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Musicians In TV/Film: Anthrax on Married With Children

Video: Charlie Benante Reminisces About Anthrax's Appearance on Married...  with Children | MetalSucks

Back in 1992, Anthrax appeared on an episode of Married… With Children. Their part on the show was pretty damn funny. This was during season 6 episode 18 on an episode called ” My Dinner with Anthrax.” The premise of the episode is: Bud and Kelly trick Al and Peg into going on vacation in Florida for their 20th anniversary, because the kids have won the chance to have thrash metal band Anthrax over at their house. The vacation turns out to be a timeshare scam with Edd Byrnes as one of the tenants (who lives there only because it was offered to him for free). Things get interesting back home when the band members scavenge in the refrigerator and sample Peg’s “mystery package” (that no one ever wants to try) and begin to hallucinate. Interestingly, supposedly the episode was inspired by an MTV sponsored a contest in which the winner had her home trashed by the Anthrax. Fred Willard even guest stars on the episode too!

Anthrax on Married With Children:

Anthrax chatting about the episode:

Musicians In TV/Film: Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson – 'We Are Chaos' review

Ever since Marilyn Manson’s new album We Are Chaos was released, I’ve been on a sort of Manson kick. His new album is really quite good (but that’s for another day and I will have a full review up about it soon). After spending some time listening back to albums, I didn’t give much of a chance, I thought it would be fun to look up other things he’s done and I remembered a few of his moments from the shows and movies he’s appeared in. So let’s take a look at those for fun.

On Californication:

On Sons Of Anarchy (not posting much, as to not give things away):

On The New Pope:

In Jawbreaker:

Some other shows and films Manson has been in are:

Lost Highway
Party Monster
Beat The Devil
The New Mutants (voice only)

Musicians In Movies/TV: Dave Grohl


Dave Grohl is everywhere these days. From being in Foo Fighters, to his documentary projects, organizing the Cal Jam festival, as well as being a husband and father, how does he have the time. In addition to all that was mentioned he also finds time to make appearances in movies and TV. Check out these times Dave has made his presence known.


Tenacious D- The Pick Of Destiny (Dave as Satan):


Tenacious D- Tribute (Dave as Satan):


The X-Files (small cameo):


The Muppets (as Animool):


Dave also had small parts on Comedy Central’s Drunk History as well as the short lived show Ghost Ghirls, and Denis Leary’s Sex and Drugs and Rock & Roll.

Musicians In TV/Film: Maynard James Keenan


Maynard James Keenan of Tool, A Perfect Circle and Puscifer is one of the most eclectic musicians/performers around these days. In addition to his music, wine making, and books, Maynard has been known to dabble a bit in film and TV. The following are a few of the times you might have seen Maynard on screen.


Crank 2 High Voltage:


Comedy Bang Bang:


Mr Show:


Bikini Bandits:




Sleeping Dogs Lie (short film):

Musicians In Film/TV: Jerry Cantrell


I’ve been compiling a list of all the movies and tv shows that musicians have guested on or starred in. I thought that this would be a fun thing to look into.

The first person I thought of was Jerry Cantrell and his quick role in Jerry Maguire. The line he says to Tom Cruise’s Jerry ” That’s how you become great man… Hang your balls out there,” is really quite poignant. Anyways, here are a few times Jerry has been seen on the big and small screens.

Quick side note, Jerry was also director Cameron Crowe’s first choice for the role of Stillwater bass player Larry Fellows in Almost Famous. Jerry was busy writing the songs for his solo album Degradation Trip and had to turn the role down.

Jerry Maguire:




Alice In Chains- The Nona Tapes (Jerry as Nona Weisbaum: