Album Review: Despite The Raven- Hereinafter

Despite The Raven - Hereinafter1500px.jpg

One of the most fulfilling things about writing this blog is the chance to hear new music all the time. Sometimes out of the bunches that are sent my way, there are those that really stand out amongst the pack. Over the weekend I received that debut album from Despite The Raven. I’ve been looking forward to this album for a while now. After hearing Craig Cirinelli in his other bands (Damn) This Desert Air and Hidden Cabins, I had a feeling that this new project would be the next step in his musical path. Teaming up with guitarist Chris Homentosky, this dynamic duo has created an album that stretches past the influences of the 90’s contemporaries and pushes deeper with each song. The eleven songs on this album are full of great rock n roll with added elements of ambience and soulful melodies. Song’s like “Where Fear and Courage Meet,” “Contrition,” “Tarred and Feathered,” “The Opportunist,” “The Maven,” and closing track “Walk Alone (The Unapology)” really showcase what this band is all about. Craig’s lyrics are personal yet open to interpretation allowing an added sense of discovery throughout the album. Despite The Raven are one of those bands that when they start taking the stage you’ll be wanting to pay attention. By the indication of listening to this album, you’ll get swept away by the sheer beauty of it. This album is definitely a cause for celebration. Do yourself a favor and delve into this.


Despite The Raven: HEREINAFTER


By: Brian Lacy

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