Quicksand- Slip Turns 21!!!


The 90’s really had a huge impact on my musical taste. There are so many great bands and albums from that time, that deserve to be acknowledged. Quicksand is one of those bands that really deserve attention. Their sound is now considered by many as the pre-cursor to what “post-hardcore” is. Released in 1993  Slip, their debut studio album, is widely considered to be one of the classic records of that genre. The powerful riffs and rhythms drive the collection of songs. Vocally, Walter Schreifels, has a deep raspy voice that really reverberates throughout the songs evoking raw energy. The guitar riffs between Schreifels and Tom Capone are loud, crunchy yet very clear to hear the notes. Alan Cage plays the drums in a subtle heavy way. His knack for hitting harder when necessary is very noticeable. Sergio Vega’s bass playing is thunderous and compliments the rhythm masterfully. Songs like “Fazer,” “Dine Alone,” “Lie and Wait,” and “Transparent” sum up this great album. Take a listen and revel in it!


By: Brian Lacy

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