Musicians In Film/TV: Jerry Cantrell


I’ve been compiling a list of all the movies and tv shows that musicians have guested on or starred in. I thought that this would be a fun thing to look into.

The first person I thought of was Jerry Cantrell and his quick role in Jerry Maguire. The line he says to Tom Cruise’s Jerry ” That’s how you become great man… Hang your balls out there,” is really quite poignant. Anyways, here are a few times Jerry has been seen on the big and small screens.

Quick side note, Jerry was also director Cameron Crowe’s first choice for the role of Stillwater bass player Larry Fellows in Almost Famous. Jerry was busy writing the songs for his solo album Degradation Trip and had to turn the role down.

Jerry Maguire:




Alice In Chains- The Nona Tapes (Jerry as Nona Weisbaum:

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