Band Of The Week: Kink


One of the coolest things about doing Audioeclectica is when I get emails from bands asking me to check them out. I always take the time to listen since they took the time to write me. Every so often, I come across a band that peaks my attention enough. Recently I got a note from a band from Toronto asking me to check them out, and when I did I was very intrigued by what I heard. The band is Kink. They are a duo that bares similarities to the likes of Tegan and Sara, in that they are both females. But the music speaks for itself. With influences ranging from dark pop, Blink 182 (their self titled album), Brand New and a touch of harmony, you get Kink. There is a darkness to their pop sound that makes it stand out. Singers and guitarists Dani Gagnon and Erica Schiopu have a way with melodies that while soothing, can haunt you in a good way. Kink will be playing the Viper Room in Hollywood at the end of June, so check them out!


Fine Lines:

In My Eyes:

Keep Me Away:



Millstone (By Brand New):




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