Month: November 2015

Amazing Albums: Fiona Apple- Tidal


2016 will mark 20 years since Fiona Apple’s debut album Tidal was released. Recently I was compelled to take a listen back to this angsty masterpiece. This album is one of the most profound albums of the 1990’s and it is drenched in sensuality, danger and depression all in a good way. Songs like “Criminal,” “Shadowboxer,” “Sleep To Dream,” “Slow Like Honey,” “The First Taste,” and “Never Is A Promise,” have long been stellar tracks on this album. Fiona’s voice shows so much vulnerability and despair, it’s no wonder she was able to connect with so many people that listened to her. There is so many adjectives to describe her and this album. Instead of me going on and on, I’ll stop and let you all take a listen to Tidal and you can soak it all in!

Fiona Apple- Tidal:

Album Review: Foo Fighters- Saint Cecilia


The ability to redeem one’s self in music is a very rewarding thing to accomplish. Last year the Foo Fighters released their very disappointing album Sonic Highways. Sadly that album doesn’t have the legs (get it since Dave only had one leg on tour… shameless pun) to stand on. Thankfully during the Foo Fighters time in Austin for the Austin City Limits Festival, the band gathered at the Saint Cecilia hotel and made an EP that redeems the less fortunate previous album. The five songs on the EP are chock full of riffs from throughout the bands 20 year career. Some of the riffs and ideas have been around since the inception of the band when it was just Dave doing everything. The first song “Saint Cecilia” is 3 and a half minutes of classic Foo Fighters. “Sean” is a little fun fast paced song. “Savior Breath” is the type of rock song that the Foo’s need to base their next album on. This song is beyond a rocker and is sure to be a crowd favorite for years to come. “Iron Rooster” is the weakest song on the collection. The lead guitar parts are really sweet and full of great melodies though. Closing song “The Neverending Sigh” is the best song on the EP. This is another of those songs that needs to usher in the next Foo’s album. The sheer magnitude of bombastic rock that comes out of this song is grandiose.

The Foo’s are on the right track with this redemption EP. That’s what the name of it should have been. It’s great to see a band 20 years into their career and they still have it in them to put out quality. I really thought that with 2011’s Wasting Light, they were on the right track. Here’s to hoping they get back on that track and keep on rolling through.


Foo Fighters- Saint Cecilia:

Album Review: Despite The Raven- Hereinafter

Despite The Raven - Hereinafter1500px.jpg

One of the most fulfilling things about writing this blog is the chance to hear new music all the time. Sometimes out of the bunches that are sent my way, there are those that really stand out amongst the pack. Over the weekend I received that debut album from Despite The Raven. I’ve been looking forward to this album for a while now. After hearing Craig Cirinelli in his other bands (Damn) This Desert Air and Hidden Cabins, I had a feeling that this new project would be the next step in his musical path. Teaming up with guitarist Chris Homentosky, this dynamic duo has created an album that stretches past the influences of the 90’s contemporaries and pushes deeper with each song. The eleven songs on this album are full of great rock n roll with added elements of ambience and soulful melodies. Song’s like “Where Fear and Courage Meet,” “Contrition,” “Tarred and Feathered,” “The Opportunist,” “The Maven,” and closing track “Walk Alone (The Unapology)” really showcase what this band is all about. Craig’s lyrics are personal yet open to interpretation allowing an added sense of discovery throughout the album. Despite The Raven are one of those bands that when they start taking the stage you’ll be wanting to pay attention. By the indication of listening to this album, you’ll get swept away by the sheer beauty of it. This album is definitely a cause for celebration. Do yourself a favor and delve into this.


