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Soundtrack Only Songs: Filter- One from The X-Files

What would the 1990’s be like without The X-Files? It was one of the best shows of the 90’s without a doubt. The popularity of the show grew by leaps and bounds and in 1998 there was a feature length film to accompany the series. The movie while decent produced a pretty damn good soundtrack featuring Filter, Foo Fighters, The Cure, Bjork, Noel Gallagher and more. The album’s producer, David Was, intended to match the film’s tone rather than using the songs as content, leading to several of the artists involved contributing material which would seem “uncharacteristically eerie” compared to their usual work. Many of the songs that appear on the soundtrack are cover versions like Filter covering Harry Nillsson’s “One.” This one in particular was deliberately constructed by Was once he realized that Duchovny had ad-libbed the song’s opening line during one of the film’s scenes. Filter’s version of “One” is striking and fits the vibe of the the film.

Filter (Harry Nillsson)- One:

F You Songs: Filter- So I Quit

The art of the F You song is actually quite simple. Take a person or event in your life/world that is bothering you, work up some aggressive music and then unleash the venom that is brewing inside and you’ve got one hell of a good way to express those feelings. One of the songs that I tend to go to when I need a to let out a good F You is “So I Quit” by Filter from their album, The Amalgamut. This track is a perfect F You song. It’s simple and to the point and the BIG F YOU at the end is superb!

Filter- So I Quit:

Band Of The Week: Filter

Filter releases politically charged new song from upcoming album ...

Normally, I use this topic to highlight unsigned or up and coming bands but, since they are now an “independent” band, I thought, why not expand upon this topic a bit. Filteris back with their first new song in four years. This new track “Thoughts and Prayers” is taken from the now defunct ReBus sessions that Richard Patrick and Brian Liesegang began working on before the whole Pledge Music debacle. The upcoming Filter album, entitled Murica is due out later this year. “Thoughts and Prayers” definitely has a Short Bus feel to it in parts as well as a bit of an Amalgamut vibe, especially because of the heavy guitar riff and it’s a pretty angry track as well. I’m looking forward to hearing more from this album. Richard has mentioned that he hopes to include a few other songs that he and Brian worked on for this upcoming album.

Filter- Thoughts and Prayers:


Album Review: Filter- Crazy Eyes


When you think of the band Filter these days, I would guess two songs come to mind, “Hey Man Nice Shot” and “Take A Picture.” One would think they have moved on from their early more industrial side of things, considering the last album didn’t really have any of those elements. Well Filter have just released a new album that harkens back to the Short Bus era and adds a bit of a modern approach. The new album Crazy Eyes is very influenced by the early days of Filter and a bit of Nine Inch Nails Broken era. Richard Patrick is back and angrier than he’s been in a long time. Armed with a band that helps realize his vision and tests the limits of electronic and industrial tones, the new album is one that stands out amongst the bands catalog. Songs like “Nothing In My Hands,” “Pride Flag,” “Take Me To Heaven,” and “Welcome To The Suck (Destiny Not Luck)” are complete standouts on this record. On a fun note Danny Lohner helped write and produce the song “City Of Blinding Riots,” which is a song that will be a great in a live setting. There is also an instrumental called “Under The Tongue” that is very Nine Inch Nailsesque in a good way.

I had the pleasure of speaking to Richard and he says “this album is a bit more reckless dangerous and quirky.” He also mentions that this incarnation is one of the most passionate version of the group since the early years.  He also goes on to say that “this album should be triumphant in its anger.” While the album is full of anger, social commentary, honesty and a DGAF attitude are very prevalent themes throughout. Filter have come back to their roots and it’s very fitting in a time when music is getting stale.

Filter- Crazy Eyes:

Soundtrack Only Songs: Filter- Jurassitol


There is no need for a lengthy post. The music does all the talking needed. It’s still a shame that they had to make a sequel to The Crow, and that they are trying to remake it. The only good thing about the second crow movie was the soundtrack, which we’ve already talked about. On that soundtrack though, Filter released a “soundtrack only song” in “Jurassitol.” Enjoy some classic Filter!

Filter- Jurassitol:


Album Rank: Filter


Filter is about to release a new album called Crazy Eyes. So naturally that has put me in a Filter mood as of late. I recently went back and did a full catalog listen of Filter and have come up with an album ranking of their releases from not their best work to the best.


