End Of Album Songs: Deftones


I’m sure a lot of you have noticed through your music listening experiencing how impactful some bands end of album songs are. Certain bands really have a knack of putting “that” song as the last song and creating a visceral experience. One band I’ve noticed over the years that have really embraced the end of album song is Deftones. Not so much on Adrenaline but from Around The Fur onwards they really know how to end their albums.

Fireal (from Adrenaline):


MX (from Around The Fur):


Pink Maggit (from White Pony):


Moana (from Deftones):


Riviere (from Saturday Night Wrist):


This Place Is Death (from Diamond Eyes):


What Happened To You (from Koi No Yokan):


Rubicon (from Gore):

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