Band Of The Week: Actors


Post Punk has fast been gaining and growing as one of the most popular genres these days. I’ve seen a lot of people from heavier bands going in this direction as side projects or after they’ve left their bands. There is a band hailing from Vancouver, Canada called ACTORS that have really nailed the post punk/darkwave sound. Actors have taken the classic post-punk sound and added a bit of a modern twist to it without losing the true essence of what the genre is. Their synth drenched scores could easily be found in countless films, all the while the songs have a dance vibe to them that fit in clubs. Led by singer/guitarist Jason Corbett, ACTORS have taken their well studied sound and delivered the goods. Their album It Will Come To You is chock full of dark sounds but with a sense of light underneath the beats.


Actors- It Will Come To You:


Actors- L’apple Du Vide (Live):


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