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New Release: Tunic- Whispering

I was recently introduced to a band that really has me intrigued. They have a sound that is experimental while at the same time very hard charging. The “noise-rock” genre has been really exploding more and more lately and this band should be on your radar. Allow me to introduce you to Tunic. Hailing from Winnipeg, Canada, Tunic is armed with a sound that features an assault of pummeling drums, distorted bass, discordant guitar, and wild-eyed vocals. After listening to this band, I get a bit of an early Helmet vibe from the Strap It On era mixed with a little bit of Fugazi. So if you are into those two bands, this is right up your alley. The bands new single “Whispering” is chock full of bits of all the things that make this sub-genre what it is. The way they take experimental parts and add interesting melodies and thought provoking lyrics makes Tunic a must listen. Their new album Wrong Dream will be out on April 28 via Artoffact Records. I have to say, it’s really nice and refreshing to hear bands like Tunic try new things and get deeper into the sounds, inspirations and realness of what rock music is all about.

Tunic- Whispering:


Songs/Albums Of The Week: March 2, 2023

In between my Depeche Mode and Pixies catalog deep dives, I’ve also heard some other songs and albums that have really peaked my interest. Some of these bands you might have heard before as they were featured on Audioeclectica and others will probably be new to you. Either way, these songs and albums have been on a constant rotation and deserve your attention. So check these out!

01) A Light Within– Meteroic Fires: This band is rad. I’ve been a fan for some time. Each new release shows this band evolving their sound and reaching new heights. This new song is a bit of a departure from their more prog driven rock. on “Meteoric Fires,” A Light Within finds balance between their love of prog rock by incorporating tighter arrangements and delving a bit more into a “space rock” territory a la Shiner or Hum. Really look forward to what else is to come from this band!

02) Common Wounds– Hit Or Miss: I’m totally enthralled with this band. I love it. You know that feeling that you get when you are looking for something to listen to and then you hear something that immediately grabs your attention? Well that’s what Common Wounds did to me. This new track “Hit or Miss” is most definitely a HIT! It’s got all the things you’d want in a post-hardcore band and song. Common Wounds is a band that I really look forward to hearing more from. Their EP comes out soon and I highly recommend you taking the time to listen to it and let it take over!

03) Lived In– Gone By: I love a good rock band. Just a no frills rock band armed with guitars, bass, drums and vocals. Recently I was introduced to this band Lived In and I’ve been really digging on them. They have the 90’s alt rock sound down and it doesn’t sound dated instead it feels and sounds fresh and lively. This band is another that I have on my radar and look forward to what else they do.

04) Deathgrave– Your Rulers Are Here: Heavy music is my and Deathgrave are definitely one that I’ve had my ear to the ground with for a bit. This track is heavy as it is absolutely crushing and delivers one hell of a punch. The video that accompanies it is quite fun too. Deathgrave are one of those bands that are a bit against the grain but worth every second of you listening!

05) Object Of Affection– Run Back: I recently heard this band and I found myself really digging on them. There is so much to this band that I haven’t had the chance to peel it all back yet. When you listen you pick up on bits of new wave, post punk, synthwave and then some. This song “Run Back” is a really solid example of all these genres mixed together to create something that is a bit more than meets the ear or eye. It’s music that seeps in and grabs you. Their upcoming album Field of Appearances was meticulously crafted with Grammy-nominated producer Alex Newport (who you might know from Nailbomb as well as producing and recording The Mars Volta’s Tremulant EP). Definitely give this a listen!

06) Form Rank– Sirens: Punk Rock has had a lot of variations over the years but, those that understand what it really is have held the flag for those that truly get it. One band that understands that ever so well is Form Rank. This band has a bit of an 80’s metallica hardcore edge to it with hooks and grit to stand apart from a lot of the others in the genre. Form Rank are one of those bands that will have your foot tapping, head bobbing and quite possibly singing along rather quick! Keep your eye out for Form Rank when they come through your town.

07) Stronger Than Machines– Undivided EP: Stronger Than Machines are fast becoming one of my new favorite bands. I’ve had the pleasure of booking them twice now for Cobalt Presents shows and each time they have played they have absolutely come in and owned the stage and decimated all that came before them and after. Their EP, Undivided is a heavy yet melodic trip. The 6 songs that are a part of this EP are a walloping punch to the gut. The unrelenting ferociousness of this band is infectious and each time you see them, you find yourself drawn in more and more. Stronger Than Machines are another band that I really look forward to seeing more and hearing what else they do. What a band!

