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Songs In Film: The Pixies Debaser in This Is 40

There are just some movies/films that get the music just ever so right. When you watch Judd Apatow’s This Is 40, there are a plethora of great songs used at such perfect moments. Lately I’ve been delving back into the the catalog of the Pixies and while listening to Doolittle of course this scene came to mind. Paul Rudd in this movie is absolutely perfect as well! It’s quite interesting too how spot on his characters take is on music and how it relates from yesterday to today.

Paul Rudd explains The Pixies “Debasser” off of Doolittle in This Is 40:

Pixies- Doolittle:

Songs In Film: Refused- New Noise in Crank

Last night while looking for something to watch before bed, I found a movie I haven’t seen in a little bit. Thankfully too it just started. One thing I forgot about is the first song used in the movie and it inspired this post. While watching it dawned on me that the song that kicks the movie off is “New Noise” by Refused. What a perfect song to start this movie! It’s seriously very fitting for the scene and the things that happen next. Take moment and watch! And if it’s been a minute since you’ve seen Crank, I suggest a good re-watching! I’m now waiting for Crank 3 hahaha!

Crank with Refused’s “New Noise”:

Songs In Movies: Hatebreed- I Will Be Heard in XXX

The Vin Diesel movie XXX is one of the most far fetched movies of the 2000’s. That movie is ridculous and over the top but, it’s also a fun movie to watch. One of the things I remember most about the movie was the music used in it. You’ve got bands like Rammstein, N.E.R.D., Drowning Pool, Gavin Rossdale of Bush going solo for a song and the one I remember most, Hatebreed. The use of Hatebreed’s “I Will Be Heard” during the movie is one of the best parts of the movie and it’s kind of fitting. Every time I hear “I Will Be Heard” I’m always thinking about that scene.

Hatebreed- I Will Be Heard (XXX Extreme Boarding Scene):

Songs In Film: Peter Gabriel- In Your Eyes in Say Anything

Say Anything (1989) Original One-Sheet Movie Poster - Original Film Art -  Vintage Movie Posters

The film Say Anything has one of the most iconic scenes ever involving a song. John Cusack’s Lloyd Dobler stands beside his car, boom box over his head, blasting Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes” (from his stellar debut solo album, So) into Diane Court’s bedroom window, just to let her know that he has not given up on her. When talking about the scene writer/director Cameron Crowe (that’s right Say Anything is a Cameron Crowe film if you didn’t know) said “That scene is like Romeo under the trellis, But I have this feeling when I watch it that it’s filled with double emotion – both with the story and the actors, whose own trepidation bleeds in.” This scene and song is truly amazing and one that will stand up for centuries. Interestingly, Peter Gabriel initially turned down Crowe because he confused the film with another film in production at the time, a John Belushi biography called Wired.

The Scene:

Peter Gabriel- In Your Eyes:

Songs In TV/Film: Massive Attack- Teardrop on House M.D.

I'm Watching House M.D. & Loving It. Here's Why: – Cleveland Sports Talk

If you ever watched the show House you are probably pretty familiar with the opening credits song. If you don’t know, that song is Massive Attack’s “Teardrop” from their exquisite and masterful album, Mezzanine. This song has some very interesting history and tidbits. The origin of the song was first developed from a harpsichord riff made in the studio. Originally (and this is very intriguing) Madonna was the first person Andrew Vowles wanted to have sing on this track. The other 2 members Robert Del Naja and Grantley Marshall wanted Cocteau Twins singer Elizabeth Fraser to sing lead. Turns out there is a version with Madonna singing this song but, they chose Elizabeth Fraser’s version due to her style fitting the mournful melody more favorably.

Massive Attack- Teardrop (House Opening Credits):

Massive Attack- Teardrop (Official Video):

Songs In Film: ACDC in Empire Records

Empire Records [usa-movie] (1995) - AC/DC's Soundtrack - YouTube

Empire Records is one of my all time favorite movies. It’s one of those movies that really does capture the time period and the connection of life to music. Over the years, the cult status of the film has grown by leaps and bounds. Besides launching many careers for a lot of the actors in it, the soundtrack was amazing. There is one scene in particular that I’ve always been fond of and have wanted to recreate if I had a job and boss like that. I’m talking about the scene when Lucas and AJ are rocking out to “If You Want Blood” by AC/DC while their boss Joe, locks himself in his office and plays along on the drums to blow off some steam. “If You Want Blood” is my all time favorite AC/DC song so, it’s only fitting that I share this with you!

AC/DC- If You Want Blood (in Empire Records):

Songs In Film: Infectious Grooves- Feed The Monkey in Encino Man

F This Movie!: FTM 541: ENCINO MAN

Yesterday, I was listening to Suicidal Tendencies. While listening, I thought back to watching Mike Muir and Infectious Grooves playing the prom in Encino Man. They played “Feed The Monkey” and absolutley rocked the prom. I still think the dance sequence with Pauly Shore, Sean Astin and Brendan Fraser is perfect and hilarious. It’s fun to go back and watch that movie. It still holds up and is still funny. If there were ever to be a sequel (though it’s been a really long time), they need to bring Infectious Grooves back to play.

Infectious Grooves- Feed The Monkey in Encino Man:

Infectious Grooves- Feed The Monkey (Album Version):

Songs In TV/Film- Coldplay- Don’t Panic in Rescue Me

Critics At Large : Rescue Me: Flawed But Arresting

I will be totally honest with you. I can’t stand Coldplay but, there is one song they have that I’ve enjoyed over the years and it’s thanks to the show Rescue Me. Many years ago, while watching Rescue Me (if you aren’t familiar with the show, you should definitely watch it. It’s fantastic and it’s in my top 5 all time for favorite TV Shows), a Coldplay song began playing at the wrap up part of the episode. To my surprise, the song really was beautifully chosen and fit the scenes perfectly. Over the years, the song “Don’t Panic” by Coldplay has been the only song of theirs that I could really stand. Anytime I hear this song, it makes me think of Rescue Me.

Coldplay- Don’t Panic in Rescue Me:

Songs In Film: Lou Reed- Satellite of Love in Adventureland

Adventureland - Original Cinema Movie Poster From British  Quad Posters and US 1-Sheet Posters

The movie Adventureland is one of those movies that flew under the radar a bit when it was released but has since become a sort of Dazed and Confused type of cult movie. It’s got a really good ensemble cast, a good story, decent performances but, the real standout is the soundtrack. There are so many great songs found in this movie. One of my favorite scenes in the movie is this part when Jesse Eisenberg and Ryan Reynolds are driving and talking and Lou Reed’s “Satellite Of Love” is playing in the background. The whole scene plays out perfectly and this song plays an interesting and pivotal role for the characters. If you haven’t seen the movie, I recommend it. I’m sure it’s streaming somewhere. AND, if you’ve never listened to Lou Reed’s Transformer album, you should most definitely do that as well!

Lou Reed- Satellite Of Love in Adventureland:

Songs In Film: Elton John- Tiny Dancer in Almost Famous


This has got to be one of the best, if not top 5 all time uses of a song in film. Personally, anytime I hear Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer” I immediately think of this scene from Almost Famous. It’s seriously one of the best uses of a song in film EVER. It’s absolutely perfect. It also makes me want to watch the movie too. There isn’t much need to go on rambling about this one. Just enjoy it, especially if it’s been a minute since you’ve seen the movie.

Elton John- Tiny Dancer in Almost Famous: