Anticipated Albums of 2016

Anticipated Albums: Mastodon- Emperor Of Sand




Mastodon are one of the best bands to come out since the turn of the century. They have evolved as a band in the best possible way without compromising their artistic integrity. All of their albums, with the exception of The Hunter, are classics and influential. Their ability to write “albums” sets them apart from their peers in the rock and metal circles. Their new album Emperor Of Sand (in stores March 31,2017), is gearing up to be an album of the year contender. From the three songs released, you can tell that Troy, Brann, Bill, and Brent are in sync and ready to deliver another gem.

Sultan’s Curse:


Show Yourself:




The Making of Emperor Of Sand:


Part 1:


Part 2:


Part 3:


Part 4:


Part 5:


Anticipated Album: Every Time I Die- Low Teens


Every Time I Die has been one of the most consistent heavy bands in the last 10 plus years. Their new album Low Teens comes out in September. Here are a couple tracks from their upcoming album.

C++ (Love Will Get You Killed):




The Coin Has A Say:

Anticipated Albums: Giraffe Tongue Orchestra


Giraffe Tongue Orchestra is a collective of some really great musicians from some really awesome bands. Brent Hinds from Mastodon, Ben Weinman from The Dillinger Escape Plan, William DuVall from Alice In Chains and Thomas Pridgen formerly of the Mars Volta. What you get when all these talented people play together is something that is a bit funky, a bit rock, and genuinely artistic.


Blood Moon:




Anticipated Albums: Deftones- Gore


I really don’t feel the need to write a lengthy explanation of why this new Deftones album is very anticipated. The band just released the first single “Prayers/Triangles” from their forthcoming album GORE. This song is the first track on the album and it has a vibe that seems to set up a very adventurous yet very Deftones-esque album. Check it out!!!

Deftones- Prayers/Triangles:

Anticipated Albums: Killswitch Engage- Incarnate



Back in 2013 after many years away from Killswitch Engage, singer Jesse Leach came back to the band. The result was astounding and the album Disarm The Descent that marked his return was fantastic. Now in 2016, the band is back and ready to unleash their next album, Incarnate. March 11th can’t come soon enough!!!


Killswitch Engage- Strength Of The Mind:


Killswitch Engage- Hate By Design:


Killswitch Engage- Cut Me Loose:


Killswitch Engage- Alone I Stand:


Killswitch Engage- Just Let Go:


Killswitch Engage- Embrace The Journey…Upraised:


Killswitch Engage- Quiet Distress:

Most Anticipated Albums of 2016

After the year we just had in 2015 with new music releases, 2016 is shaping up to be one hell of a year for new music. Here are the bands with the most anticipated albums coming out in 2016.

Alice In Chains
With Our Arms To The Sun
Brand New
Night Verses
Norma Jean
The Black Queen
Killswitch Engage
The Last Internationale
The Cult
Corrosion Of Conformity
Royal Blood
Black Map
Stone Sour
The Cure
Moving Structures
Here Lies The Hero
Vagus Nerve
Hundred Suns
Ancillary Theorem
Ghost Idols