08) Know//Suffer– Winter Two Piece EP: Another band that I was recently introduced to and I dig it. I love when you hear a band and at first you don’t know what to think quite yet, then you put it on again and it all clicks. Know//Suffer is one of those bands that might take a minute but once it hits, you know that you don’t want it to end. It’s heavy and brutal in ways that explore hardcore, sludge, post metal and even bits of black metal. If you are into heavy music, Know//Suffer is for you!

09) Mast Year– Knife & In Tandem from their upcoming album, Knife: I came across this band today and I’m glad I did. Mast Year is a post-hardcore/noise rock band that add a bit more to their sound. The additions of intriguing rhythms and ambient turns as well as a sludgey aspect make Mast Year stand out amongst their peers. It doesn’t have to be all dark and dreary and Mast Year gives that bit of light to shine through it!

10) Bleed The Sky featuring Mark Hunter- The Parasite: Bleed The Sky are back!!! I used to really dig this band way back. Now in 2023 they are kicking up quite a stir with their new singer and this new track. Plus having Chimaira’s Mark Hunter on the track gives it even more bite. Glad to hear Mark still has those vocals! Looking forward to what else Bleed The Sky has coming up! They were always a solid band with a great live show!

Band Of The Week: Actors

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Canada, over the last few years have been pretty consistent on exporting good bands. One of those bands that I’ve really come to enjoy is Actors. This Post-Punk/New Wave esque band have really taken the genre by storm. Their new album, Acts Of Worship (Out Oct 1), is drenched in hard driving beats, huge hooks, and soothing atmosphere. Their modern approach to the classic sounds, are reaching new heights. The pop sensibilities that come via their influences really shine on the album. When you listen to the new album as well as their previous, 2018’s It Will Come To You, you can really hear the evolution of the bands sound and writing abilities. Actors is a band that will be at the forefront of the Post-Punk genre in no time!

Actors- Cold Eyes:

Actors- Only Lonely:

Actors- Like Suicide:

Band Of The Week (Updated): Darkroads


A while back I wrote about a Los Angeles based band that summoned some pretty cool Bowie-esque moments to accompany their blend of post-punk and alternative rock. That band was Darkroads and they are back with new music that is damn good. Combining what the have done in the past but, now with a bit more of a synthwave element, Darkroads have really honed in on their sound. Their first new song “Close Your Eyes” is a perfect example of this. It’s still got that cool dark and eerie sense but now has something else to it that helps stand out from their peers. As I described before, the way they hit on the darkness yet create these bright spots with the music is quite beautiful. The clean guitar tones provide the light while the drums, bass and vocals usher in the dark. Darkroads are definitely one to travel on.

Darkroads- Close Your Eyes:

New Release: Glaare- Mirrors

It’s always exciting when bands you really enjoy but, haven’t heard from in a while release new music. Especially when the new music that is released is THIS good. Glaare have released “Mirrors” the first song and video from their very anticipated forthcoming album, Your Hellbound Heart. This darkwave, dream pop and goth-rock band from Los Angeles has been leaving quite a mark since their inception and their 2017 album, To Deaf and Day, is one of the best albums in the genre in the last decade. So, it comes as no surprise here that, on this new track, Glaare picks up where they left off but have added more compelling elements to really drive home their style and sound.

Glaare- Mirrors:


Glaare- To Deaf And Day:

Band Of The Week: Contranistas


The music world these days is full of interesting combinations. There are endless possibilities as to where you can take things as well as the countless different bands and styles you can take inspiration and influence from. In the rock world, electronic music has really become a prevalent force in where things are headed. So many bands have jumped on the bandwagon of using electronic elements but, so many of them really don’t know how to properly incorporate it into their sound the right way. Which brings me to the band of the week. Contranistas, a two piece band from Bakersfield, CA, have been developing a pretty fun and unique way to incorporate the electronic element along with some other cool styles like Post-Punk, Indie, and just straight up rock. By using a plethora of pedals and effects along with their collective influences, Contranistas have taken their inspired sound to new heights of loud, gloomy, psychedelic and a bit dancey. Dax Dominguez (bass/guitar/synth/loops) and Robert Morgan (drums/percussion) are packing quite a punch together and have made something that stands out among the generic and tired old electronic sounds you’d find in rock music today.


