New Release: Don’t Panic- Conquer Divide

There’s something to be said about hearing a band and a song and having that “a ha” moment when it all comes together. With that allow me to share with you Don’t Panic‘s new single “Conquer Divide.” This track is off their upcoming album, 42 (out August 26 via Auspicious Recordings) and it’s quite the song. Speaking about the meaning of the song, “Conquer Divide” is a personal protest, it’s the enormity of chaos, and feeling powerless to change it,” says Don’t Panic singer Dylan Rowe. “It’s about compassion, understanding, forgiveness, anger, hope, all of the vulnerable feelings critical to realize change.” Don’t Panic are a band that have many different elements in their music that range from prog rock, alternative, indie and a tinge of electronica and when it all gets arranged it turns out to be quite epic sounding at times. Take a few moments out of your day and check out what Don’t Panic has in store for you!

Upcoming Shows:

August 26 @ Pub Rock Live – Phoenix, AZ w/ Centershift

August 28 @ Whisky A Go Go – Los Angeles, CA w/ Royalty Kult, Alphamega, Centershift

Don’t Panic- Conquer Divide:

Don’t Panic- Time Machine:


Apple Music:

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