Month: August 2022

Against The Grain: SNAFU

Detroit, Michigan is home to some very rich music history. The origins of Motown, early Punk Rock, and even Techno can be traced back to Detroit. Throughout the years, Detroit has still remained an epicenter of music. With that in mind, I’d like to introduce you to SNAFU from Detroit who have been ripping up stages and decimating crowds for a number of years now. Their most recent album, Exile//Banishment is one hell of an album. It’s heavy metal roots are very present with bits of hardcore, punk, thrash and even a tinge of black metal mixed in. When you listen to Exile//Banishment, you can hear the evolution of the band and the progression to make this album their heaviest, darkest, and angriest affair yet focusing on personal frustrations and the hopeless future of humanity. Take those themes and add the right amount of heavy with the music and you’ve got a recipe for a killer band. It’s very refreshing to hear a band like SNAFU. In particularly, the rawness of their sound is unapologetic and ruthless. The razor sharp riffs and rhythms are impactful and direct with the vocals adding an element of aggression to make everything come together in a way that will have you headbanging and contemplating moshing (even if you are by yourself). SNAFU is the real deal and I can’t wait to see where they are headed and what they do next!

SNAFU- Exile//Banishment:

Soundtrack Only Songs: Rob Zombie & Howard Stern- The Great American Nightmare

Howard Stern has been a mainstay in American pop culture for many, many years now. Back in the 90’s, Howard was everywhere. Not only did he have his ever popular radio show but, also a successful TV version of his show, a best selling autobiography with Private Parts and now he topped the box office with the movie of Private Parts AND the reason for this article today, his Billboard chart topping soundtrack for Private Parts which features songs from Ozzy, Ramones, AC/DC, Van Halen, Deep Purple, Porno For Pyros, RHCP w/ LL Cool J, and an awesome collaboration Howard did with Rob Zombie. The song with Rob Zombie entitled “The Great American Nightmare” is a badass track that can only be found on the soundtrack. The song also has been the opening theme to Stern’s radio show since 1999. Interestingly, the song has only been performed live 5 times (according to, the most recent time was in 2014 at Howards 60th Birthday Bash. Personally, I’d love for this song to be part of Rob’s setlist again.

Rob Zombie & Howard Stern- The Great American Nightmare:

The Great American Nightmare (Live 2014 Howard’s Birthday Bash):

Howard & Rob Rehearsal in 1997:

New Release: Don’t Panic- Conquer Divide

There’s something to be said about hearing a band and a song and having that “a ha” moment when it all comes together. With that allow me to share with you Don’t Panic‘s new single “Conquer Divide.” This track is off their upcoming album, 42 (out August 26 via Auspicious Recordings) and it’s quite the song. Speaking about the meaning of the song, “Conquer Divide” is a personal protest, it’s the enormity of chaos, and feeling powerless to change it,” says Don’t Panic singer Dylan Rowe. “It’s about compassion, understanding, forgiveness, anger, hope, all of the vulnerable feelings critical to realize change.” Don’t Panic are a band that have many different elements in their music that range from prog rock, alternative, indie and a tinge of electronica and when it all gets arranged it turns out to be quite epic sounding at times. Take a few moments out of your day and check out what Don’t Panic has in store for you!

Upcoming Shows:

August 26 @ Pub Rock Live – Phoenix, AZ w/ Centershift

August 28 @ Whisky A Go Go – Los Angeles, CA w/ Royalty Kult, Alphamega, Centershift

Don’t Panic- Conquer Divide:

Don’t Panic- Time Machine:


Apple Music:

Deep Cuts: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club- Suddenly

One of my favorite things to do is go for a nice drive, put my iPod on random and see what comes on and where the musical mood takes me. The other day while on a drive, a song came on early on that I haven’t heard in a long time and it was one of those absolultely perfect songs at the right moment to make it all come together. The song I’m talking about is “Suddenly” by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club from their second album, Take Them On, On Your Own. “Suddenly” is a dark, moody mid tempo track with lyrics and a melody that get into your head and then you almost feel like you are swept away by the combination of everything. It’s one of those songs that once you hear, you’ll come back to. And when you put the full album on and it gets to “Suddenly,” it just fits ever so right! Also a fun side note, Ken Andrews of Failure mixed the album too!

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club- Suddenly:

New Release: Slipknot- Yen

Slipknot have released a third song from their upcoming seventh album (yes that’s right 7th album). This one entitled “Yen” definitely has a Volume 3 vibe to it with a bit more heaviness. The new album, The End So Far will be out on September 30 via Roadrunner Records. Two other songs “The Dying Song (Time To Sing)” and “The Chapeltown Rag” have already been released.

Slipknot- Yen:

Live Show Review: Anthrax, Black Label Society & Hatebreed at Hollywood Palladium

When this tour was first announced, I was pretty stoked on it. You get the 40th anniversary of Anthrax, Black Label and to top it all off Hatebreed is opening the night. Sounds like a pretty damn good recipe for a metal tour. Plus all this happening at the Hollywood Palladium was the cherry on top as this venue for metal shows have a long history. As I arrived, the marquee said it was sold out, and when I walked in the venue, it was packed to the gills with fans waiting to open up the pits.

