch Nails a few years ago. Chris was always great live. His presence on stage was gripping and captivating. I’ve had this thought for a while that, if Robert Plant really didn’t want to be a part of doing shows with Led Zeppelin that, they should get Chris Cornell to fill the spot. If you think about it, you know that would be something great and amazing.

Here’s to all the great music and words Chris left us. His legacy is intact with great songs and performances. I feel for his children. I hope at some point they can come to terms with this loss.


Here are a few of my favorite songs Chris has been a part of.


Burden In My Hand:


Fell On Black Days:


4th Of July:







Wide Awake:




Chris Solo-


Temple Of The Dog-

Say Hello To Heaven:

Happy Birthday Kurt Cobain



Today is February 20, 2017, also what would have have been Kurt Cobain’s 50th birthday. I thought today would be a good day to pay tribute to him. Over the course of his short yet very influential career, Kurt’s music took on a different life. Listening back to Bleach, there was a healthy dose of pop sensibilities in that album. Kurt’s love of The Beatles, especially John Lennon really resonated with that album. By the time In Utero came out, his attitude towards what was happening in his life was a complete 180. The sharp and abrasive In Utero was logical and made the most sense in his mind. Rather than repeat the same things they did on Nevermind, Nirvana opted for raw and uncompromising  songs and production. I still think to this day that In Utero is Nirvana’s best studio album. One of the most poignant things Nirvana did in their career was the MTV Unplugged. Hearing those songs stripped down to the core, brought out a different side of Kurt and the band. If Kurt were still alive, I could see him doing acoustic tours and albums. Today is a day to look back and remember the music that helped to connect a generation and inspire so many.

Happy Birthday Kurt!


Here are my 10 favorite Nirvana songs (In No Particular Order):

01) Aneurysm:


02) Breed:


03) All Apologies:


04) The Man Who Sold The World (David Bowie Cover):


05) Pennyroyal Tea:


06) Heart Shaped Box:


07) You Know You’re Right:


08) Scentless Apprentice:


09) Drain You:


10) Something In The Way:













1 Year After Bowie


Today marks the one year anniversary of David Bowie’s passing. Instead of going on and on about all the deaths in 2016, I thought I’d just share some covers of David’s songs, as a celebration of him.

Remember… “Heroes Get Remembered but, Legends Never Die!”


Smashing Pumpkins (well Billy Corgan and others)- Space Oddity:


The Cure- Young Americans:


Marilyn Manson- Golden Years:


Bauhaus- Ziggy Stardust:

Tribute: Glenn Frey


When I was a kid my first memory of Glenn Frey wasn’t with the Eagles. It was his contributions to the Miami Vice soundtrack. The songs “You Belong To The City,” and “Smugglers Blues,” are forever in my head. I can’t forget Glenn’s small role he had as a smuggler pilot on Miami Vice too. It wasn’t till I got older, did I fully realize that the Eagles were more than a Big Lebowski joke. I really sat down and listened to the albums, and boy what a great thing to do. To be able to hear the songs that Glenn and Don Henley wrote and created shows how unstoppable they were songwriters together. To be honest I don’t know why the Eagles get such a bad rep. Sure, the radio has overplayed a bunch of their songs, but you can’t deny the quality of the song. To have something that keeps going for 40 plus years is astounding. If you are looking for a way to get into them, I strongly suggest watching the documentary The History Of The Eagles. It’s one of the best music docs I’ve ever seen. And if you weren’t a fan or didn’t appreciate them, this might be the thing to change your mind.

Thank you Glenn for all the great songs and music through the years!!! You will be missed.

You Belong To The City:


Smuggler’s Blues:


Eagles- Desperado:


Hotel California:


Greatest Hits Vol 1:

Tribute: David Bowie


There are people out there that have the ability to transcend fantasy yet at the same time keeping you in touch with reality. David Bowie was as gifted and talented as they come. His talent came from truth and experience, thus allowing him to reinvent himself constantly  without ever missing a step. When David Bowie released a new album you know it was purely him and not any attempt to just be. His artistry and songs can captivate, influence, and bring people together. His use of story through different characters would make your imagination run wild and provided a soundtrack to those images in your mind. Bowie was always true to himself and his craft, never giving in to any trend or mood. His discography is filled with countless classic albums and songs that will live on for generations to come. Not to get too cheesy while writing this tribute but, the quote from the movie “The Sandlot” really rings true for David Bowie… “Heroes get remembered, but legends never die.”

The Rise and Fall Of Ziggy Stardust:

Hunky Dory:


Aladdin Sane:


Diamond Dogs:

The Man Who Sold The World:

David Bowie and Nine Inch Nails (1995):


Tribute: Scott Weiland



The music community lost one of the greatest voices last night. Scott Weiland’s voice, presence and words will now forever stand the test of time. Scott’s brilliant melodies could give you chills throughout your body. The way he sang and put himself out there with his words made him something special. His slithering dancing inspired by the likes of David Bowie and Iggy Pop, allowed you to really get in the groove of the music and feel like you were in the song. Through Scott’s career with Stone Temple Pilots, he carved out his place amongst the other bands during his time. He had the ability to reach so many people. Once STP released their classic and in my opinion ultimate masterpiece Purple, you knew that Scott was the real deal. Even his debut solo album 12 Bar Blues was a unique experience and really gave you insight to who Scott was.

I had the pleasure of seeing STP a few times in my life. Any time I saw them, Scott was on his game and delivered great performances. Velvet Revolver was a different story. So I just rather relive my moments with STP to remember Scott by.

When I heard the news of his passing last night, it really caught me off guard. We all knew that this was bound to happen, but the fact that it occurred now, just really bummed me out. It’s truly a beautiful feeling to be inspired and influenced by someone like Scott. Sure he had his demons and other personality traits that might not have been the greatest, but he sure could write great songs. Thankfully there is still the music that will continue on.

Here’s to Scott. Thank you for all the years of great music. May he find the peace he deserves.



12 Bar Blues (Solo Album):





Tiny Music… From The Vatican Gift Shop:

Number 4:


By : Brian Lacy