Anthems For The Damned:


The Sun Comes Out Tonight:


Crazy Eyes:


The Trouble With Angels:


The Amalgamut:


Title Of Record:


Short Bus:

Classic Soundtracks: Underworld


Soundtracks are a tricky thing to make. Songs have to fit perfectly with each scene. Sometimes the music chosen fits perfectly and becomes the best part of watching certain scenes. One such movie and soundtrack is the first Underworld. The film’s soundtrack was produced by Danny Lohner (former Nine Inch Nails multi instrumentalist). Danny contributed several songs to the soundtrack under his pseudonym Renholder (A Perfect Circles’s song Renholder off Mer De Noms is in reference to Danny Lohner). In addition to contributions from The Dillinger Escape Plan, Puscifer, A Perfect Circle, Page Hamilton of Helmet, and Skinny Puppy, there was a group called The Damning Well, that provided a song for the soundtrack. The Damning Well was a supergroup comprised of Wes Borland (Limp Bizkit), Danny Lohner (Nine Inch Nails), Josh Freese (A Perfect Circle), and Richard Patrick (Filter). Their contribution “Awakening,” was a real highlight of the soundtrack, and left listeners wondering what could’ve become of such a collaboration had they continued. It’s been said that much of the music that they created wound up being used for the first Black Light Burns album. One other song featured on the soundtrack called “Bring Me The Head Of The Disco King” is also a huge highlight. This song features David Bowie, Maynard James Keenan and John Frusciante.

The movie itself wasn’t that great but, there were a couple highlights. Kate Beckinsale and this fantastic soundtrack.


The Damning Well: Awakening


David Bowie and friends: Bring Me The Head Of The Disco King


A Perfect Circle: Weak and Powerless (Tilling My Grave Mix)


Puscifer: Rev 22: 20 (Renholder Mix)


By: Brian Lacy

Unsung Masterpieces: Filter- Short Bus


The early 90’s were a great time for bands. There seemed to be a huge creative explosion. Albums had substance, grit and provoked raw emotion. I could talk about certain bands all day like Nine Inch Nails and Alice In Chains who embodied such traits. One band that came out in this era and had all that in their debut album and that was Filter. The band was formed when Richard Patrick left Nine Inch Nails just before the recording of The Downward Spiral, and formed a new project with Brian Liesegang. Their debut album Short Bus combined industrial and hard rock. The live band was rounded out by Geno Lenardo, Frank Cavanagh, and Matt Walker. Short Bus has now gone on to sell over 1 million albums thanks to the success of “Hey Man Nice Shot.”

Kicking things off is “Hey Man Nice Shot.” This song is great, it has that quiet bass rumble start then explodes with force and Richard Patrick’s signature scream. “Dose” continues with the powerful riffs and heaviness and adds bits of melody. “Under” has a scratchy guitar intro that blends perfectly into a sort of industrial/dance beat. Lyrically and vocally it’s heavy without compromising the melody. “Spent” is another song that has the quiet to loud structure dialed in. “Take Another” uses the distorted bass line to really get the song going before getting to grit of Richard’s vocal delivery. “Stuck In Here” is a stripped down song that shows the true vulnerability of the group. It’s subtle in the way it pushes the albums direction as well. “It’s Over” follows the outro of “Stuck In Here” to a building verse then when the chorus comes, it opens up in a louder realm. “Gerbil” is solid heavy rock track. “White Like That” has a great intro leading into Richard’s voice then goes into subtle chorus. “Consider This” is another track that could almost foreshadow what would ultimately be their sound on the next album. Ending the album is “So Cool.” This song really slows things down and brings the album to an end with it’s string arrangement.

Short Bus is an album that often gets overlooked just like the band. The sheer creativity and artistic expression is vert prevalent on this album.  Sadly, when their second album “Title Of Record” came out and “Take A Picture” exploded on the radio, it seemed that Filter had lost what they once were. Luckily as time went on, they brought back elements of Short Bus into their albums. Especially on The Inevitable Relapse and their newest album The Sun Comes Out Tonight. Filter is and has been a great live band and solid songwriters. Richard Patrick has one of the most unique voices in the rock genre. This band deserves their due. Take a listen back to Short Bus and you’ll see what I mean.



By: Brian Lacy

Cover Thursday: Filter (The Turtles)- Happy Together


Filter has always been an underrated band. Richard Patrick has one of the best voices in rock. You can feel every word he sings/screams. Their version of The Turtles song “Happy Together” was originally done in 2009 for a movie that I’m pretty sure no one saw. Then last year when the new version of The Great Gatsby was released, and Filter’s cover found new life.


By: Brian Lacy