Playlist: All The Bands Of The Week

Here is something fun for all of you. All the bands that have been Band Of The Week on Audioeclectica that have music on Spotify are featured here in this playlist. With Our Arms To The Sun ÆGES …AND WE ARE THEM.Before The Mourning Socionic Sensory Station Sidewave Hidden Amongst Us Ghost Idols Dekades Night Verses ROYAL THUNDER A Light Within All Hail The Yeti Anakin (Damn) This Desert Air Ancillary Theorem DEDVOLTHaster City of Ships Dead Empires Wild Throne He Whose Ox is GoredSweet Cobra set and setting Digicide Interstelar lightsystem ObliterationsMeg Myers Silver Snakes Wooden Nomad Back Pocket Memory New Cathedral Spirit In The Room The Bloodline MAL machines learningGoldsboro Malaki The Everyday Losers Vanishing Life Ghost Parade Black Map TIDALWAVE

Audioeclectica’s Band Of The Week Playlist:

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