Band Of The Week: Barrows


Instrumental bands are unique, in that they take you on a musical journey allowing you to make your own interpretation as to what the song is. Without lyrics to guide along, the listeners imagination is allowed to run wild. Which brings us to Barrows. Hailing from Los Angeles, this four piece band takes their brand of instrumental rock and throws in psychedelia, prog rock, and ambience to create a soundscape that is lush and full. The music is able to breathe and sways gently with the rhythms. The guitars are crisp and clear, even when the distortion is turned on. The bass simmers amongst the etherial sounds. The drums have a way of pulling you into each change with great emotion as certain parts are played harder than others. Barrows recently released their second album entitled Red Giant. The cover art is vibrant, just as the music that accompanies it. As the saying goes a picture is worth a thousand words.


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