New Release: Gojira- The Chant

Image result for gojira fortitude

Ahead of the release of their new album Fortitude this coming Friday (April 30), Gojira have dropped another new song! This new track “The Chant” has a little bit of a Magma era vibe and a few sprinkles of some more experimental ideas. This album sure feels like it’s going to be a very interesting and intriguing listening experience. Gojira are one of the few bands out there these days that are still making “albums” and not relying on singles. I’m very much looking forward to hearing these new tracks live. Having seen Gojira many times live now, I can definitely tell these new songs will take on a whole other life when played live!

Gojira- The Chant:

Gojira- Into The Storm:

Gojira- Amazonia:

Gojira- Born For One Thing:

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