Album Review: True Widow-Avvolgere


Every once in a while I come across a band or album that has put out something that really grabs my attention. True Widow’s new album Avvolgere is something quite intriguing. The album has a feel of parts stoner/doom rock, 70’s psychedelic rock, and a bit of shoegaze, while still having a “metal” feel. Avvolgere is an “album” for sure. Each song on it from the opener “Back Shredder” to the closer “What Find’s Me,”fits in the spectrum of an album the way it should. Something else that I noticed about this album is the sense of calm that accompanies it. The production is stellar. The minimalist feel to it allows the instruments to shine in their natural state. The bright yet slightly doomy guitars glisten among the words and vocals. Each and every song on this gloomy gem is a stand out. The reverb drenched “To All That He Elong,” is a sonic triumph. “OOTPV” is one that brings the sludge in a great way.

True Widow is a band that deserves your attention. Avvolgere is an album that should be delved into. What really stands out to me is their desire to create music that has substance and rings true to their influences and inspiration.

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