New Release: Spotlights- Algorithmic

Spotlights are back with a new single and album! Ever since I heard this band a few years ago, I eagerly anticipate their next release to see where they go next. On April 28th, Spotlights new album, Alchemy For The Dead will arrive via Ipecac Recordings. The first single “Algorithmic” has a hypnotic and very distorted sense to it in the vein of Failure while also evoking some sonic territories that you would find on say a record by Dinosaur Jr. Never a band to remain complacent, Spotlights sound has evolved on each album and this one continues that path. The exploration of new sounds and textures has given the band more room to grow and further define themselves in the world of light and dark. I’m looking forward to hearing this song in context of the whole album of 9 songs. Spotlights are one of those bands as well that you should see live. There is an intensity and force to their music that really shines in concert. Definitely put this band on your radar to check out!

Spotlights- Algorithmic:

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