Hatebreed was first and I have to say, they stole the show. They way they came out and just absolutely destroyed was classic. It had been at least a decade since I last saw Hatebreed live and they haven’t lost a step at all. In fact, I’d dare say they have gotten even better live. Jamey Jasta is still one hell of a frontman and his voice still sounds crisp. I’ve long thought that the rhythm section of bassist Chris Beattie and drummer Matt Byrne are one of the more underrated duos and this show proved just how damn good they are together. On guitar Wayne Lozniak and Frank Novinec played with a blistering aggression that when all 5 elements came together made for one hell of an eruption. Their set list too was damn near perfect. Playing a chunk of songs from my two favorite albums of theirs (Satisfaction Is The Death Of Desire and Perserverance) along with some other gems from The Rise Of Brutality, Supremacy, The Concrete Confessional and their newest, Weight Of The False Self really drove home that Hatebreed wasn’t here to just warm up the crowd. They came to destroy and conquer and that they did!

Black Label Society was next and to be honest, it seemed a little bland and phoned in at times. The last time I saw them live was quite a few years ago when they were on tour with Children of Bodom and Clutch. I remember being bored and annoyed by all the pinch harmonics. Thankfully this evening there was a limit on those but, there just seemed like there was something a little off about it. Perhaps they weren’t the best choice as a direct support band, perhaps too, following Hatebreed was a bit difficult. Either way, they still put on a good show and Zakk Wylde is still a monster on the guitar. My friend I was with at the show mentioned to me mid set too that he had seen them play better. So it wasn’t just me that thought it was off a bit.

Anthrax was the reason why most of us were in attendance (I was there for Hatebreed too) and when it came time for them to take the stage, the Palladium was in a frenzy. 40 years as a band is quite an accomplishment. Even if they have had different eras of the band, the legacy of the albums and songs are still intact. Kicking off their set was a little video package of their peers talking about Anthrax and the impact they had on them. That was a fun way to kick things off but I did notice something interesting in the video package, John Bush was left out but Paul Crook was shown. After that, “Among The Living” really got the party started followed by “Caught In A Mosh.” That’s one hell of a 1, 2 punch to start a show. from there the set included songs like “Madhouse,” “Metal Thrashing Mad,” “I Am The Law” newer songs like “The Devil You Know,” and “In The End.” Personally the highlight of their set was them playing “Only.” Though the way Joey Belladonna sang it, he didn’t do it justice and at times it seemed like he was mocking the song by adding extra vibrato to his voice. Plus, I’m just gonna say it, you had John Bush in the damn crowd, why not bring him up to sing the song and sing it right?! Anthrax wrapped up their set with “Bring The Noise” and brought out Chuck D from Public Enemy for performance. That was pretty rad to see and hear. (I have my own issues with Chuck D and Public Enemy but I’ll save that for another time and place). Closing everything out was the song “Indians.” Anthrax put on a really good show and were super tight especially Scott, Charlie and Frank. The three of them are one hell of a trio. It was kind of disappointing though that this was their 40th anniversary tour/show and they didn’t cover every album. They completely bypassed Volume 8, Stomp 442 and We’ve Come For You All. Which is a shame because there are some really great songs on those records, especially on We’ve Come For You All. Thankfully, the last time I saw Anthrax before this show was back during the We’ve Come For You All era and the show I saw was at The Whisky and that show was amazing.

All in all this was a very good show. It was what you’d expect at this point from Anthrax and Black Label. Like I said early on in this review, Hatebreed stole the show and after the bar they set, good luck beating that. One thing I can say is that a show like this proves that rock and metal is alive and well. It just went more underground a bit. I for one am looking forward to what Anthrax comes out with next on their upcoming album as well as what Hatebreed does next! It’s not that I didn’t enjoy the show, I really did, it just didn’t feel like a proper anniversary show. Plus I’ve always liked the John Bush era of Anthrax better than with Joey and John has this way about his voice, presence and writing ability to take the songs to a whole other level! Perhaps a “Bring John Bush Back Petition should be started?!

Hatebreed Set List:

01) Proven
02) Destory Everything
03) A Stroke Of Red
04) Before Dishonor
05) Seven Enemies
06) Driven By Suffering
07) Betrayed By Life
08) To The Threshold
09) Smash Your Enemies
10) Empty Promises
11) Tear It Down
12) Perserverance
13) Live For This
14) I Will Be Heard
15) Looking Down The Barrel Of Today

Black Label Society Set List:

01) Funeral Bell
02) Destroy & Conquer
03) Overlord
04) Heart Of Darkness
05) A Love Unreal
06) You Made Me Want To Live
07) In This River
08) Trampled Down Below
09) Set You Free
10) Fire It Up (With Extended “Boring” Guitar Solo)
11) Suicide Messiah
12) Stillborn

Anthrax Set List:

01) Among The Living
02) Caught In A Mosh
03) Madhouse
04) Metal Thrashing Mad
05) The Devil You Know
06) Keep It In The Family
07) Antisocial
08) I Am The Law
09) In The End
10) Only
11) Bring The Noise (with Chuck D)
12) Indians

Songs In Movies: Hatebreed- I Will Be Heard in XXX

The Vin Diesel movie XXX is one of the most far fetched movies of the 2000’s. That movie is ridculous and over the top but, it’s also a fun movie to watch. One of the things I remember most about the movie was the music used in it. You’ve got bands like Rammstein, N.E.R.D., Drowning Pool, Gavin Rossdale of Bush going solo for a song and the one I remember most, Hatebreed. The use of Hatebreed’s “I Will Be Heard” during the movie is one of the best parts of the movie and it’s kind of fitting. Every time I hear “I Will Be Heard” I’m always thinking about that scene.

Hatebreed- I Will Be Heard (XXX Extreme Boarding Scene):