Contranistas- Xylonox:

Contranistas- Mantra:



Band Of The Week: The Wraith


Over the last few years, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the resurgence of post-punk.  There have been a bunch of bands that have really nailed that sound and vibe and have cemented a place in my rotation. Recently, I was introduced to another post-punk styled band that has really grabbed my attention. They are called The Wraith and they are badass. Influenced and inspired by bands like Killing Joke, Samhain and T.S.O.L., The Wraith have taken the post-punks sound and added a bit of cool Death Rock/Punk vibe to their sound. Frontman Davey Bales, has a distinctive voice that delivers the goods. The other members of the band, which includes former Blink-182 drummer Scott Raynor and Brit bassist Paul Rogers, have given the music and songs the darkness and depth needed to make the songs shine. Their new album, Gloom Ballet (out November 29 via Southern Lord) was produced by Mat Mitchell, who has worked with Love And Rockets, The Flaming Lips, Meat Puppets, King Crimson and Puscifer to name a few. The first single released from Gloom Ballet, “Wing Of Night” has the right attitude and gusto that will have you inadvertently dancing and wanting to mosh at the same time. The future is not as gloomy as their name might suggest. The Wraith are going to be leaving their mark for sure.

The Wraith:





Band Of The Week: Del Judas


It seems that the post-punk genre has really taken over as of late. There are so many bands that have come about in the past couple years that have incorporated the post-punk sound a la Joy Division, Bauhaus and so many other influential bands from the beginning. I’ve come across a few that really stand out and have made “that” sound into something cool and different. One band that I’ve heard recently is Del Judas. Instead of just relying on post-punk influences, Charlie Schmid aka Del Judas has taken a different approach. You might also recognize Charlie from his time playing drums in the band Tombs along with a few others.  Growing up in a household that listened to country music and artists like Hank Williams, Johnny Cash and Patsy Cline to name a few, had a profound effect on Charlie. So by taking those childhood influences and melding them together with the likes of Joy Division, Bauhaus and a touch of Chris Isaak, Del Judas stands out on it’s own merit and sounds different and fresh. There are some moments throughout the album that almost seem like they are inspired by Leonard Cohen too.  The debut album “DEITY” will be out July 13 via Primal Architecture.

Del Judas is definitely one of the bright spots of an already exciting year for music. Personally, I can’t wait to see what’s to come for this project and for people to hear how damn good it is.


Del Judas- Of Love And Death:



Del Judas- Through The Glass:

Band Of The Week: Actors


Post Punk has fast been gaining and growing as one of the most popular genres these days. I’ve seen a lot of people from heavier bands going in this direction as side projects or after they’ve left their bands. There is a band hailing from Vancouver, Canada called ACTORS that have really nailed the post punk/darkwave sound. Actors have taken the classic post-punk sound and added a bit of a modern twist to it without losing the true essence of what the genre is. Their synth drenched scores could easily be found in countless films, all the while the songs have a dance vibe to them that fit in clubs. Led by singer/guitarist Jason Corbett, ACTORS have taken their well studied sound and delivered the goods. Their album It Will Come To You is chock full of dark sounds but with a sense of light underneath the beats.


Actors- It Will Come To You:


Actors- L’apple Du Vide (Live):


Band Of The Week: Glaare


I love being a fan of different genres of music. It really is such a great feeling to hear bands from different realms and soak it all in. When you hear “that” band that just hits at the right time and place, you know it’s something special. I’d like to introduce you all to GLAARE. Soaked in post-punk, dark-wave and 90’s alternative, GLAARE deliver melancholy and melody with a sense of brightness through all the darkness. The bands latest album “To Deaf and Day” is the work of Rachael Pierce, Cameron Carlin (Black Mare) and Brandon Pierce (ex-Ancestors). This is the bands first full length album and it encapsulates everything you’d want from the genre and then some. Throughout the 8 songs on the album, you get to experience the beautiful darkness that lay inside GLAARE. They are definitely one band that deserves your undivided attention.


GLAARE- To Deaf and Day: