Live Show Recap: Caleb Scofield Memorial Show


This is not a review, rather this is a recap of this magical show. Back in March of this year, Cave In bassist Caleb Scofield was tragically killed in a car accident. Since his passing, his peers have come together to raise funds for his family as well as celebrate Caleb’s legacy. This past evening at The Wiltern, the second tribute show to celebrate Caleb happened and it was something special.

The show was sold out and the line was wrapped around the block and then some just to get in. None the less, because of the line, I missed out on 27 but, I was able to listen to their set from outside and from what I heard, I really dug. Next up was Old Man Gloom. Stephen Brodsky, Caleb’s bandmate from Cave In, took on the bass duties for the group which also features Aaron Turner (Isis, Sumac, etc), Nate Newton (Converge, Doomriders, etc) and Santos Montano (Zozobra, etc). Their 45 minute set was one hell of a way to pay tribute. Stephen Brodsky rocked the bass with precision and a sense of pride as he played through the parts that Caleb contributed to the band. Following Old Man Gloom was Pelican. I haven’t seen them in almost 10 years and they too didn’t disappoint. Their set was chock full of great riffs and hard hitting rhythms. You could tell during their set that they were really enjoying be on the stage performing and paying tribute to their friend.

One of the main attractions for the evening was the first show in almost 10 years for Isis. They had been sorely missed by the fans as well as by their peers. This evening the members of Isis (they actually were billed as Celestial for this show, due to the lame ass terrorist organization stealing their name). The bands 45 minute set was one of those sets that will be talked about for some time. They ripped through 5 of their most celebrated songs in their allotted time like “In Fiction” and “Carry”. While surveying the crowd, the unison sea of head banging was almost hypnotic to watch. All the members of the band go way back with Cave In as well as Caleb, so them getting the band back together for this occasion was quite the way to pay their respects.

The main band of the evening was Cave In. They have been one of my all time favorite bands for a long long time. Joining Stephen, Adam and JR on stage for the first part of the set was Caleb’s brother Kyle on bass which was quite a sweet and tender moment. They ripped through Cave In classics like “Youth Overrided,” Tension In The Ranks,” “The Calypso” and a cover of Neil Young’s “Harvest Moon.” The latter was said to be a favorite of Caleb’s. Not soon after Nate Newton took over on bass and they then ripped through the heavier side of Cave In’s catalog with songs like “Juggernaut,” “Trepanning,” “Big Riff,” and “Sing My Loves.” Nate was a great choice to join the surviving members to play these songs. Nate seemed to channel a bit of Caleb while playing and singing his parts. Not long after Cave In’s set, a set of Zozobra songs were performed. If you don’t know, Zozobra was Caleb’s side project. As Zozobra, Caleb released 2 full length albums Harmonic Tremors and Birds of Prey) and 1 EP (Savage Masters). Joining the stage during this set were Aaron Turner as well as Converge’s Jacob Bannon.

What a great night to celebrate the life and art of Caleb Scofield. Caleb influenced countless bass players over the years. His bass tone is one of those tones that are sought after. The way he played on stage as well is something of legends. He commanded the stage with a sense of confidence and precision that many people wish they had. Caleb’s legacy as a player and songwriter will always live on. This night was one of those magical nights that for those in attendance as well as every band that took the stage to pay tribute. Thank you Caleb for all the years of inspiration and influence!

Caleb Scofield- A Celebration of Life and Art Full Show:


Old Man Gloom Set List:
01) Skullstorm
02) Afraid Of
03) Flood II
04) Sleeping With Snakes
05) Shoulder Meat
06) Common Species
07) Burden
08) Simia Dei
09) Hot Salvation
10) Branch Breaker
11) Gift
12) To Carry The Flame

Isis (Celestial) Set List:
01) Carry
02) So Did We
03) In Fiction
04) The Beginning and the End
SGNL > 01
05) Celestial (The Tower)

Cave In Set List:

With Caleb’s Brother Kyle on Bass:
01) Youth Overrided
02) The Calypso
03) Harvest Moon (Neil Young Cover)
04) New Moon
05) Heartbreaks, Earthquakes
06) Tension In The Ranks
With Nate Newton on Bass:
07) Dark Driving
08) Juggernaut
09) Off To Ruin
10) Trepanning
11) Serpents
12) Big Riff
13) Sing My Loves

Zozobra Set List:

Core Band of Stephen Brodsky (bass/vocals), Adam McGrath (guitar), Nate Newton (guitar/vocals)
01) The Cruelest Cut (Vox: Aaron Turner, Drums: JR Connors)
02) Emanate (Vox: Jacob Bannon, Drums: Aaron Harris)
03) Heartless Enemy (Vox: Jacob Bannon, Drums: Aaron Harris)
04) Soon To Follow (Vox: Aaron Turner, Drums: Santos Montano)
05) Invisible Wolves (Vox: Jacob Bannon, Drums: Santos Montano)
06) A Distant Star Fades (Vox: Jacob Bannon, Drums: Santos Montano)
07) Silver Ghost

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