Tribute: Caleb Scofield of Cave In


On March 28 the music world lost one of the most talented musicians. Caleb Scofield, the bassist for the underrated band Cave In as well as Old Man Gloom and his own project Zozobra, tragically passed away at age 39, in a devastating car accident in New Hampshire, when his truck burst into flames after crashing at high speed into a toll plaza. According to the report, police stated the truck was traveling north on the F.E. Everett Turnpike shortly after 1PM when he attempted to change lanes before entering the toll plaza and ended up crashing into the barrier.

Caleb was a tremendous player and will be greatly missed. His work in Cave In especially influenced and inspired countless bass players over the years. Personally, I borrowed many things from Caleb including his bass tone and that guttural scream of his. I’m glad I was able to see Cave In and Old Man Gloom. This is a great loss for those of us that are fans as well as his family and friends. There is a donation page up to help offset the funeral costs and for his wife and 2 kids. Condolences to his family and friends.

Thank you Caleb for all that you gave musically and artistically. You will be greatly missed. Thankfully we have your music and live shows we’ve seen to remember you by.

Take some time and experience the musical gems that Caleb was a part of.

Cave In:


Until Your Heart Stops:

Creative Eclipses:



Tides Of Tomorrow:




Perfect Pitch Black:


Planets Of Old:


White Silence:


Harmonic Tremors:


Bird Of Prey:


Savage Masters:


Old Man Gloom:

Meditations In B:


Seminar III- Zozobra:

Seminar II- The Holy Rites Of Primativism Regressionism:





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