Despite The Raven: HEREINAFTER


By: Brian Lacy

Band Of The Week: Here Lies The Hero


Since last Friday when I saw Socionic, I’ve been listening to the band that opened the evening Here Lies The Hero. Their blend of metal and post hardcore is quite exceptional. The band formed in 2010 in Texas and relocated to Los Angeles in 2013. Since that time the band has really pushed hard to make a name for themselves, playing shows with the likes of Trivium, Norma Jean, Letlive and countless others. Their 2014 EP Adrift, is a very vulnerable yet full of optimism. Musically this band especially the guitars are technical and precise while full of heaviness and melody. Amongst their peers in this genre of music, Here Lies The Hero are quite the band to watch for.  And by the indication of the new songs they played at the show I saw them at, they are moving in the right direction with what they are doing.





Follow The Light:





Cover Thursday: Dave Navarro (The Velvet Underground)- Venus In Furs

The Velvet Underground is in my top 10 of favorite bands of all time. Lou Reed has always been an inspiration to me in the way he writes music and tells stories through his lyrics. Almost 15 years ago Dave Navarro released a solo album called Trust No One that was really quite good. On this album he included a cover of “Venus In Furs.” This is a different approach to this song than the original, and is quite good. Take a listen to Dave’s and the original, and experience something intriguing. On a side note, Roy Mayorga (Soulfly, Stone Sour, Nausea, Abloom) played drums on this track.

Dave Navarro- Venus In Furs:


The Velvet Underground- Venus In Furs:

Album Debate: Jane’s Addiction Nothing’s Shocking vs Ritual De Lo Habitual




One of the best bands from the early 90’s alternative scene has to be hands down Jane’s Addiction. They were such a bright spot for artistic imagination. Their influence of many genres allowed their music to go beyond the norm. During their brief early career, they managed to release two of the most iconic alternative albums ever, Nothing’s Shocking and Ritual De Lo Habitual.

Nothing’s Shocking is their absolute gem in their catalog. There is something truly spectacular about this album. A good portion of the best songs on the album were written by Eric Avery. Dave Navarro’s guitar playing has always been underrated in my opinion. And Stephen Perkins drumming is always right on. Songs like “Mountain Song,” “Had A Dad,” “Ocean Size,” “Pigs In Zen,” “Ted, Just Admit It,” and the ever overplayed “Jane Says,” are all complete standouts. The entire album start to finish is great.

Ritual De Lo Habitual really took a chance in exploring where the band could go. They really experimented with genres mixing in a bit of funk to their vibe. It’s this album that I think persuaded the Red Hot Chili Peppers to ask Dave Navarro to join the band for One Hot Minute (another unsung masterpiece in my humble opinion). There was also an added element of pop music in the way of really catchy choruses in songs like “Stop!,” and “Been Caught Stealing.” But there are such other great songs on this album like “Three Days,” “Obvious,” Ain’t No Right,” and “Of Course.”

Jane’s Addiction through all their ego trips and break ups have remained one of the most influential bands of the last 30 years. These two albums have helped influence countless bands over the years. The way they kept to their artistic integrity shows how creative they really are.

If I had to pick between these two I’d go towards Nothing’s Shocking. I jut love the purity in that album and the songs. That album has always stood out to me amongst their catalog and holds up beyond them all.

What do you think is the best?


Nothing’s Shocking:


Ritual De Lo Habitual:


By: Brian Lacy


Underrated and Influential: Type O Negative


I’ll admit I was late to the party with Type O Negative. Any of the songs I heard growing up I enjoyed but I never delved into their albums until a few years ago. With all that in mind going back and listening to albums such as Bloody Kisses and October Rust, really cemented in my mind that, Type O Negative is one of those bands that were underrated and influenced so many bands. Peter Steele’s voice was something special. His deep monotone voice carried bits of melody making it gentle to listen to but also presented a sensual experience while the music of Josh Silver, Johnny Kelly and Kenny Hickey was sonically dark, heavy and beautiful. The haunting eerie soundscapes that were a part of their sound made listening to them quite pleasant. Sadly in 2010, Peter Steele passed away from heart failure. This also meant the end of Type O Negative. Thankfully their catalog is so good and still packs quite a punch to this day, that Peter’s legacy carries on.


Bloody Kisses:


October Rust:


World Coming Down:


Life Is Killing Me:


Dead Again: