Post Punk

Band Of The Week: The Wraith


Over the last few years, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the resurgence of post-punk.  There have been a bunch of bands that have really nailed that sound and vibe and have cemented a place in my rotation. Recently, I was introduced to another post-punk styled band that has really grabbed my attention. They are called The Wraith and they are badass. Influenced and inspired by bands like Killing Joke, Samhain and T.S.O.L., The Wraith have taken the post-punks sound and added a bit of cool Death Rock/Punk vibe to their sound. Frontman Davey Bales, has a distinctive voice that delivers the goods. The other members of the band, which includes former Blink-182 drummer Scott Raynor and Brit bassist Paul Rogers, have given the music and songs the darkness and depth needed to make the songs shine. Their new album, Gloom Ballet (out November 29 via Southern Lord) was produced by Mat Mitchell, who has worked with Love And Rockets, The Flaming Lips, Meat Puppets, King Crimson and Puscifer to name a few. The first single released from Gloom Ballet, “Wing Of Night” has the right attitude and gusto that will have you inadvertently dancing and wanting to mosh at the same time. The future is not as gloomy as their name might suggest. The Wraith are going to be leaving their mark for sure.

The Wraith:





Band Of The Week: Del Judas


It seems that the post-punk genre has really taken over as of late. There are so many bands that have come about in the past couple years that have incorporated the post-punk sound a la Joy Division, Bauhaus and so many other influential bands from the beginning. I’ve come across a few that really stand out and have made “that” sound into something cool and different. One band that I’ve heard recently is Del Judas. Instead of just relying on post-punk influences, Charlie Schmid aka Del Judas has taken a different approach. You might also recognize Charlie from his time playing drums in the band Tombs along with a few others.  Growing up in a household that listened to country music and artists like Hank Williams, Johnny Cash and Patsy Cline to name a few, had a profound effect on Charlie. So by taking those childhood influences and melding them together with the likes of Joy Division, Bauhaus and a touch of Chris Isaak, Del Judas stands out on it’s own merit and sounds different and fresh. There are some moments throughout the album that almost seem like they are inspired by Leonard Cohen too.  The debut album “DEITY” will be out July 13 via Primal Architecture.

Del Judas is definitely one of the bright spots of an already exciting year for music. Personally, I can’t wait to see what’s to come for this project and for people to hear how damn good it is.


Del Judas- Of Love And Death:



Del Judas- Through The Glass:

Band Of The Week: Actors


Post Punk has fast been gaining and growing as one of the most popular genres these days. I’ve seen a lot of people from heavier bands going in this direction as side projects or after they’ve left their bands. There is a band hailing from Vancouver, Canada called ACTORS that have really nailed the post punk/darkwave sound. Actors have taken the classic post-punk sound and added a bit of a modern twist to it without losing the true essence of what the genre is. Their synth drenched scores could easily be found in countless films, all the while the songs have a dance vibe to them that fit in clubs. Led by singer/guitarist Jason Corbett, ACTORS have taken their well studied sound and delivered the goods. Their album It Will Come To You is chock full of dark sounds but with a sense of light underneath the beats.


Actors- It Will Come To You:


Actors- L’apple Du Vide (Live):


Band Of The Week: Glaare


I love being a fan of different genres of music. It really is such a great feeling to hear bands from different realms and soak it all in. When you hear “that” band that just hits at the right time and place, you know it’s something special. I’d like to introduce you all to GLAARE. Soaked in post-punk, dark-wave and 90’s alternative, GLAARE deliver melancholy and melody with a sense of brightness through all the darkness. The bands latest album “To Deaf and Day” is the work of Rachael Pierce, Cameron Carlin (Black Mare) and Brandon Pierce (ex-Ancestors). This is the bands first full length album and it encapsulates everything you’d want from the genre and then some. Throughout the 8 songs on the album, you get to experience the beautiful darkness that lay inside GLAARE. They are definitely one band that deserves your undivided attention.


GLAARE- To Deaf and Day:

New Release: Spirit In The Room- Kid


What else can I say about Spirit In The Room that I haven’t said before? I’m not kidding when I say that with every release they get better and better. The wealth of inspiration that flows in and out of Dennis Sanders is astonishing. There are a few groups I’ve written about here on Audioeclectica that have the same type of passion as Dennis and Spirit In The Room. Well, Dennis has done it yet again. The newest song released, “Kid” is a stark and minimalist post punk gem. Instead of describing what it sounds like, just listen and let the music take you away. Something else you should do is go see Spirit In The Room live. They are one hell of a live band. It’s an “experience” seeing them.


Spirit In The Room- Kid:


Upcoming Spirit In The Room Dates:

January 29 @ The Roxy with 10 Years

February 15 @ Mal’s Bar

February 16 @ Cafe Nela

March 31 @ Bar Sinister


Spirit In The Room Catalog on Bandcamp:

Band Of The Week: Darkroads


Los Angeles is flush with great bands. It always has been but these days, it takes a little bit of searching to find the gems. Recently I came across a band that really peaked my interest. They are called Darkroads. The best way to describe them is a post punk band with Bowie tendencies and a bit of 90’s alternative rock. Darkroads are the type of band that I’ve found myself gravitating to over the years. The way they hit on the darkness of life yet create these bright spots with the music is quite beautiful. The clean guitar tones provide that light while the drums, bass and vocals usher in the dark. Their first EP/demo RockDie from 2013 is quite the listen and judging by the songs new songs up on their soundcloud page, Darkroads are traveling down the right roads to new music.


Darkroads- Memento:


Darkroads- Wish:


Darkroads- RockDie EP:

Band Of The Week: Death Bells


As a music fan I’ve watched certain genres and influences come and go over the years. Most times when a genre gets popular again, there are so many sound a like bands that you can’t tell the difference between them. Post Punk is one of those genres that has such a distinct sound that it’s hard to make yourself stand out. Luckily there is a band from Australia that is able to do just that and they are called Death Bells. Formed in 2014 in Sydney, Death Bells has managed to channel Joy Division, Depeche Mode and The National into their own blend of post-punk mixed with somber melodies. Their upcoming debut full length album Standing At The Edge Of The World, will be released September 29th and it can’t come soon enough. The ten songs that appear on the album are chock full of melody, glistening guitars, blunt rhythms, and crisp clear vocals that would make most bands in the genre jealous of how good Death Bells are. The latest single “Only You” is a dreamy almost pop song that is drenched in melancholia and a dash of hope. Death Bells are the band the genre has been waiting for, for a long time.

Death Bells- Only You:


Death Bells- Something Above:


Death Bells- Roman Candles:


Death Bells- Death Bells EP: