Album Review: Foo Fighters- Saint Cecilia


The ability to redeem one’s self in music is a very rewarding thing to accomplish. Last year the Foo Fighters released their very disappointing album Sonic Highways. Sadly that album doesn’t have the legs (get it since Dave only had one leg on tour… shameless pun) to stand on. Thankfully during the Foo Fighters time in Austin for the Austin City Limits Festival, the band gathered at the Saint Cecilia hotel and made an EP that redeems the less fortunate previous album. The five songs on the EP are chock full of riffs from throughout the bands 20 year career. Some of the riffs and ideas have been around since the inception of the band when it was just Dave doing everything. The first song “Saint Cecilia” is 3 and a half minutes of classic Foo Fighters. “Sean” is a little fun fast paced song. “Savior Breath” is the type of rock song that the Foo’s need to base their next album on. This song is beyond a rocker and is sure to be a crowd favorite for years to come. “Iron Rooster” is the weakest song on the collection. The lead guitar parts are really sweet and full of great melodies though. Closing song “The Neverending Sigh” is the best song on the EP. This is another of those songs that needs to usher in the next Foo’s album. The sheer magnitude of bombastic rock that comes out of this song is grandiose.

The Foo’s are on the right track with this redemption EP. That’s what the name of it should have been. It’s great to see a band 20 years into their career and they still have it in them to put out quality. I really thought that with 2011’s Wasting Light, they were on the right track. Here’s to hoping they get back on that track and keep on rolling through.


Foo Fighters- Saint Cecilia:

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