Beats Per Minute: Betty Moon


I really enjoy when I get a new band/artist in my inbox to check out. I listen to everything that gets sent my way. Sure there are things that I don’t like but, then there are things that I come across that I enjoy and definitely think that those of you that read Audioeclectica would enjoy too. Recently one of those artist that was intrigued by is Betty Moon. Betty has a new album out called Hellucination and the first single from that, “Crazy” is quite the infectious track. You might have even heard Betty’s music featured in a variety of television shows and films including Californication and Dexter. The thing that intrigued me most about this was that it wasn’t your run of the mill pop or electronic music. Musically, it’s poppy and full of hooks but, there is real depth to the words and it’s not superficial. Betty has a very sultry yet raw voice to go along with a rock n’ roll attitude, which helps to separate her from the rest of the pack.

Betty Moon- Crazy:


Betty Moon- Save My Soul:


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