Month: January 2016

Band Of The Week: Matriarchs



The hardcore genre has undergone a few changes since its inception, but the true spirit of what the genre started as lives on in a few bands still. Last weekend while I was at the Whisky to see Vision Of Disorder, the first band I saw that night left me really excited. Matriarchs delivered the goods and represented hardcore music to the fullest. Their sound incorporates a tinge of metal, yet still rings true to the roots. Their EP Scandalous Jointz, reminds me of old school Hatebreed and Agnostic Front with a little bit of old Throwdown in there. Live, these guys are intense and command the stage. Vocalist Richard Barthel is quite a force. His gutteral vocals and true to life lyrics get the point across clearly. The band also features ex-members of well-known bands like Hoods, Ruckus, and The Faceless, making Matriarchs a band with countless influences to expand upon as time goes on. Check them out if you need to get your fix of well done hardcore.




Better Off Dead:


Slave City:




Cover Thursday: Deftones (Sade)- No Ordinary Love


Yesterday Deftones released a teaser for their new album GORE, which should be out in April. While talking to a friend of mine about it, for some reason Deftones cover of Sade’s “No Ordinary Love” popped into my head. It had been a little bit since I heard it and now I feel compelled to share it with you.

Deftones-No Ordinary Love:


Sade- No Ordinary Love:

Anticipated Albums: Killswitch Engage- Incarnate



Back in 2013 after many years away from Killswitch Engage, singer Jesse Leach came back to the band. The result was astounding and the album Disarm The Descent that marked his return was fantastic. Now in 2016, the band is back and ready to unleash their next album, Incarnate. March 11th can’t come soon enough!!!


Killswitch Engage- Strength Of The Mind:


Killswitch Engage- Hate By Design:


Killswitch Engage- Cut Me Loose:


Killswitch Engage- Alone I Stand:


Killswitch Engage- Just Let Go:


Killswitch Engage- Embrace The Journey…Upraised:


Killswitch Engage- Quiet Distress:

Ultimate Set List: Alice In Chains



I have so many different playlists for my favorite bands, it’s often really hard to just pick a few songs, so I’m really loving doing this feature. As most of you who read this site have figured out I am a huge Alice In Chains fan. So I present to you my Ultimate Set List for them

Here are the rules:

Rule 1: maximum 25 songs

Rule 2: What line up of the band would it be

Rule 3: Where would you want to see the show

Lineup: Layne Staley, Jerry Cantrell, Sean Kinney, Mike Starr, Mike Inez, William DuVall

Venue: The Moore Theatre (Seattle)



Man In The Box
Them Bones
Sea Of Sorrow
We Die Young
Bleed The Freak
Down In A Hole
Heaven Beside You
Rotten Apple
Black Gives Way To Blue
I Stay Away
No Excuses
Sludge Factory
Love, Hate, Love
Rain When I Die
Angry Chair
Phantom Limb
A Looking In View
Private Hell
Last Of My Kind


Live Review: Vision Of Disorder at The Whisky


One of my favorite things about going to see bands that I’ve loved for years and years, is looking around at the crowd and seeing fans from the beginning till now reveling in the music. Vision Of Disorder has that effect on people. The legends that they are still pack one hell of a punch live and deliver with all their might. More on them in a bit.


The night began for my friend and I with the band Matriarchs. This 5 piece hardcore band from Los Angeles was the surprise of the night. Not only did they pummel the crowd with their brutal intense brand of hardcore, they managed to get a Los Angeles crowd on a Sunday night into quite a frenzy. It’s been a while since I listened to this type of hardcore. They reminded me of old school Hatebreed and Terror. Matriarchs are legit and deliver the goods as each song goes into the next. This band is on my radar for sure.


Next up was a band called Critic. These guys had something really cool going on. Musically they had elements of prog, industrial and hardcore, making for quite an intriguing set. Just as Matriarchs did, the crowd got into a bit of a frenzy during their set. Even the security guards at the venue were into them and Matriarchs. This band as well will see some more attention as time goes on.

After Critic, the reformed Pissing Razors took the stage. I have to say that while enjoyable, I couldn’t help but think they were taking their groove metal love of Pantera a bit too far. While watching them, I could see and hear the distinct similarities of Pantera in their music and stage personas. Not to take anything away from them, but when you start singing Pantera songs over their songs, you might want to revisit your own songs.


The highlight of the night was of course the legendary Vision Of Disorder. Their unrelenting set consisted of songs from their beginning to their latest release Razed To The Ground (which by the way is a great album). The sheer magnitude of intensity that lives within each member of the band was left on stage last night. Songs like “DTO,” “Suffer,” “What You Are,” “Set To Fail,” and “Loveless,” killed. One of the coolest things during their set was watching a swarm of fans push forward to the front of the stage to sing along with Tim Williams. Amongst the crowd and singing along was Dave Peters of Throwdown. Seeing him in the crowd pushing to sing along instead of jumping on stage was quite an awesome move on his part. Very punk rock Dave!!!

The entire night was outstanding. Vision Of Disorder are still the real deal and continue to put out great new music. Matriarchs and Critic are two bands I will be following and writing about soon. It’s shows like this that make it fun for me still. As I get older I’ve noticed I’ve become more selective in the shows I go to, but as long as my favorite bands keep playing in Los Angeles, like VOD, I will be there.



By: Brian Lacy

Band Of The Week: The New Regime


Ilan Rubin has had quite the career so far. He has played with bands such as Denver Harbor, Lostprophets, Paramore, Angels and Airwaves and most notably Nine Inch Nails. Even through all that, Ilan has still managed to remain quite the artist. In 2007, he released his first album as The New Regime entitled “Coup.” a few years later after Nine Inch Nails took a break for a bit, Ilan readied his next album “Speak Through The White Noise.” By the time it came for a third album, there was enough material that it was divided into two EP’s Exhibit A and Exhibit B. Since the release of those albums, The New Regime has been on tour constantly with some of rock’s greats including, Gang Of Four, Failure, Muse, The Used and so many others. Ilan is a true visionary. He has quite the knack for writing really interesting songs. It’s as though his time working with so many different bands, especially Trent Reznor, rubbed off on him in such a positive way. The New Regime is a band that should be on your radar and in your music library.

We Rise, We Fall:


Speak Through The White Noise:

Worst Cover Songs: Adema (Alice In Chains)- Nutshell



I love Alice In Chains. They are in my top 2 favorite bands of all time right behind Nine Inch Nails. Anytime I hear a cover of one of their songs I have to listen. no matter how bad it is. A few years back when Adema was popular (remember that?), they released an EP that had a cover of Alice In Chains “Nutshell.” Well I forgot about it until last night and now I feel compelled to share it with you.


Adema- Nutshell:


Alice In Chains- Nutshell: